How To Change Nameservers In Hostgator | 2019 Version
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How To Change Nameservers In Hostgator | 2019 Version

How To Change Nameservers In Hostgator | Hostgator
Nameservers Tutorial Hey guys, Bryan with WP Cupid Blog and in
this video, I’m going to show you how to change nameservers in Hostgator. If you haven’t purchased Hostgator hosting
yet click the link in the description below and input our exclusive promo code cupid60
to get up to 60% off your Hostgator hosting. I do want to mention that the link is an affiliate
link and I’ll receive a commission which helps support this channel and helps put out more
WordPress tutorial videos. After you register your domain name with Hostgator
and you have purchased your hosting with Hostgator or another hosting provider you now need to
change your nameservers with Hostgator. Whether your needing to point your Hostgator
nameservers with a Hostgator hosting plan you have already purchased or change your
Hostgator nameservers to nameservers from another hosting provider this step by step
video tutorial on how to change nameservers in Hostgator will be perfect for you. How To Change Nameservers In Hostgator cPanel
To start our how to change nameservers in Hostgator tutorial you want to login to your
Hostgator customer portal. Once you are logged in you will see the domains
tab towards the top of the page. Click the domains tab. You now want to select the domain name, so
you continue in changing your Hostgator nameservers. Once you have selected your domain name, you
will see your Hostgator nameservers listed with a change link under them. Click the change link to continue in changing
your nameservers in Hostgator. You will now see two options to change Hostgator
nameservers. The first option you will see automatically
point my domain to my hosting account and a tab where you can select your Hostgator
hosting account. If you are trying to change your Hostgator
nameservers with a Hostgator hosting plan you have purchased you want to choose this
option. The second option is if you purchased your
hosting package from another hosting provider like Bluehost or Siteground, you’d want
to select the manually set my nameservers option. Login to your hosting provider and get your
nameservers from them and enter them in where you see the nameserver 1 and nameserver 2
option. Next, click the save nameservers button to
complete the Hostgator nameservers change. You have successfully changed your nameservers
in Hostgator. Keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours for
your nameservers to fully propagate. So if you don’t see your domain name loading
or your site admin login not working don’t worry. And that is my tutorial video on how to change
Hostgator nameservers. If you have any questions, get in touch as
I’m here to help you with anything you need. Alright guys, thanks for watching. Give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
to our channel for more WordPress video tutorials. Leave us a comment; we love hearing from you.


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