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How to Choose a Great Domain Name | GoDaddy

Welcome to “How to choose a great domain
name” Your domain name is a critical part of your
online identity. As your unique internet address, it can help
put you on the fast track to business success – or be a stumbling block to reaching your
goals. So knowing what makes for a good domain name
matters. For starters, keep it short and relevant to
your business. A name that’s easy to spell and type is
a bonus. For instance, if your business is cleaning
windows, you’ll want your domain name to include the keywords “window” and “cleaning”
or “clean”- because those are the words people will search when they need your service. Numbers, whether spelled out or as digits,
and dashes can create confusion. Avoid forcing customers into mental gymnastics
trying to recall your online address. The domain “,” three
short words, is way easier to remember and type than For local businesses, including your city,
state, or region in your domain helps your customers find you faster. For example, is
more targeted than Now for the extension… that’s the part
of the domain name following the dot. If you can get “.com,” go for it. It’s the most widely used extension, but
it’s also been around so long that getting a short, memorable name that ends in .com
can be a challenge. Other popular extensions include .net, .org.,
.info. and .biz. Plus, hundreds of fun new ones are now available,
like .guru, .shop, .nyc, and .actor. These descriptive extensions allow you to
perfectly represent your business and boost your brand. Speaking of your brand, you can protect and
build it by purchasing misspelled versions of your domain name so customers who get it
wrong are still ushered to your website. It’s also a good idea to purchase your domain
with various extensions to prevent competitors from registering them. Finally, make haste. Domain names sell fast. But most are affordable, so get your favorite
domain registered now before someone else beats you to it. Domain registrars, like GoDaddy, streamline
the process of finding a good domain name because they know which names are and are
not available, and help with your search by suggesting relevant alternate domains when
the one you want is already taken. Need a great domain name? There’s one waiting for you.


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