How to Clone a WordPress Website to another Domain Name
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How to Clone a WordPress Website to another Domain Name

Hi everyone Im Tom from and
today Im going to teach you how to clone a WordPress website to another domain name.
Hey everyone today I going to show you how to clone a WordPress website to another domain
name and this is actually going to be a real simple process that we are going to do. Im going to clone this site right here its
called Im going to clone that over to
which is currently showing just this basic install page, and I wanted to show this whole
website here with all that it has on it just as an example. So what Im going to do first
is Im going to go in the dash board of each of the sites. So Ill login here and Ill go in the dashboards
within the current blog that we have set up and Ill go into the plugin section and Ill
click add new. Then I can do that in here as well if I would like to, go into plugins
and click add new in here as well and the plugin we going to have to add is called WP
clone, and if we search for that it will come up with this one right here WPclone by WP
academy and you wanna click to install it. I actually already installed it on this one,
and here I will search for it again within the other one, and this site is the one is
currently the blank right here with nothing on it and Ill click install now and after
its installed, Ill click activate plugin right here. And youll have to do that for both of
them, both websites. Now once its ready like that, since this site
right here, this, is the one I wanna move it from. Im going
to go to that one first and within the side bar here youll see that if you scroll down
a little bit that theres WP Clone right here in the side bar. You wanna click on that and
now what you wanna do is click create backup and now it comes with a message that says
Backup Successful and it says heres your backup file.
And youll want to just click copy URL and it says copy to clipboard, if not you can
just highlight it all and then copy it as well. But once we do that well go back into
this page here, on the other website thats currently blank and what well do is well go
where is says WP Clone, here on the left side and well click that one. Now I just wanna
show you what it looks like right now, its just simply this website right here. Just completely blank, nothing going on and
this is what it looks like when we refresh it after the WordPress install was done. So
this is how it looks now and we want it to look like this. What well do is, well go in
here and well click restore from URL and now well simply just paste in that code that we
copied from over here. Paste that code in to where it says restore from URL and click
I agree. And now well click restore from URL, it says
it takes a few minutes, proceed restore now, Ill click okay and now it says restore successful.
Now if we want to we can click to refresh this page here and now well see that this
page has had our website cloned over to it, to this domain name. Its completely cloned
and it comes with everything and Ive never had an issue with doing this. Its always a quick way to clone one website
to a new domain name. This is something that I highly recommend you do if you work with
similar templates a lot or customers want a certain template. If youre running an agency,
a design agency, then you can simply copy it over and save yourself so much time that
you would have to spend building up the site and then added it from there. Make sure you change the content obviously
and change things like that so it doesnt affect the SEO for the website. Something you can
also do is if you wanted to go back into this area, you can go down here within this page
of the settings reading area and you can click discourage search engines from indexing this
site. Thats something you might want to do, so its
less likely to affect the new domain name and show up as duplicate content while you
are changing that and youll just want to save those change right here for those to go into
effect. So thats one way that you can prevent duplicate content from showing up when you
do clone a website like this. But I would definitely change the content
on the new site or maybe delete the old site completely if you have no intentions of using
the old site anymore. So I hope this was helpful and I hope this really helped you learn how
to clone a WordPress website to a new domain name. Thanks for watching everyone.


  • Sandra Ketteridge

    Hi Tom, I already had a wordpress website which I had to use a URL to sign in. I set up another site by adding the new site on the old site but I think I must have missed a stage out because I haven't got a separate URL for the new site. How do I change it to get a separate URL?

  • Lia Kim

    OMG I was looking for exactly the same thing with this! I just started my very first paid project in real life and did the project on my own domain. Now I need to duplicate the website to client's domain but I couldn't figure it out FREE. I was wondering if I need to purchase one, but you saved my money!! Thank you very much. I really appreciate this video. 🙂 SUBSCIRBED!

  • Andrew Veale

    Does this also work for subdomains? I think it would, but I just wanna be sure… ex. moving a production WP to "" or something

  • Martin Běhůnek


    I have a wordpress eshop and I want to create new very similar one. Can I just clone the exising website to a new domain, change the info and use both?

  • Ana S

    I clicked on the backup button on the original website and after a few minutes (it has a few products with decent sized images) it redirected to a 'page not found' section and no link was ever generated. Tried this again, same result. Some tips?

  • Rene Hermenau

    Looks like the WP Clone plugin is not maintained any longer. If you just want to create clone sites for testing or developing purposes you can try out the free plugin WP Staging Disclaimer: I am the author of it. So feel free to ask me any question about WP Staging

  • ž

    Hey Tom I would like to do this for a client. Is it possible to build it on my hosting domain, clone it to theirs and then delete the content from my domain?

  • Regan Given

    Finally!!! I've been looking at the other videos and man I gatta say, they do know how to give beginners a headache. Simple terms, you're the best man. Saved me a lot of time and complexity. Thanks a million.

  • Walled In

    Hi I just did it but now I have 2 websites that are the same but they both use the same domain name so when I type the original sites domain name it goes to the other site?

  • Daniel Fortes

    Great video Tom. Question, once the new site has been cloned can you continue to add content to the old site… create the backup and "ADD THOSE NEW CHANGES" to the new site.

    The equivalent of having a dev vs live site. THANKS

  • md zoynul Abedin

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  • Iron House

    A quick question. Do we have to install the theme on the new domain / subdomain as well? is it gonna just fetch all the data from previous database? Or creat new database for all the media?

  • George Buhaianu

    504 Gateway Time-out 🙁 not functional for me I have one theme and some plugins I can t clone my website it seems …

  • Christian Neumaier

    Hi, i transfered a big blog with about 50 articles to another domain and i have some issues with some articles. They cant be reached i guess its a permalink problem but i changed permalink to the same before the transfer

    Plz Help

  • Attaway Consulting

    I had a huge issue. I followed your directions, but now I cannot log into the new site. It copied the log in from the site I was transferring from and now I can no longer log in to the new site. Dang.

  • Raisha Host

    Hello Sir, I restore site from on domain to another domain via url. Now getting this error- "This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500" what can I do now? Please help me!

  • Made Laca

    Hi Tom! Great lesson! Very clear and concise 🙂 Just one question.
    I'm cloning my blog in Spanish into a folder under the same domain in English. Do I have to install WordPress in that folder or it would work with the one I already have installed in my Spanish version?
    Thanks so much!

  • Pradeep Rajaram Vishwakarma (Mistry)

    Error message coming Error Message : cURL error 18: transfer closed with 114290943 bytes remaining to read

  • Electron Proton Neutron Mouron

    Hi Tom ? I have a free blog I built and now have a .com for it . I would like to clone it on a free WordPress blog . Is this possible ?

  • Charles Maou

    Hi Tom I followed your instructions to the letter but it kept giving message "Url does not exist" tried 3 times, now I am trying it with wp Migrate hope it works.

  • Shykh Nahal Siddique

    can you tell me how can i use this plugin when i want to use the same database of existing website so when i update the content existing website the content will automatically change on other website !

  • Erdal Uludag

    Hi Tom, thank you for such nice & helpful video. I've got three websites under 3 different domains doing similar products. I was thinking to make a wordpress website for one and then clone the whole content and use for the others, and after that edit some texts, images, contact etc.. I can see this is possible after seeing your video. But my question is, since I purchased one wordpress theme (i presume it's licensed for one website), will it be an issue using the same theme for multiple domains?

  • Casting Stones

    nope. didn't work for WP theme that I am using i.e. Enfold. I tried to clone to new WP where I allowed default theme. Didn't work so I tried after installing Enfold and still no luck. It did not mess up my original site which I didn't think it would since I would have expected that it reads and copies not modify/delete and moves.

  • Darren Wallace

    well, i had issues. said error to start with, then said link expired. deleted link and tried again, said same thing, link expire. any ideas?

  • Mike o'donovan

    hello Tom,
    This is great except at the end my new site now points to the old site. ie. the browser tab is taking the name of the old site. Also I can no longer log into the new sites wp admin. What did I do wrong?

  • Stuff Doers

    i have a site on english and i would like to make an exact duplicate on german language on a different domain. is this the best way to do it?

  • scott reid

    When cloning does this also clone the log in details i follwoed step by step but now cannot log into admon WP for site that i cloned to ?thanks

  • John Michael Coon

    Either it dosesn't work, or else I've done something wrong. It doesn't carry over any of my pages or plugins

  • sorich

    Hey Tom, we tried to do this and it really messed up the login info for our website. Can you help?? Couldn’t find any contact info for you on your website ? thanks

  • WP With Tom

    Hey everyone, I also posted a more recent video about how to backup and migrate or clone websites to a new domain with a more up to date plugin. You can see the video here:

  • Basil Tayan

    Really thx alot, it works for me and its super easy. even some minor stuff not exactly same, but major stuff all posts, comments, … etc get cloned to new site.

  • Dave Gudgel

    Hi Tom. Thank you for your help. The advice worked great for a second until the cloned site home page popped up with this error message: "This page doesn't seem to exist. It seems like the link is pointing here was faulty…" This happened before I could go to "reading settings" and check "discourage search engines from indexing this site." Now I can't login to my dashboard on the site I was cloning to. What can I do? I need help!

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