How To Choose the Best Domain Names
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How To Choose the Best Domain Names

– When it comes to deciding the best domain names for your brand, most of us don’t really
give it a second thought. In fact, we probably take it for granted. It’s easy to fall into the presumption that getting a domain
name for your business is simply for setting up a
website and nothing more. Well, in actual fact, that’s
just the tip of the iceberg. (upbeat music) Now, there’s nothing wrong with using a domain name you own to simply host a website
and an email address. Back before the days of Web 2.0, that would have set you up
nicely amongst your competitors and let people know that
your brand means business. As the years have moved on, however, the potential uses for domain
names has grown massively. It just doesn’t make sense to simply have anymore. There’s a lot more out there. Choosing the right domains, yes plural, we’ll get to that in a minute, can lead to increased brand awareness. From emails to links to social channels, in both online and offline advertising. So, what we here at
Rebrandly have decided to do is put together some tips on choosing the best domain names for your brand and how to get the most out of them. First up, registering
more than one domain name. Now when we say, “more than one,” we don’t mean you should go off and register
or There’s a lot more TLDs, or top-level domains,
available these days. Now these can range from
.click, .link, .social to the more niche options such as .pizza, .accountant and .beer. So obviously, when it comes
to deciding a domain name, you really need to focus
on having more than one to increase your options. With these you can drive more traffic, promote different services and reach multiple
different target markets. Next up, protecting your brand. So, you now have a collection of TLDs available at your disposal. Well done, you. Now while you might not feel the need to use them right away, there’s still one very important reason to obtain them, brand protection. See, while the wide selection
of top-level domains is great for variety, it also means that competitors are able to register domain names that are similar to yours. What this means is that
they could potentially draw customers away from you and towards them. I mean, for example,
the last thing you want is one of your competitors
registering That’s just rude. Remember, every creative
domain name that you snap up is one that your competitor can’t. And thirdly, get memorable domain names for custom short links. If you’re still using
generic URL shorteners to share links online, they probably look something like this. Not too appealing, right? And, not very memorable either. Well instead, start choosing the best domain names for your links. You know, domains that really stand out so you can create custom short URLs that feature your brand name on them. Unlike generic short URLs these links incorporate a brand’s name, associating you with the
content that you’re sharing. This, in turn, reinforces brand awareness and strengthens brand recognition. Overall, I think we can agree that having custom domain names for your business is essential. Putting that little bit of
extra time and effort into it really does make a difference. So, to recap. When choosing the best
domain names for your brand focus on registering more
than one domain name, protecting your brand, getting memorable domain
names for your links. It’s really that easy. But anyway, that’s it for now. Do you have any tips when it
comes to choosing domain names? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll see ya next time. Hey everyone, thanks very
much for watching this video. We hope you enjoyed it. Domain names, domain name. Who doesn’t love a good domain name? I know I do. Anyway, if you enjoyed this video, please be sure to share,
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