How to Change Site Title in WordPress – Change Your Title and Tagline

hi guys in this video I’m gonna be
showing you how to change site title in WordPress
so I’m here on my website creating the best website com
and this here is my site title and if we go up here and we just hover our mouse
right over the top there it shows creating the best web site which is our
site title and then how to make a website is my site tagline and that’s
what we’re gonna go in and change so to change your title and tagline you’re
just going to go to dashboard and then you’re going to scroll down to settings
and you’ll click on general so see you see here it says creating the best
website that’s where we saw on my website that the title is and then here
is our tagline so we could change that too let’s change it to how to make a
website and I’m going to change the tagline let’s make a website okay so how
to make website and then I changed my tagline – let’s make a WordPress website
okay so I’m just gonna scroll down to the bottom and then hit Save Changes
okay so it says settings saved so now we’re gonna go back out to view the
website okay so it’s been changed so here instead our title now says how to
make website and then if we go up here and hover over this we can see our
tagline has also been changed – lets make a wordpress website and also keep
in mind that when you’re deciding on what to put in as your site title and
tagline Google does index this into their search engine so you do want to
include some type of keywords in your site title and tagline
so that when your website gets indexed in Google you rank higher for you the
keywords that your website is going to be about like for example on mine that’s
why when I did the title I did how to make a website but you don’t necessarily
have to you can keep it the same if you want like I could have just kept to us
creating the best website for my title but I just wanted to demonstrate how to
change it for you guys and for the tagline that’s what’s super important is
whatever your website is about so like my tagline I said let’s make a WordPress
website because the keywords that I want to use to rank my website for would be
making WordPress websites or make a WordPress website so whatever your
website is going to be about that’s what you should definitely include those
keywords in your tagline and try to get them in your title if possible as well
and that’s just going to naturally help you rank for those keywords and get more
visitors to your site I hope that helps you guys with changing your site title
and tagline and feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all

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