How To Buy a Custom Shopify Domain || Shopify Help Center 2019
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How To Buy a Custom Shopify Domain || Shopify Help Center 2019

If you’re looking to set yourself apart
from the competition, consider purchasing a custom domain to help build your store’s
brand identity. Keep watching to learn how to buy a custom
domain from Shopify. When you open your online store, you see the
store domain in the browser address bar. A domain is the URL or website address that
customers see when they visit your online store. By default, your domain is your store name
dot myshopify dot com. For example, this store’s default domain
is aly athletics dot my shopify dot com. You can buy a custom domain directly in your
Shopify admin. For example, the custom domain aly athletics
dot com can be bought for this store. Your customers see your domain name every
time they go to your store, so using a custom domain helps build your brand identity. When you buy a domain through Shopify, your
domain is automatically set up for you, and you keep ownership even if you leave Shopify. Domains purchased through Shopify are registered
for one year, and can be renewed until you cancel your domain or your Shopify store. If you already have a custom domain from a
third-party, then you can connect it to your Shopify store. Learn more about using third-party domains
by clicking the link in the description. To buy a domain from Shopify, start from your
Shopify admin. Click Online Store, then click Domains. Next, click Buy new domain. In the text field, enter the domain name that
you want to buy. You see a list of available domain extensions
and their prices. Extensions are the bit of text at the end
of the web address. The most common extension is dot com but dot
net, dot biz, and country extensions like dot ca, dot co, or dot uk are also common. You can also buy premium extensions for special
events or sales like dot blackfriday. The price of your domain depends on the type
of extension you buy. To view even more extension options, click
Show next 10 at the bottom of the list. Once you’ve chosen an extension, click Buy
next to the domain that you want to purchase. If you haven’t entered your credit card
details, you are prompted to enter them on the next page. Click Continue to review your purchase summary By default, the Shopify account owner’s email
and information are used to purchase and renew domains. Review your personal information for errors. Emails about the maintenance and ownership
of the domain are sent to this email, so make sure it’s correct. Shopify domains automatically renew every
year. If you want your domain to be automatically
renewed in a year, keep the box Auto-renew this domain every year checked. Otherwise, uncheck the box and you’ll be
sent a reminder email when your domain is about to expire. Next, check whether your domain offers WHOIS
Privacy. WHOIS is a service you can use to look up
information about the owner of a domain name. If you don’t want your ownership information
to be available through a WHOIS lookup, then you need a domain that includes WHOIS Privacy. WHOIS Privacy keeps your personal contact
information hidden from the public. If the domain name you’ve selected offers
WHOIS privacy, you see a notice telling you that the domain you’ve chosen includes WHOIS
privacy. If you do not see this notice and you would
like WHOIS privacy on your domain, click Cancel and select a different domain extension. See the link in the description for a full
list of domain extensions that don’t include WHOIS privacy. Once you’re done confirming the privacy
of your domain, read the ICANN policy and the Domain Registration Agreement. When you’re ready, click Buy domain. Keep in mind, domain purchases are non-refundable. On the newly loaded page, you see details
and settings for your new domain. You can edit the settings now, or you can
come back later. You receive several emails confirming your
purchase, and asking you to verify your information. Follow the steps in the emails to finish registering
your domain. It can take up to 48 hours for your new domain
to start working. When your domain is ready to use, you see
the status change to a green Connected icon. In Shopify, a primary domain is the domain
name that customers see in the address bar while they browse your online store. By default, your dot my shopify dot com domain
is set as the primary domain. To make the new custom domain the primary
domain, click Change primary domain. On the pop-up, select your new custom domain
and click Save. Your custom domain is now active. For the next video, on how to add a forwarding
email address with your custom domain, subscribe now. If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.


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