How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Membership Site (Part 2/12)
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How To Buy A Domain Name For Your Membership Site (Part 2/12)

Welcome back to How to Create a Membership
Site with Zero Coding. This is part number 2, How to Buy a Domain Name for Your Membership
Site. If you have a membership site, people are
going to need to type something in to get to your membership site. So how do we go ahead
and buy that domain name? This is part of stage 1 about process which is creating a
website. If you already have a website that is built from WordPress then you can skip
forward to part 6 where we will talk about installing and configuring your membership
plugin. But for those of you who do not have a website yet, continue watching.
First, let us talk about what is a domain name. I have an example here:
which is the domain name of this website that I have where I am teaching you these tutorials.
Your domain name that people type into their web browser to get access to your website.
So in this case it is It could be another website of mine,
or There is a whole variation of domain names obviously. Basically it is
a unique URL that people can go to access your website.
So step number 1, to get our domain name we need to go to which is my
affiliate link. So let us go ahead and do that, If you go through this
affiliate link you do get 30% off your purchase with GoDaddy. And we can see the special offer
here. It says 30% on new products. Let me quickly talk about why I recommend GoDaddy.
The first reason is they are the number 1 domain register. So they are the biggest in
the world. They have cheap prices. They have good service where you can call them, email,
chat to them and all that sort of stuff. And as well, if you ever decide to sell your membership
site down the line, because they are the number 1 domain register, it is really easy to transfer
or to sell your domain to move it on to someone else. So GoDaddy is great. You can use anyone
that you want. It does not really matter. But I do recommend GoDaddy because it is so
much easier. So we go on to The next step is to find a domain that you
like. Now this is the hard part in the process. The example that I am going to use, we are
going to create a fake membership site during this tutorial and I am in love with a game
called Super Smash Brothers melee. It is a game that was created in 2001. It is a competitive
game. And so we can see that is taken but we can see that is
available. So basically we go through, melee is taken. Maybe I want to type in SSBM for
Super Smash Bros Melee. That is available but at $25,000. I do not want buy that. What
about meleetips or something like that? Basically the idea is you just go through until you
find one that you are happy with. And when you are happy with it, step number
3 is to go ahead and buy it. So let us pretend that we want to buy I actually
already own so we will be using that to create the membership site. But just for
this tutorial let us pretend we are going to buy Let us go ahead and
click the select button, we then click continue to cart. Now they are going to try and give
us a whole bunch of upsells that we do not actually want. We do not want any of these
sorts of stuff so just click continue to cart. You do not need those upsells. So we are now
on the checkout page. We can see the term. They have set up 2 years automatically. We
can actually change that to 1 year so we do not have to pay as much upfront. And we can
see it is $12.99 for this one or $13.24. I am actually getting 35% off rather than that
30% off which was promised. So that must be a special deal at the moment. If I change
this to US dollars then you will see it more around the price that we have talked about.,
which was $10. So we can go ahead and click proceed to checkout. New customers you can
continue through here, returning customers you can sign in and then pay for your domain
name. So there you have it. That is How to Buy a
Domain Name for Your Membership Site, really easy to do. The hardest thing is going to
be finding a domain name that is not already taken, that you absolutely love because a
lot of the good ones out there are taken. In the next video we are going to talk about
getting hosting for your website. This is where the structure of your membership site,
where everything will live. And in part number 4 we are going to talk about connecting your
domain and hosting so when people type in, they actually
go ahead and see your website. But for now, go to part number 3 on how to get hosting.
Also you can get access to all of these course materials and if you have any questions, for
some reason you get stuck or something is not working in the process, you can ask us
questions as well. So to get access to all the course materials and to ask any questions
that you may have, simply go to for membership site and you will be able to
do all those things. And also, you can hire our services if you are having trouble or
you decide, “I cannot be bothered doing this myself.” You can hire our services at a cost
and we will go ahead and set up this membership site for you. Simply go to
to check out our offerings.

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