How To Connect To a Minecraft Multiplayer Server – Minecraft Tutorial
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How To Connect To a Minecraft Multiplayer Server – Minecraft Tutorial

Hey guys welcome back to another techguru video today were in minecraft i’m going to be showing you how to join a multiplayer server so it’s very easy to join a multiplayer
server and they are all over so there’s plenty to join the first thing you’re
going to need to do is go ahead and get that IP address or the address to that
specific server you can do that by going to multiple sites such as or plenty of other ones that i’ll go
ahead and put in the description box below now once you click on a server it will
tell you what is about it’ll tell you if it’s online or not and then down here it will say IP you need to
look for that IP right there once you have that go ahead and write
that down jot that down and then go back to minecraft once you’re back in minecraft go ahead select multiplayer which is right here and then go down to add
server which is this section here once you’ve done that you can rename
the server so in this case the name of this server is pitforge just like so and then go down to the server address
this is where you will need to place the IP address
of the server so in this case this is once i’ve done that i can now go down
here to done just like so it’ll load up and then you should see a few things
here you should be able to select this server you should see some
options here that shows you how laggy the server could possibly be and thirty six out of two fifty is how
many players are on the server right now and of how many can maximum be on the
server once i’ve selected that server i can click down to join server and i will
now be up and running on that multiplayer server now if you get to
many of these on this list and you want to delete one go and select it and then go down to delete
which is right here or if you messed up you can go to edit like so and change the name and IP adress
just like that so guys i hope this helps you out on how to join A multiplayer
server on minecraft it’s not that difficult sometimes it can be tricky if this video helps you out go
ahead and hit the thumbs up button down below subscribe to my channel for more
great content like this and i will see you guys next time! in in


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