How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Website in 4 Minutes
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How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Website in 4 Minutes

hi guys see Gerald again and today I’m
officially started my series on how to build WordPress website in the last
video, I put it here like this video right here click on it. I did an
analysis on how much web designers actually, make making websites on so if you want to be a web designer or favorite comic make these
six figures right please this series very important so I want to encourage
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also, leave a comment in the comment section if you have any questions please
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this video I will show you guys how to buy a domain name right it’s a live
project I’m working on for a client maybe by now the live declared the the home
website is actually online what I’ve document I’ll be documenting my steps on
how Excel Eterna be posting it’s like almost every day right so today we are
going to be looking at how to buy a domain name in just four minutes so
Harmon I’ll use smart web smart welcome I have the link in the description below
our battery knows not rapport binding domain on smart web is basically the
same way you buy it on good data on side ground on bluehost on whose kids or you
know all those places it will be the same thing so it doesn’t matter where
you buy from it’s the same process right so I’m let’s dive right into it
also I want to encourage you to please watch this video to the end right don’t
skip any step because if you do maybe that the most important this will
actually buy most of my domains from smart dot ng this is a right I’m
just gonna take this out so you see it enter smash dot ng so they have
whose teen they have to mean they have website and blah blah blah
we’re trying to buy a domain right so I come here I click on to me registration
right my other favorite places we have
vitamins from to is a Bluehost right and SiteGround about two
men are hosting from this website also as I have a link in the description box
below if you want to buy from sacra you just hit delete and today if you want to
buy from you host I have a link to my want to buy from sighs uh what’s much
wave I also had the link Edition box below so I’m just putting my domain name
that I intend to buy Christ link assembly it is a church website I’m
supposed to be working on Christ link assembly dot-com I said right I click on
search and it shows me congratulations question Cassandra come is available
right so I click on add to cart to add this to cart right it’s been added to
cart I click on checkout right it’s loading right here okay so he brings me
here domain configuration please reveal your domain name selection or any
add-ons that are available for them right so I’m buying Jones do may not
know by you hosting that’s why I say you know who’s the click here to add posters
if I click here right now I can add hosts into it right I don’t want to do
that because I already have a hosting with side round which I want to connect
this website to right I don’t want to buy a Houston here right now so I’m just
gonna um this is 28 DNS management it’s free so there’s no harm I mean 14 is
free for the first word one year okay added to everything remains the same I
put a continue right and it loads okay this is it give me the details of what’s
inside my card so I could check out right it’s telling me that I should feel
my login inform me information and everything okay has filled up my
information this is happening because I’m already logged in that’s why you
share in my name here right I’m already logged if I know logged in it will
prompt you to create an account you feel your info and create your account and
all right that’s what is gonna do so I’m okay this
may all your formation but I’ll leave it like that so I’m showing me everything
right here blah blah so I’m how do I want to be bank transfer
pay stack debit credit card interest which may be most patients who select is
the big winner that’s what I’m selecting because I want to kill my card right now
if you guys don’t know what pay stack is I have if you are done a video about
receiving money from Nigerian to accounts right that’s actually a stock
iDVD about pay stack I’ll put a video somewhere here right guys see Nikki I
just click on this box and you see the video I’m talking about so I’m this is
it so I’m just going to continue with the other complete other right
so it’s loading as you can see it’s taking me to a page where I can make my
payment actually pay stack is the company and then this payment and that’s
what I use for my e-commerce websites when we are doing the e-commerce
websites I would show you guys how to do that also
so this is the bank details if you want to do it transfer to the bank but I want
to pay you my car so I just click on pin now right now pull me my car details okay it’s asking for my car pin to
complete transaction I’ve done that loading loading loading loading loading
payment successful Wow Wow okay I’ve just paid for this well just paid for
this it’s loading here it brings us back here to tell us that thanks for your
order you will receive a confirmation email shortly let’s go to my email and
see if we actually get this email I’m just gonna refresh this and wait for a
little while it’s loading this is the transaction that we just did
I’ve been debited right so my banker sends me a lot this is a pace tax enemy
receipts you know for the payments I made right then this is much way of
sending me the other confirmation that the payment has been received in for
confirmation everything so the payment went through so we have just paid for it
domain name now let’s see it is domain having paid for let’s use a Bluehost for
instance come to domains on Bluehost right then
we act as if we want to buy this domain right here and click on search I see
what happens he says whoops that means is no longer
available please try it again right so he was taking this just paid for this
we’ve taken it so it’s no longer available
you know we checked it with all chat t.t I told I was available right so let’s
come here and check it again to confirm you have availability so I’m a click
dot-com right I click on search searching this domain you anti-soviet up
with us we need to constantly prepare to present a new order to get it right so
this domain has been bought let’s try something like GoDaddy let’s
see what could add each others so this is proof that you determine has been
paid for right we just bought his domain what a person can bite right
rustling assembly dot-com search I see what happened
blah blah blah was it a he says it’s taking it’s taking right it’s taking so
this is gone don’t spit for this domain right so this is how to buy a domain
name you know in just less than four minutes so if you want to buy a domain
name please want to sell a website you want to be
first enter button a movie having a website actually buying your domain name
so please the link in my description below right and buy this domain by your
domains with my links you know if you do that I’ll actually benefit for me
because I have kind of agreement with these companies thank you for watching
this video and please subscribe to this YouTube channel because when you do when
I drop the next video which is actually I’m connecting this to me into a hosting
and and installing your WordPress on that question I’m sorry in this next
video so please please please subscribe and hit the Bell Watson give this video
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my channel so that when I draw the next video you’ll be the first to know right
thank you very much and keep winning


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