How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Podcast (Ep18)
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How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Podcast (Ep18)

How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Podcast?
The domain name is your So for me, it’s Obviously
yours is going to be different based on what your podcast is about and what you can actually
get. Okay, so now I’m going to show you how to
set up a domain name for your podcast. The cost of setting up your podcast domain, just
so you know upfront, is going to be $10. And that cost is $10 per year. So every year you’re
going to have to pay that. I’m going to talk you through this and talk you through exactly
how to do it. Don’t wait too much and stress too much about taking notes because I do have
a step-by-step guide that you can download to make life easier for you. Go to,
s-e-t-u-p in order to get that guide to download so you can just simply follow the steps and
take off things as you’ve done. I always, always, always recommend that you
buy your domain through GoDaddy and the link is And the reason
I recommend GoDaddy is that they are by far the biggest in the industry and they’ve got
great prices. So you’ve got a great price and if ever it comes down to it and you want
to sell your podcast then it’s really easy to transfer domains within GoDaddy and it’s
very common and very accepted. So it’s going to make your life so much easier to use GoDaddy.
It integrates really well so if you ever use anything that needs to integrate with your
domain name then GoDaddy is always there because they are the biggest. So go to,
I’m going to head there right now. So we’re going to type in
and now that’s going to bring out the godaddy home page which you see on my screen. That’s
an affiliate link but that’s not going to cost you anything more to go through that
and it does help out the show. So what you need to do then is you then need to click
on enter a domain name. You see a search box at the front and you just simply have a go
at what you think your brand should be called. So for me it would be podcastfast and you
don’t put the .com or anything, you just type what you want and you click search domain.
This will then come up and tell you whether the domain is available or not. So we can
see Sorry, is not available. Now it’s not available because I already own
it. And we can see down here that is available or they give you some suggestions
like or you can scroll down and see and you can see all
of these different options. So what you can do if something is not available is you just
have another go. So for example – what else could we call it, podcastingforyou or something
like that, click search. Let’s see if this one’s available. So good news,
is available. So we could click the continue to cart button to check out and that’s going
to cost us $9.49, so it’s almost $10. However, you may have trouble finding a domain
name and if you do, a quicker way to search from multiple different options is go up the
top and there’s a domain tab. So click on that and then scroll down and you’ll find
bulk domain search. So you click bulk domain search and then it will take you to this page
where you can enter up to 500 different domains. You can also search a lot of different domain
name extensions. So we can see here .com, .co, I also like .me, I like .net. .org is
alright, it’s not awesome. And you can scroll down and see so many different things and
if we go down the bottom .email, .coffee, .farm, .agency, and literally hundreds of
these different extensions that you could choose from. But for now, I’m just going to
choose the main ones up the top. And so now we can simply type in a few things.
So let’s try podcast, podcasting, podcastlove, ilovepodcast, let’s do podcastingforyou again,
podcastingsthebest, betterpodcast. Let’s try podcastsetup and let’s try one more, it can
be funpodcast. Alright, and now we simply click go and this one will tell us which of
these podcast and which of these extensions is available. So we have unavailable domains
at the top. So obviously is taken, is taken. They would be so
awesome to get but obviously they’re taken. We can see down here, ones that are available.
So we can see that podcastlove,net is available, is available.
So what we want to do is just pick one from this list. So we click the unselect button
and we just choose the one that we really want. And let’s say we’re going with
We then click the proceed to check out button. So this is the same as if you would have clicked
add to cart right on the page where was available. So then it will give you a
whole bunch of different upgrades. You can get web posting, website builder, business
class email. These all sound great but you don’t want to do this. I’m going to show you
a much cheaper, much better, much more effective way of doing this so don’t buy any upgrades
at all. Do you understand me? Zero. None. Nada. So just click continue.
I’m just going to show you quickly, if you were to go from the homepage, which is where
we started with, and you click the continue to cart. You would then be brought up with
this page, which again is another upsales page. It just looks a bit different. And again,
we don’t want any upsales at all so we just click continue to cart.
So now we’re on the final check out page and you can see here that the term for your domain
name is going to say 2 years as a default. We don’t want that so we’re going to change
it back to 1 year and we can see that the price there is $9.99 and we’ve also got the
icon face. So this is Australian dollars, if you’re in the US, then it’s actually going
to be cheaper than $9.99. We then click continue to check out and we can then – if we’re returning
customers we can fill in our details but if we’re new customers we can just click the
continue button. And again when you’re doing this, you can see these orange buttons and
you know what to do. You then simply fill in your details, fill out your address; create
an account, put in your information there. And then put in your credit card information
or you can pay by PayPal, UnionPay or MoneyBookers as well. And you then click continue, place
your order and you confirm it. So that completes today’s lesson, How to Buy
a Domain Name for Your Podcast. I hope you get an awesome domain name. I would love to
hear what your domain name is so that I can check it out myself. Email me at [email protected]
So until next lesson, don’t just podcast, podcast fast. For those of you who are enjoying this podcast,
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There you can share on social media or you can find the instructions so you can go to
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us share the love. So see you guys in the next lesson but remember,
don’t just podcast, podcast fast!

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