How to connect your Ionos 1 & 1 Domain to Builderall – WALKTHROUGH
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How to connect your Ionos 1 & 1 Domain to Builderall – WALKTHROUGH

Hi it’s Colin McIntyre and I just wanted to
welcome you to this video it’s very short and it shows you how to connect your Ionos
1 & 1 domain to Builderall. So one area you I would definitely use a custom domain
is an authority blog. So you can see I’m creating an authority blog, at the moment, branded to
me. That’s going to be for use in.. that’s replacing my WordPress blogs, I’m creating them now
in Builderall. So I don’t like that URL. There’s no branding to myself! So I would
change it. So as you’re creating the blog you get this option that says “do you want to change
the URL?, do you want to use a custom domain name?”. So what I’m going to show you is – yes,
if I want to use a custom domain name and I want to use one that’s currently held in
Ionos 1 & 1. Okay, so if you say.. you click that button – it says “do you want to use
a custom domain?” and it then says connect a domain. So let’s go and log in to this site.
let me just move myself out the way. Okay sign in. Okay so you then click to domains and I have one
and it’s called – which is ideal for a blog. It’s branded to me: Colin T McIntyre. So I copy that and drop that in the blog. So that’s what I need to do here, but at that
end I need to add these nameservers because Builderall is actually going to take hosting
away from 1 & 1 and host it in Builderall. So using Builderall nameservers. Whoops
let’s do that again. So first one, so now I’m on this. I just click the domain, I get this
menu and I’m interested in changing nameservers. Okay, so I’m going to use custom nameservers.
So these are the default Ionos 1 & 1 servers. I’m not going to be using those because
I want Builderall to host my system and so I put the first one in there, and let’s go back and
I’m sure the second one but let’s do it – is that one there. I don’t need that full stop
at the end. Copy and I just need to save that and that’s it. Now to change hosting, to propagate
from one nameserver to another can take up to 48 hours. It’s really rare that that happens.
I normally find that it happens within a matter of minutes, but I’m not going to wait for it
to propagate. But as I say normally within a few minutes it will start showing status here
will be “custom servers” and it will show the nameservers that we took from this blog. When
that happens you hit the “connect domain” and it will tell you that it is connected successfully.
really it is as simple as that. I hope you’ve enjoyed the video and you found it useful. If
you have please subscribe to my channel where you’ll find lots more of these types of videos
and plenty more to come. Thank You.

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