How to Buy Hosting and Domain From GoDaddy (Cheapest Hosting and Domain) $1/Month
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How to Buy Hosting and Domain From GoDaddy (Cheapest Hosting and Domain) $1/Month

in this video I’m going to show you how to buy hosting and domain in the cheapest way at least for a year by paying on the one dollar amount that means paying on the twelfth dollar for the first year we are going to make this purchase through the worldís largest domain provider with over 60 million registered domain names and one of the world’s top three hosting companies in fact one dollar amount is the cheapest hosting price you can find on the world right now also when you make this purchase for at least one year that is when you pay $12 for the first year in total the company gives away the domain for the free in addition to the hosting so you get this price not from any company but from the most expert in this business and one of the most reliable companies in the world quality of course in order to get this discounted price and reach this page which is on the screen right now you will need a discount code I am also going to show you how and where to get this discount code in my video in this video we are going to buy economy package from God at a normal price for an economy package which you can see from go by clicking on hosting and then web hosting tab from the top of page is four point thirty three dollars for amount in fact with that regular way colder they will not give away the domain to and you are going to pay extra fee for the domain with the method I am going to tell you in a minute there will be no difference between regular for point or the $3.00 package in fact we are going to buy same package with a discounted price one dollar amount likewise you can also check and compare it from yourself with the specification written here there is only one thing that is not written here which is also a plus for us perm gives away the domain for free according to the free domain with annual plan concept written here when you purchase a package with a discount of course that USD price on the screen should not deceive you that God the only operates in USA GoDaddy is a global company which is active on 56 countries and they have local customer services for every country day surgery this is valid for India turkey Poland and all the other countries they serve in addition no matter which country you are watching my video right now you can track in your own language to do that select language option from the top in go TOCOM and choose the language of your own country for instance let’s choose turkey for now when I click on Turkey screen will appear in Turkish of course the price will also change normally price is 4.99 Turkish Liras which is almost a dollar when you switch to another country let’s say India you are going to notice that price is changed to 99 rupees that price is again almost a dollar so wherever body operates even for different countries let’s click on Germany for example that discounted hosting price will be around $1 some special cases may affect the price like taxes but the cost for discounted package will always be around $1 if you insist on buying this service for $1 not one point 20 euros or other currencies you have a chance to connect to God data from USA with VPN and choose United States as your country and purchase the package for $1 changing your country will not make any difference or limitation or give any different specification you will still be buying the same hosting so how we are going to reach the discount page and from math to reach first we type WP ma VI comm / host to our browser and hit the enter button detection will directly SAP jutsu at discount page of course you are going to reach your country’s call they decide automatically that the country we are connected to the Internet for instance let me connect from India and retype WP na VI dot-com / austere it will directly take me to India go to the website as you can see class is 99 rupees here or if you would like to connect from Germany let’s choose Germany from here right now when we type WP MA we slash host and hit the enter button I will reach Germany’s go to the website this time of course the steps I am going to tell you in a minute will be us a go to the website but do not let it fool you steps I am going to tell here although the text language will differ will be completely same buttons or J steps domain selecting processes credit card parts etc all the voice will be same as images only the language is going to change that by when you click on the link I a value type WP m avi dot-com slash horse directed discount page will be your own countries available website and you can follow all the steps from watching my video let me quickly switch to USA website and start showing you how to buy a domain and hosting first thing you should do after reaching this discount page from typing WP MAPI comm slash host to your browser is to click on guess start button which is here or at the cut button for economic package to continue to buttons will take you to the same screen so I click on one of them and proceed to next step in this patch cord it wants us to choose a domain address you are going to type the address it is in your mind to the box here for instance I have buy domain and hosting name in my mind let’s say I want to purchase buy domain and hosting comm domain address and I type so then I click on search button and proceed to next step of course if you already have a domain address and watching this video just to purchase hosting on GoDaddy you can continue with the no thanks I will pass on the freebie option and purchase only hosting however if you want to purchase domain and hosting together web domain is free with the hosting you type the domain address in your mind and click on the search button afterwards company is searching if that address on your mind is taken by some man s or not after that search there will be a notification on the screen for instance my domain and hosting address that I type was not taken by someone else or your domain address in your mind which in the same case you are going to see yes your domain is available message in the screen this message shows that you can purchase that domain address if you see that message you can immediately the Select comics tension and click on select and continue button to move next let’s say that your domain address was taken by someone as for instance hosting and domain comm is what I am looking for and I am searching for it let’s even type dot-com click on search again and as you can see I’m seeing an error message like sorry hosting and domain that come is taken in this situation you have two options to choose first one is to check if your domain address has other purchase options for the extension other than com you can see that right below or instance for that domain there is a that met extension available to purchase in a position like this I can purchase that that extension of the domain address I have in my mind rather than that come extension you also can select that net network or that draw extensions if they are available and that come is not of course there is not a single technical difference between comm that or that Joe but that come extension is more ‘rememorable for the visitors what I mean when people ask me about the name of my blog and I answer them with hosting and domain that people will type directly hosting and domain that calm today in browser rather than that net technically there is not a difference but only the potential remember chance is higher with com so our priority is that camp selection but if you are not insisting on Comm you can purchase that net but or or that joy extension alternatively other than that I do not recommend extensions like that XYZ or that own etc I only recommend that for if your domain address is taken before and that net that all or that Jo extension are also unavailable and you insist on using that come extensions like me you have to look for second option second option is search and find extension with a none taken domain address until you find a dot-com extension or an alternative extension after you find one you can step to the next level by clicking on select and continue for instance I click select and continue for hosting and domain that net after the callate the next step continue with the billing and credit card details afterwards I see the screen this is our car there are some options to manage here economy Linux hosting with cPanel is priced $12 with that 87 percentage discount here what you should be careful here that your domain at restoration and hosting durations should be same one of them is used as without the other I mean hosting without domain and domain without the hosting has no value so check the durations to be safe in here sometimes default domain and restoration comes as two years but you should change it to one year then you change it to one year also change your hosting package to one year too if you want to purchase more and select 24 months to not forget to change the domain and restoration into two years to there are only three products here first of all is economy Linux hosting with cPanel and the other one is office email if you want you can skip that directly if you are purchasing hosting and domain for an email address you can do it on hosting cPanel you do not need that so you can delete it just like I am doing right now on hosting and domain remain here is enough after there are some additional options like domain privacy or got the email marketing you also do not need to buy them to let moles explain what domain privacy is when you register a domain address your name surname and communication information will be related to those who interrogated if you do not want that you can purchase domain privacy and activate your protection with that active feature your information will be kept secret of course Google wants your information to be available if your information are in secret Google may approach you in a dub and may look for possible hidden things in your domain so I advise you to keep it open but buying or not buying is really up to you if the total price is $12 down below it means that we are all set after checking them and choosing a duration for your own let me explain that by the way if you select a longer duration your discount will also be higher and if you want to repurchase it annually the cost will be much higher compared to now buying for a longer duration initially will always keep your cost lower but this situation is all about your project and in your financial situation so I leave it to you after all those checking we click on create account button on the left and create a go to the account to start to do that code it directs us to membership screen use your daily email address here now I am typing my trial email address you we typed support beam here use a four-digit number that number will be used in the future to confirm your identity when you are reached to go to the customer services we have formed after you type your PIN try to write it some map then click on create account right after the account is created otally directs us to the class screen again in the left corner of that screen there is a billing information part Val you can edit your informations for the billing in here you choose your country for instance let’s keep USA then you type your name you type your address postal code and other information here of course I only typed some untruth examples here but I strongly advise you to be totally honest with that informations because what you type here it will be on your domains registration which also means that your domain address will represent what you type here if there will be a conflict with your domain address in the future that information will be used to confirm your identity so they should be true so I advise you to type only what is true we advance to the next level after typing the billing information and click on save now we are see payments that we will type our credit card information here you can also use debit cards instead of credit cards here but that credit or debit card should be allowed for mail order internet shopping and for in usage the process will fail if any of them are not allowed I again use example untrue information here let’s type something here too you click the Save button after you complete to fill you can also pay with Piper or bank transfer after you type your payment information there will be a button on the right lower corner named complete purchase to finish that purchase it will complete purchasing after you click of course if your credit card eligible for mail order internet shopping and foreign usage after clicking it and if the transaction is done you will receive a text message on the screen after that we will able to see our hosting and domain via our product page let me quickly show you how to reach product page when you go to go you can click on sign-in button which is on the right upper corner in the screen we are going to click sign in for registered users button then you will login with the informations you gave when you registered quality while you are purchasing hosting and domain and you are reached to a screen like this this is your product page if you are already logged in you will click the man symbol on the right upper corner and click to my products part to match your domain address and hosting to purchase in other words to set up the cPanel you should click to setup button which you see as managing my screening that is under the web hosting tab and right off to economy living frosting with cpanel after that Kali cordially redirects you to a screen where you can select domain I have to registered domain addresses encoded right now if you have only one is default you will see the one that you just purchased if you have more than one you are going to choose which domain to mesh with the hosting in there I choose that domain right now and click Next then go that they will ask us to choose a server location now if your target people are in USA then choose USA if they are in Europe choose Europe and if they are in Asia choose Asia for now I am going to choose Europe and click to next after that we see a screen like this in here go to the ask us if we want to create any WordPress website I click on not now thanks and finish button so see panel installation starts with this process domain address that we purchased and hosting package is being merged and be completely panel installation of course that cPanel installation or that merge process could take a few minutes after the installation completed we see a screen like this here we click to go to dashboard button this is where the server information stored before we access into cPanel here FTP information IP address and many other information is stored if you need to do something about FTP in the future or hear that name from somewhere you can access this information from this page just keep it in your mind then we reach that screen we can access to our C panel by clicking on cPanel admin button on the top right of the screen default language of the cPanel will be English on the first time college but you can change the language from the Settings section on the top by clicking change language button and choose your own language for instance my mother tongue is Turkish so I choose Turkish and click Change then I can go back to the homepage by clicking – homepage button in this way we can display our cPanel after that point you can create an email address or create a wordpress website or create a website with any infrastructure you like with hosting and the domain that you purchase and from cPanel now everything is ready to use that’s all from me about the hosting and domain purchase I hope that you like my video if you have any question please ask me in the comment section and I will surely reply whenever I can hope to see you in another video

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