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How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider | Liz Azyan TV

Let me guess. You’re looking for a
reliable web host, right? And you have no idea where to start? Have no fear your
solution is right here. Welcome back I’m Liz Azyan. CEO and
founder of Digital Matchbox. In this video I’m gonna show you how to select a
web host. Watch until the end to find out who are the best web hosting providers
out there. Use the following best practice tips for selecting the right
web host, especially if this is your first time out. Believe me there is
nothing worse than having to move your sites to new servers with the new
company. Take the time to compare plans before making any final decision. By the
way, in case you’re new to me. I’m Liz Azyan and I’ve been helping people like
you to find digital solutions for the last decade. Let’s get started with tip
number one. Don’t let the price be the determining factor. Remember the saying, “You
get what you pay for”. Consider your bandwidth and disk space
requirements. Allow space for growth. Decide what type of scripts and software
you will be using and see if the host accommodates these. If you are planning
on running sale events, then allow the traffic spikes and surges.
How many domains do you plan on installing. One? Two? A thousand? Are you
running an e-commerce site? Does the web hosting package support your e-commerce needs? Do you require a shopping cart? Some web hosting packages have this and
some might not. So you better be sure you know which web host package is the best
for you. Are you happy sharing resources on a server? If you’re just starting and
still quite small, sharing is all fine and dandy. But if you’re planning to go
big, have a ton of traffic and use a lot of resources, you may want to consider a
semi-private or dedicated server your own. However please do remember
these do cost more. Does the company offer more than one method for
contacting their support desk? I often prefer if they offer phone, email and
live chats. Does the company offer free scheduled
backups or other features that make them stand apart from other hosts? For me this
is a must. Now you know how to choose the best web
hosting. But do you know which are the top web host providers out there? To find
out, just check out the links of my recommended providers in the description.
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    Do you need help choosing a web host? When you choose a web host, you should choose web host that best fits your needs. This video will give you the best web hosting tips on what on how to choose a web host. Hope it's useful! 🙂

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