How to Check your current DNS Server (Windows | macOS | Android | iOS)
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How to Check your current DNS Server (Windows | macOS | Android | iOS)

By default the DNS server we use is the mostly
the one provided by our ISP, but say, you have recently changed to a SDP to overcome
geo-restrictions on netflix and want to reassure if it works ?
Is there any way for you to check what DNS server you’re using?
Yes,there is is Just like your computer’s MAC address, the
DNS servers don’t go beyond your router, so there is no real way to check it from an
online website, like you can with your IP address. But thankfully, you can find your current
dns , All you have to do run a simple command or use a free app. In this video, I’ll show you how to find
your DNS server on windows, mac android and ios. If you interested in a specific OS, then
click on the time stamp you can see on the screen as we speak . However, I highly recommend
that you watch the entire video, it’s just going to take couple of minutes, and I know
you are not that busy. Before we get started, I just want to clear
this one thing, that I’ve seen many people find confusing. Assume a typical home network, where your
router is connected to internet, which further connects it to diff devices like your computer,
smartphones and media streaming devices like ps4. Now, by default, we’d use the DNS server
provided by our ISP, But some people do change their dns servers
to like Google if they want better speed, opendns if they want to block adult content
on network, or sdp if they want to unblock geo-restrictions, now here is the thing, if you change your
dns on your router (say to sdp), then every device that’s connected to your router,
will automatically start using dns that’s in your router. However, on top of that, if you change the
dns server on one of your computer (to say Google dns), then only that computer will
override the dns on your router and use the one that you’ve just entered. So, if we rank the priority of dns – it’s
going to be, DNS on the system
Followed by DNS on router And then ISP Now, with that out of the way, let’s see
how you can check what dns server you are using.
Windows To check what DNS Server you are using on
Windows computer, simply open up the command prompt and do nslookup any website say, google.
However, for some unknown reason, this doesn’t work for me. (I tried this command on two
windows computer and go unexpected error message). So, next thing, you can do is, type the following
command on your cmd. ipconfig /all | findstr /R “DNS Servers” I’ll have the command, in the description
of this video, so you can just copy paste that. —– Mac and Linux
To check what DNS Server you are using on any Mac or Linux based computer, simply open
up the terminal and do a nslookup of any website. For example, type in the following command
i.e. do a nslookup of any website, like google. nslookup The server address is your DNS server, Android There is no in built terminal app on android,
but there are a handful of Android network scanner apps in the market, that lets you
see you DNS. I suggest network info II or fing.
(check the link in the description below) Both the apps are free to use , no ads and
work as good as any. Simply download it from the play store, open it go to the WiFi tab,
there you’serverll see DNS1 and DNS2 entry. iOS
Network Analyser, is a free IOS app that shows useful information about your network. There
are two versions of this app, the full version will cost $3 but for your need the lite version
(ad supported) would suffice. —- In general, DNS update requires you to reboot
the system, but if you don’t wanna do that, you could also flush the dns cache, check
out our this video on how to flush dns cache on diff device. So, that’s all for now, Check out sdp if you would like unblock geo-restrictions
on video sites like netflix, hulu, hbo now etc. Use the first link in the description to get
14 day free trial like always go hit the like button
if you enjoy this video and don’t forget to subscribe to this channel
if you haven’t already. It’s mrinal singing off
and thanks for watching.


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