How To Buy A Domain On Namecheap In 2019 – Step By Step Guide
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How To Buy A Domain On Namecheap In 2019 – Step By Step Guide

Hello and welcome to another
video with me Christian Rauchenwald. Today, I’m going to show you
how you can buy your own custom domain atNnamecheap. Before we get to that. I want to quickly point out. If you take anything positive
away from this videom if it helps you with your problem,
like buying a domain of Namecheap and setting it up, I’d
appreciate if you subscribe to the channel. So you don’t miss out any future
content and give a thumbs up to the video. So other people know that
it’s valuable and helping. That said if you run into any
problems along the way, simply leave a comment below the
video so I can help you out. Now, let’s get started
and had to Namecheap. So once you are on the Namecheap
website, maybe using the link in the description down below. The first thing you want to do
is enter the domain that you want to buy in my case that’s As you can see that
domain is still available. So what I can do next, is I
simply add it to the cart and the domain gets added to the
cart and shows up on the right. It will offer you a bunch of
extra option, but honestly, you don’t need any of them. So we just click on the “View
Cart” button to actually go to a summary of your cart. There you will see
your domain again. You will be able to change the
duration of the domain – how long you buy it for now already
– you can activate Auto renewal, so it doesn’t expire and you can
activate the free WhoIs Guard because it will protect your
personal information and avoiding annoying cold calls
and cold emails from certain companies. That said, you can go through
the rest of the options. You do not need the Gmail
integration and stuff like that usually, but if you need it you
can buy it straight away here or you can check out my separate
video on how to set up Google Suite with a 20% discount you
find the link in the description below or in a linked card, that
now appears in the top-right corner of this video. Now that’s pretty much all there
is to this step of the process. Now, what you need to do is,
simply scroll down and click on the “Confirm Order” button or
click on the “Confirm Order” button on the right. On the next step, you’re going
to be able to sign into your existing Namecheap account or
sign up for a new Namecheap account. I’m going to forward this part
of the video or actually cut out that part of the step to protect
my personal data and I’ll see you on the next page. On the next page, it’s
about your personal contact information. So in case you are Incorporated,
you simply add your company name your job title and the
address of your company. If you’re not buying this domain
for a company simply enter your personal address and name as
well as your phone number down below. For security reasons again, I’m
going to skip this step, so to not show my personal data and
I see you in the next step in a second. Next thing you’re going to see
a summary of your current data. The information that you entered
is going to be added as the contact information
for your domain. If you pick the WhoIs Protection
Service, this information will not be available public but it
will be available to Namecheap. Also when you scroll down on
this page you can pick to save those settings as your default
settings for future purchases and then at the bottom or the
right side, you just hit the “Continue” button to go to
the next page as always. I have blurred out or skipped
this part and didn’t show the information I enter it but
it’s quite straightforward. So I see you in the next step. Now the next step you can pick
your payment method and you can either choose to pay with credit
card or simply use your PayPal account for that. So just select which payment
method you prefer either “Secure Card Payment” or “PayPal” and
follow the instructions on the screen. At the bottom of this page, you
will have the option to activate “Automatic Renewal” for all
of your domains, so they never expire. I encourage you to check this
checkbox before you hit the continue button either on the
right or at the bottom of the page. Now, the last page is going to
be the order confirmation page where you can review your order. You will see your domain
registration, the free WhoIs Guard protection if you selected
it and at the bottom your billing address and payment. If everything is as you want it
to be, simply confirm your order by clicking the “Pay Now”
button, either at the bottom of the page or on the
right hand side. Now your order is going to be
processed and if there are no issues with your payment method
you will eventually see the order confirmation dialog. Basically your new Namecheap
dashboard, where a short questionnaire will ask you about
your experience with this order. You’re good to go. Your domain is now set up
within your Namecheap account. You would now need to manage it
within Namecheap to point it to whatever service you want to use
it for, but that’s not the topic of this video. So, thanks again for watching. Don’t forget to hit the
“Subscribe” button, and if you have any issues whatsoever,
simply comment below. Till then, bye bye.


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