How To Buy Hosting From Siteground And Build A Fantastic Website Fast
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How To Buy Hosting From Siteground And Build A Fantastic Website Fast

Hi, there. My name is Robert, and in this video, I will
walk you through the whole process on how to buy hosting from Siteground, step by step. As you can see on their website, which you
can access through a link down below this video, they have four different services depending
on what your goal is. If we want a simple WordPress website, we
can start with WordPress Hosting over here. High-performance WooCommerce hosting is for
those of you who want to start an e-commerce business, and it is optimized for WordPress
too. Remember that you can always upgrade or downgrade
the service depending on your needs. The people behind this fantastic hosting platform
are ready to help you, 24/7. So, for now, click on Get Started over here
and then chose the plan that perfectly fit your needs. Again, you can start with the cheapest one,
which is for one website, 10 GB webspace, and 10K visits per month. Of course, you get essential WordPress features
like WP install, auto-updates, SSL certificate, and many more, all for free. Click on Get Plan, choose whether you want
to register a new domain, or just simply stay with the one you already have. For a new domain name, choose tools like
which is a beneficial domain name generator where you can type in words like cool gadgets,
for example, an then you can see the best available domains below. You can also choose if you want just .com suggestions. If you decide to buy, for
example, you can use that domain to promote products from through their partner
program and make money for every sale you generate. That’s so cool, right? I am thinking about creating an in-depth tutorial
on how to make money and generate passive income with WordPress, site or blog, so make
sure you subscribe to our channel and then hit the bell to get notified when new videos
are published. Leave a comment below if you are interested
in that kind of videos. Let’s go back to Siteground for now and type
in the domain you want to buy over here and then choose .com in this drop-down. We can see that when we choose to register
a new domain name, there is a yearly fee in euro or US dollars, depending on the region
you access their website from. Also, the price is different for .eu domains
.com .net, and so on. Whenever you feel ready, just click on proceed. If the chosen domain name is available, you
will get this success message on the next page, and you can start typing your account
and client information in the fields below. Start with your account details like email
and password and keep in mind those because you will use them to manage your account later
on. Enter your client information here, choose
your country, and then go-ahead to the payment information section below. If the billing address is the same as given
in the contact information, just keep this box checked. If not, uncheck it and then type in your billing
address in the fields below. Finally, the purchase information is what
you can see over here with the chosen plan, which you can change if you want that. The data center is Europe in my case, and
you can choose the period from 12 to 36 months. If you are from the UK, choose the United
Kingdom datacenter, US if you are in America and so on. The perfect location for you will be automatically
selected, so you don’t need to worry about doing something wrong here. The best deal for the hosting price comes
when you choose the 36 months plan because you get the 3.95 rates for all those 36 months
of hosting. If you stay with the 12, you will pay 9,95
after the billing cycle is finished. Although you can feel it is a little bit too
much comparing it with other hosting providers, the quality of their service is worth every
penny. I know what I say because I am using Siteground
for more than 12 months. Don’t need to believe what I say, test it
and if you are not satisfied you’ll have 30 days money-back guarantee. If you want Domain Privacy and SG Site-Scanner
check these boxes but remember that you can start without them and add them later if needed. New websites usually don’t need these extra
features, so you are just fine without them. Now we are at the final step of our “how to
buy hosting from Siteground” tutorial. We need to confirm that we have read the Terms
of Service and Privacy Policy pages then check if we want to receive news and special offers
by email. I don’t want that, so I will keep it unchecked. The “I confirm” box is mandatory and the second
box is optional so make sure you check at least the first box before clicking the “Pay
Now” button. I suggest checking all the details above before
clicking on Pay Now. Make sure everything is correctly typed in,
so you won’t have issues accessing your service. Click on Pay Now then you are all set. Well, we talk about WordPress, right? And you want to have a website up and running
as soon as possible. So, the first thing we need to do next is
to install the content management system. Siteground offers one-click WordPress install,
so go ahead and do it then log in to your dashboard and start building your website. This is a speedy WordPress theme which works
excellently with Elementor and WooCommerce, so confirm your selection and then complete
the installation. Now you can go to your dashboard and start
customizing your website. Everything is up and running, and if you visit
your live website, you can see that it looks great. The best way to add your own content is with
Elementor so you can click on “Edit with Elementor” above. The page you will see next is the live editor
of Elementor where you can start changing the text, images, and the background, like
so. Once you are ready click on the “Update” button
below or preview the page so you can be sure everything looks great. This is your homepage now, and you can start
adding more content like pages and posts, and you can edit your menu too. Check out the recommended video above to see
how you can customize Neve, step by step. If you have questions, leave a comment below,
and I will answer it. Feel free to check out other video tutorials
we publish weekly about WordPress then subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified
when new videos are posted. Se you in the next one.


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