How to Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in WordPress
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How to Check Grammar and Spelling Mistakes in WordPress

Hello and welcome to Today,
I’ll show you how to check for grammar and spelling mistakes in WordPress First thing you want to do is install and
activate TinyMCE Spellcheck plugin like you see here. This plugin is per user so after you activate
it, go to your users–>your profile and check the items that you want the plugin to look
for. From here you have a long list of things you
want proofed when you are first publishing or it proofs when you are editing your posts as well. Some of these proofs help tighten up your
writing to help you communicate better with your audience. Things like double negatives or lazy writing
like passive voice are great examples of writing styles to avoid. Once you select all the items to proof, click
update profile. Now when you go into a post, you’ll see a Spell-check
button in the post editor. When you click on it, the plugin will go through
your post and offer suggestions or show you items that you need to fix. I hope you liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below
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