How To Choose a Web Hosting Provider Video – Hostgator Coupons
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How To Choose a Web Hosting Provider Video – Hostgator Coupons

How to choose a web hosting provider. in this video I’m a talk you through how to choose and
register a web hosting provider the first image need to do is to find a
web host the has a good reputation and to do that you wanna ask around you
want to look on marketing forums and web design
forums and that sort of thing and disobey are ask around for
recommendations and people who have used particular web
hosting company and a happy with it will come forward and say yes you should go with this particular
company and the next thing which relates to the first one really is how
reliable your web hosting company is and then you
wanna see what the web hosting company offers delay
just had to bog standard web host a or delay of other things as well it do
they offer see panel and Fantastico for example will they let you run PHP
scripts and host MySQL databases what about the software that comes
included they have WordPress or Joomla role
shopping carts and so on all these considerations need to shape
your decision and then there’s the operating system that the web hosting company runs their
servers under most web hosting companies a run Linux some awful Windows some offer both you might need windows if your gonna run
certain back office operations for example and then there’s the scalability issue
with your hosting company are they going to be there to let you
grow your website as your business grows and then there’s the prize and was
nobody really wants to pay more than they have to when it comes to web hosting you get
what you pay for and if it seems too good to be true it probably is too good to be true and
that’s order to carry need to say on that
subject and then there’s a customer support that show a web hosting company offers and this can be very very
important biko’s once your website is down on then you’re losing money so you need to
get it sorted out as soon as possible so you need to be able to get onto your web hosting company right away if
there’s a problem so does your web hosting company offer
24-hour live chat for example so you can communicate with someone anytime of the day or night to have a
toll free number so that you can call them in speak to a real person and sort
out the issue or do they just have an email help desk
where you submit a ticket and they get around to
answering it when they feel like it all these other things had to be taken
into consideration and the final consideration is the server location where the server
is physically located for nine out of 10 people trading online this doesn’t really matter your trading
internationally and way a server is doesn’t really come into
it but for some people it can be a very important consideration
for example if you run a a website for an offline
business and most of your customers are local
then it make sense to have a web server if not locally in the
same town certainly within the same country simply
because you can then avoid currency fluctuations because the bills RB in your local currency and other legal
issues now another lawyer some not to go into a lot
to detail about this but do bear in mind that every country is different there are
some things that are perfectly legal to do in your home country that might get you
sent to jail if you do them somewhere else now if you have your web hosting it a
different countries to the one where you live where your business is based you need to make sure that your web site
complies with the laws in both countries now for most people
this isn’t an issue at all if your website is on what might
be considered a contentious subject for example where you have an online gaming
side or and adult website or you sell products
are regulated line make alcohol pharmaceuticals or even if you’re selling a product that’s based
on public domain com said you know copyright laws are different in
different countries see have to take these into consideration so if you are in any doubt as to whether the
legality of watcha doing in the country where your
website is hosted is different from what you are at home then the best thing to do is to have and a web host in your home country and you could even go so far as to how
did domain registration credit card processing all in your same country as well because
then it just falls under one jurisdiction and does not legal advice
is just common sense and the final consideration is if you have your own
server and Jered us renting the Rackspace then
obviously you want to make sure that the data center isn’t all that far away so
that if that is a problem you can get your car and go down and sort it or get
your engineer to go down and sorted like a safer nine outta 10 people
watching this video location isn’t gonna be a problem but if
you’re the one in 10 person then it’s something
that you need to consider very carefully now one company that has an excellent
reputation and takes a lot of the other boxes as
well is host data which you’ll find here at Host Gator doc
home and is very simple to sign up with hose
case earners you conceive their prices aren’t too bad either we do is come down to it says view web hosting plans I tasted to this
page and you can see the different hosting
plans and also what you get with them for example they’ve got see panel and MySQL databases and software like Joomla and WordPress
and so on to say I’m just starting out and I decide I
want to go with this so-called hatchling plan which you can find here
we had to do is click on the Order Now button takes you through to this page where you
couldn’t see the choose a domain name and hosting a two
will help you register it or you can enter an existing domain name if you have one already I already have
one that i’m gonna use I’m just gonna entry here another
company talk UK and if you have a the coupon code you could entry here
as you can see at the time that I’m making this video they have a special offer going so is already been
automatically entered in and then click to step 2 and this is basically where I put in all
the billing information the user name and the security pin
number and I enter all my to credit card information and so on and then read the terms and conditions
of calls and then click on the button here to
create my account on what will happen next is host Gator
will set this up for me and then they’ll send me in email which will have the name servers listed and no I do is change the nameservers on my domain registrar so that they
point to Host Gator and that’s it after the can be up to an
hour or so to get it all setup but then I can simply log on to my website log into my see panel star uploading all the data
that I want to have on my website and hey presto I’m in business it’s that
simple. How to choose a web hosting provider.

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