How To Connect Servers Together | Minehut 101
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How To Connect Servers Together | Minehut 101

– Hey guys I’m Trent. – I’m Micheal. – In this video we’re gonna
show you how to connect your service together on Minehut. (atmospheric whooshing) So we’re gonna show you
guys how if you have something like a factions
and a sky block server, and you want players to
be able to go between them within Minehut without
going back to the lobby. We’re gonna show you guys
how to do that right now. – Nice. – So I am on my panel my
server’s already started, and I have installed. I have not installed any plugins. I need to install the plugin essentials. – Cool. – I need to install
the plugin command hook is what it’s called. So this is a newer plugin on Minehut, this fixes making it so we can do, like @P with command blocks. We’re gonna install that. – I guess we’ll probably
cover what @P is later? – Yes we will. – Nice cause I’m in the dark. – Okay. Wait for our server to restart. (computer chimes) Our server is back online
we’re gonna go now and join it. – Cool. – So we have our direct connect. – Mhtut2, I wonder if
that’s foreshadowing? – Oh wow, foreshadowing. I need to get myself a command block. Command block one. I’m gonna place that command block down, and then I’m just gonna grab a lever here. – All right real quick how did
you get that command block? – I slash gave it to myself. – Cool. – Slash give. – Give Trent command block cool. – Yep, so I just gave it to myself, and I placed it and what I’m
gonna show you guys how to do is we’re just gonna
activate this command block. There are plenty of ways to
activate a command block, pressure plate, levers,
whatever you wanna do. We’re just gonna do a lever
to make it nice and easy. I’m gonna place that lever there and then I’m gonna right
click on that command block. We’re gonna make sure it’s set on impulse, and then what we’re gonna do is sudo. So this is gonna force whoever
is hitting the command block, to execute a command. And then the command will
be, @P server mhtut2. So what this will do is
it will sudo this player, the person that hit the command block, to run the command server mhtut2, and that’s my other server
that I have up right now. And that’s it. – Cool. – That’s it. – And so you hit done. – So yeah, so we see
their command set sudo @P server mhtut2. I’m gonna right click this, and I’m gonna teleport to my other server. – Whoa! – Wow, there I am. – Oh a llama. So you could have it be
like a pressure plate or even a button you could
have a button and a sign that’s like Press This Button and go to the sky block server. – Exactly so you can have
them like all lined up. – Go to bed wars. You could walk into this portal, walk over this pressure
plate, take me to that server, you could have a hub server send you to all your different servers. – Very cool. – And then you could just
have like two to send you back and forth between them. – Yeah because like why make
one server when you can make. – Many. – Many. – Many servers. And that’s how you connect your
service together on Minehut. (upbeat music)


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