How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes
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How To Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | Q&A With Bishop T.D. Jakes

Thank you for tuning into our Channel today We want to share an exclusive interview that Pastor Steven did with Bishop TD jakes on entrepreneurship and leadership thank you for joining us we hope you enjoyed this special presentation I want to read you something and This was written by Judd Apatow He was writing about the comedian Albert Brooks And how he got a chance to work with one of his heroes and just a couple sentences but he said something that I would love to say about Bishop Jake’s before he comes and He said in your dreams as a young guy You imagined your heroes to be one thing and then you get a chance to work with one of them, and he’s actually even better He said deep down all comedy nerds. Hope that at the end of our lives We will have made one movie as good and true as Albert Brooks as best movies. I’ll modify that a little bit deep down all Preachers and leaders. Hope that at the end of our lives. We will have preached one sermon As good and true as Bishop TD jakes so many Would you put your hands together elevation church and welcome to the stage? Bishop TD jakes I don’t know how we’re supposed to do this, but I want to tell you right off the bat. This is my Steven Furtick Cool Science fired you you inspired me. Can we call it even now for all of the stuff. I’ve ripped off from you over the years The only problem is my thighs can’t breathe so If we see you leaning over yeah, I need a he of G for my knees, but I’m good You can’t dance with these things man, you can’t you just gotta jump up and down, can you soar I can soar in them? How would you like to hear Bishop TD jakes and Pastor Steven Furtick sing I believe I can fly by r.kelly Just something you might be interested in All the millenials are like our what? Maybe we’ll do that at the end modeless love do you like that song you I like the song What are some songs that you like to listen to Bishop Jake’s that don’t get played in church. They don’t get played at church Cut the cameras oh you guys can be seated for hanging out now They’re so excited. I like Luther Vandross. I like Anita Baker. You know I Like lesser-known, but but extremely talented is Kiko Matsui Kiko Matsui is a Japanese jazz pianist said it’s absolutely out of this world And I listened to her this evening before I came over here, so I’d had my international flavor yeah, so I’d like all kinds of music kind of like classical music I Like gospel music of course. I like just about every kind of every drug even some country. I’ll go country on you now the Greatest rock and roll band of all time. Oh god now. I’m in trouble. I don’t go rock the road. Yeah well It’s funny. I grew up in the Jimi Hendrix error, so you know you know anybody got you Jimmy hippies Yeah, yeah big poster on the wall my life’s ambition was to have his afro I Had women’s braiding my hair to my eyeballs were up like this trying to get my hair to where it never happens I didn’t get here to the jheri curl That was wrong about the jury yes, sir, I do I mean not for personal experience. I’ve seen pictures. Do you think pictures ever? Well when I used to freeze years ago. I wore during curling I had a towel around my neck and when I got the really pretty Yeah, and the jheri curl juice with fly across the front and everybody slain in the spirit Those were the days with the power of God was Warner Sent the secret a secret you gotta get a girl I’m in trouble So excited about this new books or excited to talk to you about it tonight. Thank you. I’ve been reading it Yeah, it’s kind of weird though. I I had to do my research to interview you and so I put in Amazon because the book is subtitled build your vision from the ground up and focuses on leadership mhm entrepreneurship mm-hmm so I put entrepreneur in Amazon search and over fifty six thousand results Wow over fifty six thousand results And then I put in leadership over two hundred and fifty seven thousand results Amazing which made me wonder for my first official question of the interview What was missing from the conversation that made you want to add your voice timing? What we need depends on where we are in the history of this country The topography of this country has changed in terms of how we make a living quite a bit from agricultural we went through that face to industrial age to the information age that we’re currently in right now and People have had to retool themselves in order to keep up with trends. They didn’t choose Now we’re in an era where People of my generation sent our kids to school because we trained them to think a job and we said if you go to school you get a good education you’re gonna come out you’re gonna get a great job and that Was true when I was coming up But that’s not true today today. You can yeah am I right about it Today you can go to school you can get a great education and come out with a good bill a Whole lot of debt and end up working at Burger King nothing against Burger King but how How do we get you here? I have to be careful brother like me get sued on regular The question then becomes how do we with our Education and our disappointment living in our mother’s house sleeping on the couch even cereal at noon We to ourselves so that we can be functional in the 21st century I Listen at the argument that our country is having right now. It’s it’s hard to listen to but beneath all of the chatter The red belt states and the inner cities are crying about the same thing The lack of opportunity, and we’re looking to the white house to Solve the problem and the reality is that’s not gonna happen And We need solutions and this goes beyond we’d like to talk in terms of we have nice terms for bus really black and white you know herb and Then red bell spaces and black so swipes awesome, but now we’re both getting broke Okay, which is a scary situation and And you’ve got smart bright gifted talented people who can’t find an opportunity Also in our community and even in other communities you have this dilemma of people who make mistakes when they were young did some criminal justice issues and 25 years later, they can’t get a job or a place to stay That’s a real problem So rather than to go get a job, I thought it was important to talk about being a job You know yeah about being a job about hiring yourself about the opportunities that exists to create your own Reality your own business your own company to be the CEO of you The CEO you and I think it surprises a lot of people to hear you talk like that Who are only familiar with you as a preacher right right? I mean There’s no doubt okay when I when I go to preach for Bishop Jake’s I’ve had the privilege to do it Three times I think dude I spend as long trying to figure out what I want to say in my introductory remarks To honor him because of what he’s meant to me as I do on my message, and I never can quite find the words But the last time I think I was with you. I gave you a nickname. I don’t know if you remember I call those Lasher Yes and I called you that because I thought because No matter what title someone would put with the name TD jakes? They would have to put a slash after it yes, so you’re a pastor slash author New York Times bestselling multiple number one Seven hundred ninety three weeks off Producer Record label executive Philanthropist father husband psalm slasher Probably the first time you’ve ever been called that that got me. That’s me. I investigate Thank you very much at the heart at the heart of that nickname though is a lot of admiration I wonder When did you decide not to be limited by? One title or one function I never knew that The way people described you would become a prison until they did it When when I met me I was not a preacher So I didn’t know that they would incarcerate me with the title you are at your best when you are authentic to your core and You have to be what you are not what they call you Sometimes see you appear to say what I’m saying Sometimes people will call you a name, and you start living up to the name and it limits you from what else God wants to do is your life you know and and by the way I Create for inventing this but the credit is really misplaced Because when you think of the Apostle Paul. He was a writer He was a thinker respected by the thinkers of his age at a time when there were profound thinkers in Paul’s they known for his ability to be progressive Intellectually he was a speaker. He was a writer. He was a tentmaker. He was able to influence Aquila and Priscilla Not because of his preaching, but because of his business. They shared the same business and out of that business influence and affluence a relationship emergent affected the kingdom When you look at Jesus who was a carpenter’s son and later they called him a carpenter? He who handled would end up nailed to a tree And what happens in life as we evolve as a person We cannot allow ourselves to be incarcerated by Anything that people would describe us with because we limit then what the Holy Spirit can do in your life say, I did let me jump in say this one quick thing I Think if Jesus had come in our day. He would have been a filmmaker But because they didn’t have films he told parables But if you think about it parables our movies made of words if he were to come today. He would have done films Imagine how that would look like today most of what we call church. We would have to teach Jesus Jesus never saw an usher he never saw a greeting committee Jesus never saw a choir Jesus never met a deacon Jesus never had a board Jesus never had a whole lot of things that we would have to go through and say my Jesus don’t sit over there that’s the reserved section and When you get rid of leaflets figures about you know we were These accrued events that attach itself to religion often block our view from revelation Yeah and Because I was I was raised by a dying father Born in between two dead babies. I really value the preciousness of life the baby before me died and the baby after me died and my mother clutched to me as Only a mother can who has lost a child And and an appreciation for the value of life and a refusal to allow anybody To take away the great privilege of being alive, I will think for myself I will move in my own direction. You can say whatever you want to say about it, but I’m gonna be me You see what I’m saying. Yeah at the core of everything soar is saying don’t be limited Don’t put a period because you did one thing that you can’t do something else that you can’t be something else that you can Evolve as an individual that you can’t explore other idioms of thought You know let me show up because I get to talk about that’s great. I I want to dig deeper into that because the arc of your teaching and one of the most influential messages That I’ve received from you is get out of your comfort zone I mean if you open your mouth if some version of that’s going to come out maybe from the Old Testament or it may be from a Chicken’s egg you know there’s there’s some way that you’re gonna. Tell me get out of your comfort zone mm-hmm I wondered though because I’ve also heard you teach so much about your capacity mm-hmm that each person has a god-given capacity For the person who is trying to decide who what can I do I don’t know yet, I haven’t tried yet I think I know what I have. I don’t know if I have it or not How do we know the difference between? Staying in our comfort zone versus going beyond our capacity You’re only measured in terms of success by his investment in terms of contribution If he gave one man one towel and another man two talents in another man five talents He didn’t expect the man with one talent to produce ten but at least give me to The man who had two talents came back with four the man with five talents came back with ten The man with two talents came back with four the man with five came back with ten. Those are the same things. That’s a hundredfold The man with one came back with nothing Now the Apostle Paul says that when we compare ourselves with one another and so doing it is not wise Because we don’t have the same starting place So if I’m gonna make success predicated on what my neighbor had That is only fair if I started with what my neighbor started with Let me ask this What if I’m not clear about what I started with because I’ve heard you do this thing before – okay the advantage I have interviewing You because I have a library of things that you’ve said, I don’t think there’s been a sermon or by the way Yeah, so I am scared to death the upper hand But you do this thing alright as I saw him do this thing at a preachers conference once and he said I won’t I won’t Imitate your voice go ahead go ahead He has this really intense Mode there’s there’s a wide-open Bishop Jake’s and then there’s a very intense Very it’s it’s it’s many gears, but it’s equal intensity, and it’s terrifying but It was a it was it was a pretty a pretty big moment and you you say there’s nothing that I have that you don’t have I Have one mouth You have one mouth two ears You have two ears and you have the script if he as you went all the way to the toenails And I’m just being honest Bishop respectfully I was thinking that’s not true You have this mind and this ability and this voice even as a preacher who admires you so much There’s a part of me that goes I know the point is that God has given each of us a calling But I think a lot of us when we hear about the parable of the talents. We don’t know well Do I have one do I have to do I have five? I don’t want to get out there and do something stupid that I wasn’t meant to do, but I don’t want to You really hit on so the first thing I am in touch with myself in a way that a lot of people are not I’d owe me I dated me It’s funny but it’s true, I’ve dated me I know me you know when you date somebody use for them to see who they are Most people are so busy dating other people they’ve never dated themselves When god says to Adam the very first command God says to Adam is to be fruitful You can only be fruitful if you are seed full Okay, so we’re talking about the difference between fruit and seed Identifying your seed is what causes you to be fruitful The first revelation of seeds should happen in your family you should have parents who are looking at their kids looking for seeds I’m gonna give you my grandbaby story you asked for it. You’re gonna get it. You just own it So we’re in my church, and it’s dark in my grandbabies in there and a bunch of friends are in there We’re taking pictures, and I can’t find the light And I you know the lights are complicated back to you figure out how to turn I was tough on him and so we’re trying to get some pictures and so my Grandbaby ran, and she says wait a minute Paul. I’m gonna get a flashlight she went up under the Pew where we have hidden flashlights snatched down a flashlight and brought it over said I’ll take the pictures and So I said to her I said, baby Don’t you want to be kids II don’t you want to be in the picture she said no I don’t want to be in the picture. I want to hold the light That’s the seed right there That’s the see right there, so we came back to the house, and I was getting ready to take a picture And I’m trying to keep up with you Millennials You know it’s so hard, and I was trying to take a selfie and I was trying to I got a timer you know where you can back up because If you follow me on Instagram you know this is true And so I couldn’t get my phone to sit up And she she wouldn’t got some books and pumped it up and I said I told my daughter I said put her in leadership classes put her in management classes. She’s a problem solver That starts early Early early her instinct in a situation is to solve the problem. She says I don’t want to be in the picture I want to hold the light those are seeds, okay Directing that channel toward an area where you can cultivate what God has planted down inside of them is important It’s very very important There are people in this room that have dormant seeds laying inside of them that if they get in the right atmosphere They’re gonna turn into things you have never seen before They didn’t always have the benefit of parents who could see it or had time to see it or know how to see it But even as adults there are still seeds down and you that have not been touched yet. That’s what happened to Elijah He was fulfilling his parents vision Plowing in the field every boy was no farmer Just because you can run a plow that mean you’re a farmer But sometimes we get stuck in what people expect right? And we’ve never found out who we are because we’re living somebody else’s dream and so there He is plowing in the field doing what his daddy wanted going around and said I guess this is our life hands for me He’s going around and around in circles like many people are listening at me right now You go to work go to church. Go home. Go to work go to church go home Go to work go to church go home You’re playing around around a circle until Elijah passed by him, and then he was exposed to some the moment He was exposed to something greater. He dropped something lesser You understand what I’m saying That’s why Conversations like this are important because really I’m not throwing seeds. I’m throwing fertilizer and if it hits the seed it’s going to give birth to Companies and businesses and books and artistry and drama and all kinds of stuff That’s in this room that people never have given themselves permission to burn their plough yeah That’s what this book is all about Bester It is about I’m not against people working a job But we have entrepreneurs in a job and you’re frustrating the company and you Nobody likes you Don’t like you. Let me let me ask you this because Coaster scared or what up you really I think that’s a very treatable moment they don’t like you at Bishop Jake’s So true they don’t like you touch your neighbor and say they don’t like you No, I just want to clarify because it seems like entrepreneur is a Entrepreneur is a trendy title these days hear it more and more mm-hmm. It’s not a weird thing anymore It’s kind of sexy to post you know on my grind and you Know what do you think about that bishop because I would imagine that Generationally I know enough about how you grew up Maybe maybe people would like to hear a little bit about what it means to you What’s the essence of entrepreneurship to you your value system? Versus how you see it being portrayed culturally now especially in a younger generation Today when people say they’re on the ground they overslept they’re laying on the couch sugary cereal That’s what it means yeah. That’s what it means today. That is not what it meant in my day, and that is not What makes people successful I have had I? Have to be careful about even going down this road. I have been so blessed To get in the room with some of the most Incredible people on the planet. I had lunch the other day with the CEO of AT&T And we set for hours and hours talking and interacting with each other and became friends last Sunday I was invited to Oprah’s house as she launched her book and I’ve seen her behind the scenes and seeing how she Operates who she is in what she does pretty nice place? Instead of burden my plow when I came home, I started to burn down my house I Said I said it afire this year so lately I’ve Seen people who were on their grand I’ve seen Steve Harvey’s on his grand I’ve seen people on the grand What on the ground really is is a work ethic that would blow your mind? It would blow your mind. I’m 60 years old, and I’m everybody who works for me is younger than me And they’ll tell you I worked you up under the table. I worked you up under than baby. Where does that come from my father? My father absolutely my father is Rick. My let me take this chair is about to break My father sitting here my mother is sitting here and they’re fighting for the mic from moment to moment my grandmother talks to you every now and then all of my Ancestors are sitting on this table all the way back to Nigeria One that my ancestors were Evo’s from Nigeria and Evo’s are called black Jews that they’re industrious said they go after things that they’re Hardworking people so all the way back in my DNA We were chefs efficient Mm-hmm and all of them are sitting here folks whose name. I can’t even call so what we’re talking about is culture Okay, and now not racial culture family culture Where we’re the demonstration of what my father decided what Grandin was? You weren’t grinded your daddy said you were granted. Not you Take your hands out your pocket more like you gotta me about what the fuck they trained us not to be lazy, they talked about lazy like it was a disease I Mean like the worst thing you could be it was so worth it. You could be you know And two things to this day, I should say that in church church I could say this about you, so I was said in your church, and I’m gonna let you figure out almost now you get To things like to the stack came out stand is a stinking woman another lazy, man Like that said agree with their big eye Sister got to take a bath praise God. I said – gotcha she got the Proust of water here, then I talked about baptism I’ll give a brother a pass on the smelling good if he works hard but Don’t tell me you’re on the ground, and you’re and you’re not really on the grind Here’s the problem the Bible said Benjamin Jacob was dying laying in the bed talked about fathers to son he’s laying in the bed He’s dying, and he set up the Bible said Israel strengthened himself Notice that Israel strengthened himself set up in the bed and he said Benjamin Shove Ravin as a wolf In the morning he should have fire the prey and in the evening he should divide the spoils Notice the time caught there. Yeah in the morning you desire the prey while you’re young That’s the Thing I was talking about you see that Imagine what he has a steak knife crash? One lady jumped back three rows to sit In the morning I see a lady really sheared right here My mother was a schoolteacher. She was dramatic in the morning used to devoured the prey In the evening you should divide the spoils if you don’t devour when you’re young You’ll have nothing to divide when you’re old she ran away I Am scared to death the people who are young and said I just can’t figure it out I Haven’t made up my mind yet. I tried that I didn’t like I Don’t know I think you better Harry, right? Right you better shoot something right now right because youth goes quick right. I mean like it goes like a runaway slave Youth is about the ground railroad with here at Dublin. He gets away, okay, so these are things I would not The white birds liabilities urban with In the morning here me people in the morning devour something Throw your whole self at something You’ll never know what you can do and what you can be into you throw your whole self at it Devour it. I mean the very don’t try it devour it. It’s a kit Not a kit like you’re gonna kill It devour the prey and in the evening you divide the spoils we have it backwards today We want to divide the spoils in the morning So we’re blinging when we ought to be devouring See see see see don’t worry about whose name you wear When you’re young worry about your name God to Abraham, I will make your name great Yeah, I will make your name great. There is an old person down inside of you That’s depending on you to be smart It’s the person you’re gonna be 30 40 years from now Do not disappoint that person by being foolish through the strongest years of your life And then when your back is out of your leaves are swollen you can’t move around now You’re out there gonna get your grind on now You can you you you it is the message you tell yourself? I’m tired I can’t do that I don’t feel like what we we become what we say to ourselves again You will never win the Olympics talking about all night. I don’t feel like working out today But I feel like if I feel like it, I don’t do this because I’m not into working out I want I want to get the trophy I want the trophy but I don’t want to go through what it takes to get it you devour in the morning you divide in the evening and If you try something, and it doesn’t work, it’s okay try something else If my son said to me. He said daddy he said My baby boy. He said daddy. I’m going to school. He’s finishing up a four-year degree in musical engineering He said I think it’s the thing I want to do but he said it the banner or paper with me said but suppose I’m not supposed to smile Suppose, I throw everything at it, and it’s really not the thing and I leaned back over the table And I said don’t worry about it son if it is not the thing it will be the thing that leads to the thing okay Let’s go into that What’s been um In your life ministry or business What’s been a thing that led to a thing? I love the part in the book about viagra by the way. It’s in the book. You have to get the book It’s just an example You’re talking about coca-cola and other products that were discovered by accident Mhm I
Did that sometimes in doing something that fails you lead to something that you didn’t even know that was really the whole purpose all along absolutely alright So give us one ten twenty examples of those in your life things that you accidentally succeeded in Every everything in my life I stumbled into is that right I stumbled into I’d never thought I would be producing films My wife and I started out doing gospel plays and going on tour during gospel place we had no Intention that we were going to ever do movies We were trying to do plays and trying to figure out how to do that right and losing and losing money it went to Atlanta and and just lost our shirts for the first play and And in the process of stumbling around we finally figured out how to get the play kind of going Then I met this dude that I said, let’s collaborate and do it together and Madhu was a publicist my mom Tyler Perry yeah I heard about it somewhere. Yeah, yeah Tyler Perry was fresh out of sleeping in his car right, and I was fresh out of money And so we got together and collaborated and did a play called woman are loose and When we toured the country during one on our loose? And then we went to LA and did it and a guy named Reuben cannon was a naughty She’d never know who’s in your Audis footnote to preacher speaker singers anybody on the stage Never adjust your performance to the crowd Because you’d never know who’s in the crowd You never know always respect your audience with your best performance I don’t care if it’s three people one of those people might change the trajectory of your life So Reuben cannon was in the crowd and he saw the play and he said I want to make it a movie He said I want to make it a movie. I didn’t have bare mind it had my movie money Movie and money both start with the M for a reason you can say when you have one you got to have the other But he said something to me that becomes the way Business people think they don’t fail to do something because they don’t have the money He says we’ll raise some money Let’s do the movie listening to different attitude. I can’t do it cuz I don’t have the money. He doesn’t see money as an issue If you see it as an issue it’ll be a stop sign He says, we’ll raise some money so Cedric the Entertainer And I can’t remember who all over put some money and in different people cuz the money and it because he knew them Relationships are your greatest resource People who don’t like money don’t like resources because everything that’s not ever gonna come to you is gonna come to a person That’s why you gotta. Be careful. How you treat people because it’s not Guarantee that it’ll be somebody you like your friend. They won’t necessarily be your color, and they may not have your theology Okay, but God may use them to bless you You know the Ravens didn’t go to church, but they fed Elisha So anyway, so we put the money together We put the motor we put the money together, and we did this little low-budget film film woman Art Loosed and just sort of whim Submitted it to the Santa Barbara Film Festival and along the festival And all of a sudden a movie that we were gonna put on TV went to screen You see how you’re stumbling into it It’s it’s not always that you planned it, but if if you honor where you are with your best effort Even if it is not it it will lead to it So as you walk along you stumble into it. I was telling my church Sunday If you go to my stream and straight and stream our service Sunday You get to see a big ugly six foot two men start whimpering and lips start trembling Got you guys right here. I had no idea when I was pastoring in Smithers forty people 50 people father’s, West Virginia on Easter on Easter on Easter forty on a piece of rock Oh Easter, that’s gotten pregnant folks in the head members. We had about 50 people I Wasn’t I had no idea that the potter’s house was in me You stumble into yeah, but until you dignified the forty you don’t get the 40,000 The property today is that people are so busy going after the 40,000 that they don’t respect the 40 And if you don’t do your best with the 40 you won’t get to the 40,000 so all of my life I stumbled into relationships and situations and circumstances That I had no idea we’re going to happen in my life, but as you dignified the present with your attention? And like that to be present in the moment. I like that that is so important and sometimes I have to make myself do it because I’m such a planner. I’m so strategic I’m really pin years ahead of where the calendar is right now. I’m waiting on to catch up I Well, you are so strategic. That’s what blew my mind about you. I I thought you were just a cyborg Before I met you Do you know what I mean though? I thought you were just because of me I Thought I thought I thought there was this force of nature Bishop TD jakes was a force of nature and Some little things that I’ve seen some little things that I’ve noticed. There’s a um I thought I would use a prop bring me that Yeah, that one that one. This is from the book. I saw um Thanks, Jonathan See he didn’t want to come all the way up. He just stopped short bless like that. We’ll All of sin But I love the quote in the book you compare our vision to architecture mm-hmm And you talk about how if you plant it with a pencil mm-hmm, you can weld it with steel mm-hmm and that’s what surprised me about you because You’re so gifted There’s there’s no denying that when I saw The systems the structures the thought process that goes behind who you are it almost made me depressed Because I realized. Oh this isn’t magic You may have stumbled into it from one perspective, but from another perspective It was strategic stumbling at least you were trying to do something I let me interrupt you it leaves you stumble into it God gives you an opportunity and what you do with that opportunity is your gift to him got it Did you understand when God gives you an opportunity instead of just jumping on the opportunity? you’re supposed to see what it can be I Tell them all the time you know God God never made not one table. Yeah. I love this do this. This is this is good God never made a chair in all of his years of being God. He’s never made a chair. He’s never made a table he just made a tree and The rest of it was up to us, right? When God has you a tree imagine a table a chair? Imagine a wall and a room imagine a log-cabin Imagine what it can be? Imagine what it could be? Imagine what it could be? of mercy If he hands you a child imagine what it can be if he hands you a spouse imagine what he can be Without Your church is Rowdy they shout and stuff, okay. I didn’t know that I was out What did you think we did over here? This is Elevation Church To see him at university city look at university city So I’m in South Africa, and I’m on a safari and I’m Really like tripping out for this safari, and I’m out here with all of these big animals and stuff And I noticed the elephant is wound around the elephant is strong and he’s big and it’s tough and its powers and its weight They throw its weight around he throws his weight around what can you do with him because he’s so big God made him big as a defense the lion roars when he roars Everybody is almost paralyzed in fear Because God gave him his roar as his defense the cheetah says I can’t roar like that but I can run like the wind The cheetah food he goes running through the woods because God laid him able to run because that’s his defense The Eagle spreads his wings and soars into the air and says I can’t run, but I can fly God let dingo be able to fly because it was his defense and i’m walking around in the jungle and I said when lord I can’t fly like the eagle I Can’t run like the cheetah. I can’t roar like the land, and I can’t throw my weight around like the elephant What did you give man as his defense in the whole ecosystem of? Human of life force. What did you give me? He said I gave you a brain Your brain is your defense That’s why God didn’t make chairs He only brings it halfway, and then lets you imagine Collaboration develop you have to say well, I’m saying The problem with church people is that we are taught that God makes furniture So we pray and pray and pray and pray I Don’t do that like trees I Want you to look around your life for trees Not tables God’s gonna bring it within the reach of your mind and your creativity is gonna Take it the rest of the way, and it’s gonna turn into apps and it’s confirmed in the Apple phones And it’s gonna turn the computers Cisco turn into satellite systems in the heavens look at what all we were able to do lo other put no other creature No other species and send satellites up into the air created smartphones look at what we did You know my neighborhood got the song You know that the young people used to sing it stayed about, but they say shake your moneymaker yeah and they go to a Torch in you know yeah. Yeah, I Ain’t go, so yeah. I got a couple bowls like I say, but hey They they go to Turkey and I told my church the next time you hear that song play your moneymaker Don’t say nothing down here Take this with me As a man thinketh so Is he when? You start talking about the keiko strategic that I am God gives me raw elements, and I stared them I? Stared what I’ve been given like I stare at attacks mm-hmm. I preached the way I do not because of what I know about the text how long I stare at the text. I just stare at it It’s tearing it It’s tearing it. I look at my life. I look at my wife. I look at my kids. I look at my age I look at my stage. I look at my influence and I stare at it and imagine What it could be and I build my strategy from my stare Okay, I don’t have time to be gazing of what you’re doing God wish if I can help you you know, I will but I’m not over in your business I’m never gonna be over your business cuz every time you turn around. I’m staring at mine For this season for this stage for this age in my life, what can I do with what I have left? Your miracle is never in what you lost it is always in what you have left If you’re down to a handful of meal that’s all you need if you’re down to two fish and five loaves of bread That’s all you need and So when you start looking at what you have left stop grieving over what you lost? Because if you leave it at you or the lasted It might only be a part of all, but if it’s less the miracles always in what’s left so What can you imagine with that that woman that powder all would have never done anything if you didn’t pour it It would pour as long as there was capacity to receive So when you start talking about being strategic and this is gonna? Help you a whole lot for me once. I envision where I’m going then I can tell what I don’t need Talk about that you see If I pack to go on this trip based on where I was going I checked the weather I Looked at the places. I was going to speak and everything that I thought I would need for where I was going I put it in the bag and Anything I didn’t pack no swimming trunks Because I figured I wouldn’t don’t need them. Why do I load down my bag with things? I don’t need okay, I Want I want to? circumspectly with great precision Tailored my life down to the things that are necessary to get me where I’m trying to go Steven Mansfield who is the CEO of Southern Methodist hospitals this chain of hospitals throughout, Texas a multi-billion dollar corporation Healthcare is a business He also was the former president of the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce and as he moved out of office I was there incidentally I am the first clergy to ever be on the Executive Board of the Dallas Chamber of Commerce and there I am on the Executive Board they control all the wealth that comes in and out of our city and all the planning and All the preparations to be able to move the city of Dallas forward there I am in a room full of CEOs and executives, and I’m listening at them talk and I’m staring I’m staying I could tell a great preacher sitting in a crowd by how he stares while I’m preaching It’s all of a stair brother I’m steering and Stephen says something he says He said all of our CEOs know it is not where we’re trying to go that it’s the problem you can get great consensus from all of your staff on the gold and We spent all of our time talking about the goal of where we’re trying to go. He said that all of you CEOs know That’s not the problem. It is not where we’re trying to go that it’s the problem it is What are you willing to leave behind to get there? When he said that I ripped out my phone like I had the costume and I was I had both thumbs I very seldom use both times I had both from I was just a pecking at a pecking little bit is what? Are you willing to leave bad if you’re gonna soar? yeah, if you’re gonna soar you have to break a law to soar the Law is the law of gravity The Wright brothers had to figure this out That every time they tried to go up as occlude was right something kept pulling them down There are people in this room that every time they go after their dream something keeps pulling them down They want to open up a not for profit. They want to open up a healthcare They want to open up a home for unwed mothers. There’s some lovely good things. It’s not about being rich. It’s about purpose That they’re trying to do, but every time they try to do it that something keeps pulling them down There is a law that always wants to pull you down to where you came from Yeah, you came from the dirt, and where you came from will always call you back You have to escape the gravitational pull of where you came from And in order to do that you have to break through into a higher law the higher law is the law of Aerodynamics, but you have to break into it and why not leave the force for the reason I need the runway to get my engines ramped up It’s because when I come up against it And this is where young people make a mistake they underestimate the pull to fall backwards They saw planes take off and they said I can do that but they underestimate how much force it takes to break through the Gravitational pull that brings you back down so when they fall back down They give up on themselves, and they stop believing themselves whereas if you would just go faster at it And go harder at it. You break through the line of random P so Halloween you know Everybody has something that’s fun to pull you back to where you came Yeah, yeah And so when the Wright brothers built the plane in the book is built around the Wright brothers when the Wright brothers built the plane They built it in Dayton, Ohio, and they built it in a bag? There’s three old ladies over the corner there’s a babe hey Susan I didn’t see about uh They were in Dayton, Ohio and They figured out they built the first plane in a bicycle shop They couldn’t say to themselves well When I get what I need I’m gonna build a plane. We don’t have a manufacturer We don’t have any backing we don’t have any money and by the way we don’t even have a degree But none of that stopped them from building I wrote this book to people who don’t have what they need Okay, I didn’t really write the book – big time entrepreneurs cuz all of those books you’re talking about I Wrote this book to people with big dreams and little resources So bill your plane from a bicycle shop, and then they got it all built up in Dayton And then they figured out something and I could fight things I do in the book I cite examples of things that I did That succeeded or fell off of this next thing they said We have to move to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina There were two reasons one if it came back down it would fall in the brush, and the landing would be better and The second reason was the wind was right? There are times you can do the right thing in the wrong wind Okay Some of the things I’ve tried didn’t work because I didn’t study the trend I studied the plane But I didn’t study study the trend and the wind that’s necessary success has a lot to do with wind If Carlos Sanders came along today and started KFC today. He’d go broke Because today, we’re all worried about you know carbs and fat grams and all I’m a vegetarian We read little labels and all of their stuff, but he started his business at the time that women had just gone to work and Families were used to home-cooked meals His business solved the problem The stats say that people who go on the business because they want money are apt to go out of business 80% of the time people who go in the business who are Successful don’t want the business based on their needs they go on the business based on their customers need If your business or church or ministry solves a problem it requires less marketing You don’t have to talk me into wanting something I need But when I don’t need it you got to spend a whole lot of money talking me into subject So you want your business to be a solution in fact? You want your life to be a solution? Nobody sends for a problem. They only send for an answer If you’re feeling lonely, and you’re feeling rejected figure out how you can be an answer to somebody’s problem, and they’ll always invite you Because people invite answers they’ve repelled problems so when you come in the room giving problems It is the most unsexy thing you can ever do in the world. It’s true Somebody far less cute can get much further than you because they don’t moan and groan in the brain Really when people ask you how you’re doing. They don’t really want an answer We’re not serious Don’t say that well I’m doing fairly well But the Lea is hurting and my back is good having some time to time and when it rains my eye Starts twitching I got a little pain going all right here. It’s driving me absolutely crazy, and I just don’t know what the world I’m gonna do cuz I got a thumb nail world over here. Just say That’s why I didn’t wear the shoes. I want to wear with this Bring solutions bring Saline solution bring solutions as a person bring solutions as a business bring solutions as a ministry and you will always soar When’s the first time you saw yourself as a solution I? Wrote one an hour loose and I didn’t even know how to write 2020 somewhere in my twenties late twenties I Wrote the book in a PC Study Bible no pain Because I didn’t know what a word processor was So this there was a friend of mine named sir, Clifford Fraser who we were just getting into computers and stuff us old guys was getting 28, Oh guys. We just getting into it and And he said why did you write all of this in a notepad? He said it’d be so much better if you wrote it in a word processor. I said what’s that? I? had written almost the whole book in the notepad of a PC Study Bible So it wasn’t that I was proficient It was that I had heard the cry of women who were hurting sexually and emotionally Abuse who were hidden in our churches at that time and the church was ran by men who were deaf To the cry of the women and when I heard their cry I thought that there were biblical solutions to sociological and emotional issues and So I started trying to get him answer out and when I started teaching it it was a Sunday School class and More and more women came and more and more women came I didn’t know what’s gonna be a movement I didn’t know it was gonna be a book I did it first as a Sunday School class, and then I call Archie Denis, and I thought Archie I’m teaching this class and people are going crazy over it. I mean my church is fact that I just got like maybe 150 people 150 people meant some people were outside That’s my bicycle shop Never laugh at my best to the shop this fast not the day of small beginnings great things come out of small places a Woman Art Loosed came out of that best at the shop, okay Psycho aren’t you mad aren’t you said you should bring it – you should bring it to Pittsburgh? You know he had this big rich voice aren’t you Dennis used to sing from Billy Graham and more Sorrell? Oh, and all those people you’re despicable ooby’s face vegan – hits bag And so he announced that I was gonna bring it to Pittsburgh No, no He said see she says I’m gonna have you in Pittsburgh, and he says what do you call me, and I thought I don’t know I’m on the phone with him. This is exactly the way it happened. I said, I don’t know I Guess I’ll call a woman our losses for the Bible said I’ve called a woman our atlas He said okay, so he announced that I was gonna teach woman I lose like that and so many women came they had to move it out of the church into the hotel so I took the CDs from the from the Sunday School class and put it with thee they were the cat sets at the time and put it with the cats as Near the house and put it with the cats from Pittsburgh, and I had a to tape series And when I got ready to do the book I Can find a publisher that would do it? I finally found a publisher that would take my tapes in and and transcribe it into a book But when I saw what they did with with my answer. I got mad Because it wasn’t in my spirit They were saying what women ought to do is such a sense of what women are there. I went that was not my spirit so I on a desperation to protect the integrity of my spirit I started pecking And pecking and pecking and pecking and nobody would publish what I was packing So I told my wife see I’m talking about things that would stop you okay? Nobody wants to publish it the first person who did it did it wrong And it round got all of this all of this stuff crammed in the species Study Bible and I’m trying to pull it out and put it in a word machine and And and I told my wife I said nobody wants to publish it and if I publish it myself they want $15,000 $15,000 all the money. I had in the world We were saving that money to get our first house we didn’t even own our house And I was trying to get us a house And I said Sarita I said I want to publish this book and It’s coming that I have to drain our savings to do it She said that’s okay And so she agreed and we took the 15 thousand and we published the book And we got five thousand copies And I sold out in two weeks I think I’m finally a suit though. I needed one The lining had come out of my suit cuz she was washing it in the washing machine Because we couldn’t afford to go to the cleaners So I didn’t buy me a suit with it. I took the money and put it back in the business and published another fax I Had no idea that that book would end up selling over five million copies Be Translated into ten different languages He’d known to this day around the world in places. I have never been and it all started in my little bicycle shop So when I talk to you about the Wright brothers soaring and catching the right wing I’m talking to you about things I love that happen in my own life. I never let not having enough stop me from getting up When you mentioned it’s not where you want to go, it’s what you give up to get there What have you given up to get where you are that people in the room might be surprised to know? It reminds me of a statement that somebody asked Kathryn Kuhlman do y’all know who Kathryn Kuhlman in Kathryn Kuhlman was a woman preacher when women preachers weren’t cool And she was preaching in California to some people who still are cool And she was preaching in California and preaching for Full Gospel businessman Association. She was traumatic oh my god Come on it’s the romantic side of me, I do movies, so you don’t know what do you say so uh? They asked her how much did it cost to be who she was and she laughed she said simply everything darling Simply everything that was so true when you started talking about I Was walking through the airport when my ministry first started to explode I was so Distracted by the explosion that I didn’t see the damage An old preacher was coming through the airport an inch in Charlotte. Yeah, it’s just not available to Charlie is just there When you live in West Virginia if you wanted to go to heaven you there to go through, Pittsburgh or Charlotte And I was at the Charlotte Airport and a bit so official walked up to me, and he looked at me. She said he said oh He said you’ve lost something He said You’ve lost something that you’ll never be able to regain I said I said he said normalcy It took me about five years to unpack that simple conversation That you become a target by people who have never met you That they would say the most hideous things about you That your children would suffer from the things they wrote about you trying to get their points up in their their Nielsen ratings up that they would eat you for dinner and Saved the story until sweeps month and drop it because you had a big audience so that they could get big ratings and that my kids would have to grow up in the middle of all of that I Was distracted by the explosion But I would come to see the damage I would see it in the tears of my children the pregnancy of my daughter the pains of my son Holding my wife in tears And I would hold her in tears and preach faith and go home and lay down in a bed of fear I Said God where have you taken me? I’m taking this war costume, and I’ll throw it in free tonight tonight I’ma tell y’all nobody else can hear this just hush. I’ll be y’all go keep it me. He almost quit I’m a country boy. I’m from West Virginia. I don’t know nothing about this big-time stuff I just I never even asked to be big I Wanted to be effective not famous Famous is the consequences of being effective And I didn’t know nothing about being famous, and I didn’t like it and so there. I was and when you first knew Everybody attacks you first and figures you out later Because though we say you’re innocent until proven guilty the reality is you’re really guilty till proven innocent II I didn’t know that being M. I was young up starting you have to understand that you looking at 60 year old man But you’re talking about something that’s happening to a guy in his late 20s in little kids and the first time I was in The Washington Post The article was so vicious. It made me nauseous I Was so shocked that you could say that stuff about somebody you didn’t even know based on Assumptions and a little bit of this and a little bit of that big piece it all together And you don’t get the same thing back So I decided I don’t want this I was preaching from pastor Bishop Valley leaders And I was nobody Miller because preachers can override their feelings and function I had preached these places on fire, but inside. I want to quit I Told God I’m through with this. I’m not going through this. I don’t need this. I don’t see I don’t need that I’m a guy who likes to go get his own chicken wings I don’t have to have all of that stuff to be happy because I was raised with it I can make it you throw me an apartment right and Jimmy just says a little skill of a cast-iron skillet You know what I’m talking about It’s a visa South Okay So I’m not doing this no more. I’m not doing it. I’m not doing this I’m not doing this cuz I don’t need this and I didn’t ask for this I’m only doing this because of what happened in my life of the circumstances happening in my life He put me on stage. I didn’t ask for it and when I saw how much it costs I thought you have that right back here you have that right back up in here I don’t need it, so I was mad inside. I was hurt and I stayed up in the fellowship with the pastors because I didn’t want to go back to my room and sulk in my own sorrows And they said there’s a lady downstairs waiting to see you the service was over and the fellowship was over the pastor’s starting to leave I was trying out waiter I Thought she’d give up and leave And when I finally came down the steps she was there, and she was just a will and wee bit of a woman and She said Bishop Jake’s She said I’ve been in the hospital she said I Was pregnant in my fallopian tubes? And the baby died in my tubes and I was carrying around a dead Baby, and the toxicity from the baby almost killed me And she said the only thing that Kept me alive was Hear you preach She said if you hadn’t been preaching to me every day I Swear, I was bad And then she looked at me. She said it’s for us It’s not for them It’s for us It had me so hard I Didn’t even get her name I Kind of a car and crying. I’ll be back to my room because she’s remanded me why I was there I just left Last week when I text you I was up in Baltimore in DC And I was doing a book signing and this one we came up to the table to Mysore she said you don’t remember me to you I Said no she didn’t even look like to say first. She’s all dressed up it gained weight She said I would say she said I met you in the bottom Madonna means Church years ago, and I burst into tears I Lost it. I stopped the sign, and I jumped up another if it were not for that woman When you talk about what it costs I’m good my southern stuff Matt yeah Simply everything What being a public figure does to you everybody has an opinion about everything what you wear? Whether you shave your hair or not what you look like you gain weight. You’re fat. I mean they say anything to you And what has to happen to survive it you have to get tougher? Not leaner Tougher tougher what’s the difference mean? It’s when you lash back in because in a fight like that if God would turn me loose I could hold my own I could hold my own in a street fight You Have to delete it cuz I swear I Could put a little paint off the wall, but you don’t believe You should release a book things. I almost tweeted But when I say tougher your resilience and your resistance to the irrelevance of Things that have nothing to do with your destiny our satanic distraction yeah So move you away from where God has placed you and you can’t be I did when I do a pastors conference and I still Q&A because I like to do clear night cuz I Like to talk to you And then they start asking me questions and stuff generally somewhere along the nights of my school come up Just tell me about your schwitters somebody who’s saying something bad somebody who hurt him like that, but when I’m talking to CEOs Incredibly successful people when I’m talking the presidents and Kings From around the world I’ve sat across from and talked to when I get a chance to be in the room with Executives and corporate executives and stars who name if I would listen here everybody would know them They’re never talking about what people said Because they have developed the toughness that Is necessary to survive can I say one more thing real quick from say you say here a lot of more things see I took my son up to the Rock of Gibraltar my baby boy was with me and His mom and I took him to the Rock of Gibraltar because we were on our way to Africa and we stopped over in Spain went to the Rock of Gibraltar and The guide took us up to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar for all the battles were fought and all of the enclave’s are filled with a outpost where you could defend the southernmost tip of Spain before he faces the northern tip of Africa and There as we went up spiraling up to the top of the mountain the higher you went Or monkeys, and they were jumping all over the cars and everything and the guide said to us. He said you know in certain seasons It gets so cold up here that when the monkeys first migrated up here in the winter their tails would freeze off That’s how cold it was he said, but eventually when they started birthing their babies they were born without tails Because they had adapted to their environment That’s what I mean about toughness If you are exposed to it long enough You’ll freeze your tail off It’s amazing Tweet that everybody So I got blessed as sore throats my tail off But if you to those of you however you define soaring and success Successor you might be raising two great kids Successful you might be open on the up a spa Successful you might be opening up a home fun with mothers or it might be a corporate office on Wall Street If you don’t freeze your tail off You won’t be able to expand what success costs You have to free Your tail off And I can tell that a lot of people are not ready CeCe when I first start writing this book. I thought I was writing That entrepreneurship was about a business and a company and an address in a location And getting a building or facility or starting and Ecore from your laptop or something like that But when I got to write in it while I was right there not when I started I was right I realized it was a mindset It’s a mindset, it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s the way you think about things. That’s it’s it’s taking controlling your destiny See if I come to work for you, and I would if I come and work for you. You bought it. Oh. Yeah, I Can teach your son? Yeah, let you have the problem You can decide what you’re gonna pay me as an employer to an employee But you can’t decide how much I’m gonna make We have turned our income over into the hands of somebody who has no vision for our need Okay You can pay me whatever you think I’m whatever you think the job is worth But you can’t pay me what I’m worth. You can’t afford me, so I can have only these multiple streams of income to subsidize your limitations, right? because if I if I have an entrepreneurial spirit I am NOT limited like an eaglet – waiting for the mother bird to drop food in my mouth being an Entrepreneur means that I have lifted up into the air and found my own wings You know I’m so glad you said that because I don’t think you’re talking about claiming our rights as much as taking responsibility for our own lives yes This is exactly how we talk on the phone Most the time it sticks, and he will take something that makes me get corporate tunnels Trying to take back to me cuz it’ll be just long Exhausting book then I’ve got to send back to this answer because he he thinks so deep You can tell how deep a person thinks about how they talk he thinks so deep in this and so you’re just over here just eavesdropping tonight on a conversation we would have whether you were there or not do you like The It’s about taking control of outcomes it’s about not allowing your destiny to be controlled by your circumstance or your situation it’s about getting a vision for where you want to be as your life with your family with your children and Setting a goal and dropping off things that are not relevant to where you and trying to go So that you can focus on. What is necessary? So that you can have some spoils to divide so that you can send your kids to a college So that you can figure out where you want to live when you’re old and how you want to die This is not about diamonds and gold and Rolls Royces Unless that’s what your vision is this is about choosing where you want to go if it’s a cottage in the hills of West Virginia in a log cabin and you want to die with chickens in your backyard. That’s your business It’s all I see it’s your business. It’s a business. It’s your thing do what you wanna do Okay, so so when you now whenever preachers start talking about anything other than preaching religious people just You know, but let me tell you something the reason I must do this Because I serve our people who have a prayer list full of things that God doesn’t do Half of the things they’re asking God to do his tables and chairs, and he does trees If if they could catch what I’m talking about we could go to praying about stuff that really matters Yeah about the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of our God another’s Christ we can start praying about North Korea And what’s going on over there in the middle Z. We can start praying about things that would change the world about cleaning up the air and Cleaning up the water and leaving this planet better than we found it we can start praying about things that will change the world the way we interact with people we can start praying about things that brought black out of people’s lawns and Delivered them and set them free – recall skate I’m trying to play it about with and house payments and car payments and school meals and college tuition Doesn’t do that you do that Masu Red’s awareness time to soar It’s time to show I Believe I can touch the sky, Oh sweetie think about it every night and day spread My wings and fly away We’re gonna give trouble how to leave a can Couple to go overboard You got an open door and having arrived Do you really They’re absolutely the most time ago Yeah, well I was gonna say, I don’t know I don’t know what your schedule is like I don’t want you to become an entrepreneur by accident by staying too late missing work, and then needing to start your own company But but no I feel like one thing I really wanted to make sure that you that you talked about is the cost of hesitation because This is a this is a very tactical book. Oh, you’re saying We won’t be much longer and we want to thank again Everybody who’s online and want to encourage everybody to get the book because I think you’d be surprised how you know Bishop Jake’s is a ninja and so it’s from laughing about Oreos and I Even brought some Oreos yeah, because there’s When you win But you know there’s there’s the example of Innovation you talk about them. I love this line innovation isn’t just changing the flavor. It’s changing the form Whatever, that’s so good Just say stuff like that like that would take me 30 more years to think of that line, and it’s just as whoa But-but-but what I wanted to mention is these are so many tools? It’s very tactical on one level very inspirational a lot of great inspiring prose and then get into some things that Will really help you to do it in real life, and not just you know yeah, I was thinking Jonas plans I wanted to get into Grants and foundations and concepts and real meaty stuff that I don’t get to get into and suddenly it’s all in here yes It’s in there. It’s in the because because because this is something that we do in church that I think is dangerous We inspire people right? Every Sunday morning trying to we inspire them everything I see you doing don’t front it with a lot of it But if we inspire people we don’t inform them for Monday Then they’ll just come on Sunday to get high Okay, and I thought On me a way To get beyond preaching everything’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright Every Sunday, it’s gonna be alright. It’s gonna be alright, and show you how to make it alright Show you how to make it alright. Yeah, you talked about the cost of hesitation you Can’t understand hesitation if you don’t understand rhythm I Thought I never thought I was gonna be a preacher. I was gonna be a musician. I started playing the piano It’s hard for us to believe that you never thought you’d be if I did and then one time you said that you didn’t ever Felt like you were a good preacher Lord no that’s why I preached so hard cuz I didn’t think I was very good. I said well at least be our That made me cry when I heard you say that by the way I feel who are gifted cannot see See I can see him I can see you I can see the lights I can see the carpet I can see the table I can see the world the only thing I cannot see in the room is me And when you are gifted you are when you are truly gifted you are blind to yourself So it makes you ask questions like who do men say that I am You’re vulnerable to the voices around you you have to be careful who you have around you because you You can walk off the stage and want to slit your wrists because you can’t see whether you had any effect at all that’s the truth and be careful who you have around you because they reflect they become a mirror and If the person around you has an agenda they’ll distort the image of who you are anyway So I was thinking you know This this watching at home, it’s turning Around and around the time It’s imitating the solar system because everything is turning we don’t feel it, but the earth is turning It’s moving around The Sun is fluid everything’s moving Everything is moving when I went to the Wailing Wall In Jerusalem the rabbi’s stood at the Wailing Wall, and they were rocking back and forth Because they understood that in order to reach God. It’s a symbol of understanding Movement that that blood is moving through my body while I’m sitting here. It’s moving. It’s moving It’s moving if I have an emergency they feel my Pulse of pulses a rhythm a rhythm a rhythm everything is a beat as a rhythm as a rhythm and the rhythm who Determines days and evenings and seasons and Suns. It’s a rhythm. It’s a rhythm It’s a rhythm everything is a rhythm and when Christ came he came in rhythm and the fullness of time In the fullness of time he comes in a rhythm everything is done in a rhythm so God says the day you hear my voice Do it in the rhythm heart not your heart? Because there is no guarantee that you can do later what you can do today You got to do it in a rhythm you got to do it in a rhythm when you hesitate You break the rhythm It’s the same thing that a nurse is feeling for when she grabs your wrist, she’s checking the rhythm The rhythm is a sign of your health It’s the rhythm is off the heart is off If the heart is off beat bad enough they have to do something to it to get it back to its rhythm Because it being out of rhythm affects everything else in the body If we didn’t have our children when we had our children at the time we had our children We would have broke the rhythm everything has to be done in a rhythm Business has to be done in a rhythm a woman’s body operates in a rhythm Before we had all of this fancy stuff people controlled Chalmers by rhythms and cycles and systems And that’s why the woman is so akin to the heart of God because she has cycles and Cycles are systems and cycles reflect the universe and God is a God of rhythm and everything so when God said let there be everything start beating and beating and beating in a rhythm God has got a rhythm, and if you’re gonna walk with God you have to get rhythm and when you hesitate you break the rhythm What I’m saying There is nothing worse than dancing with somebody who don’t have rhythm There’s nothing worth. It makes you wanna back off the stage What about my says it looks like they’re dancin to the words? Not the beat Ha ha ha the beat the beat to beat the beat the beat the beat the beat The beat the beat the beat so Pete – Pete – Pete – Pete – Pete Pete Pete Pete You break the rhythm and What would have flowed? Is now off? The enemy comes to break the rhythm So when you talk about hesitation you’re really talking about Satan Because he’s a rhythm breaker He can’t stop God from gifting you Calling you Blessing you he cannot He cannot even curse you because God has blessed you The only way he can sabotage you is to get you to Break the rhythm When you do break the rhythm you have to repent You have to repent not just because of sin you have to repent because you miss the rhythm to do the right thing I’ll show it to you this way. Yeah, Samuel lays down on the bed and he says and His voice say Samuel and he gets up and runs to Eli he said did you call me Eli says I called Li Not lay down and give me ladies time again Samuel he goes Eli didn’t call it The third time Eli perceived That the Lord has called He has missed the rhythm three times He says, but this time when you lay down say to him God If you call me again, I’m ready Somebody in here you’ve missed the rhythm There are some things that should have happened five years ten years three years six months ago Do you hear what I’m saying to you, but all hope is not lost Go back it laid out again And say if you called me again If you just give me one more chance I Will go to slash. I will go to Eli I won’t go to humanity I will go to my fear or my doubts or my shame if you just called me again. Give me one more chance this time Lord There is a timing factor on Everything and every time we break a rhythm it has consequences Can I show you one thing is it kind of shocking but imma fill it out here? God did not intend for us to reproduce in our old age Children Because he wanted us to be here long enough to take care of them so when God gets ready to shut down the factory He’s shutting down the factory so that the child will not be uncovered Now through medicine we have jimmied the lock and broke the rhythm So that you can be an 80 year old man and have a 2 year old son Now you might have a lot of fun, but it breaking the rhythm the son pays the consequence Because by the time he figures out what to ask you That’s the problem with rhythm it’s not just about you Everything else is dependent on the beats Everything around you is affected by the beat and even though you can create things that will break the rhythm for your own pleasure In so doing you run the risk of creating someone else’s calamity Because the rhythm was developed so that everything starts at a certain time Everything goes down at a certain time because God is not just looking at you. He’s it’s for us It’s for us when God gives you your next opportunity move If the woman with the issue of blood had hesitated she would have bled to death Because Jesus was not coming to her. He was passing by Rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm rhythm, and she says if I could just catch the beat If I could just stop weak, but if I could just if I could just kiss the beat It’s gonna take all of my strength to get there But I gotta catch you cuz he’s not breaking his rhythm he’s not breaking his rhythm he’s still moving I got to catch his rhythm so she had to crawl to catch his rhythm she said But if I can just catch his rhythm the miracle is in the rhythm And so she had to crawl it about says she pressed her way and the way she did even got up to speed and said She kept encouraging herself if I could just touch If I could just touch if I could just touch this rhythm I’ll be made whole by Bartimaeus was sitting by the holiday side Baby, let me stop There is one thing I know we’re running out of time, but I want they said no no I Was on a flight they got stuck on the runway And I tell you We said on the runway so long That it took all the scriptures I could think of Not I tried to talk to myself I said you were sitting at the house, and then you got in the car. You were sitting in the car And they drove me to the airport, and he was sitting in the airport And now he’s sitting on the plane. Why are you so irritated? You’re gonna sit anyway And I said when you if the plane were to take off he’ll be sitting and when you landed You’d go get in the car So you can sit and you get me kind of sitting the car So you go to the hotel and sit so what are you mad about I? Think my frustration was I was sitting in a place of movement The agony of life Is to sit in a place of movement you spoke a hesitation, but the word that leaped in my spirit that I wanted to leave with you is frustration I Think that there are people in this room. Yeah, who are frustrated yeah? And you try to make yourself feel content, and you feel guilty that you’re not content And you say that I ought to be thankful for what I have And like me you’re trying to use rationale to Put up with the situation that You’re not called to and What keeps needling you is I? belong I belong up there And yet, I’m stuck right Here And there you are in a place of movement watching other people take off And wondered what in the world is wrong And you ring the bell and say what excuse me We’ve been sitting we are the peanuts They don’t have no more Diet Coke in it the potato chips are stale. Can we go? That frustration is God nudging you That he has placed you in a position of movement, and if you are not moving something is broken And I want you to understand this there are people Who stay on the ground and they’re happy to be there? Because they never imagined themselves in the air But you are not one of them You go To the airport with people who love you But when you get to the checkout point they can’t go beyond it because if you don’t have a ticket you can’t go beyond that point Some folks you have to leave behind that you love Because they have not paid the price to go to the next dimension Yunso mercy Don’t you get on the one-way now and get stuck on the runway and tell yourself It’s all right. It’s not all right Because you belong in the air whatever there. He is And I Want it to right you know when you get about my age you get all? nostalgic and stuff and you want to leave something behind that matters I Didn’t want to be one of those people who flew and never taught flight Most of the people I’ve seen who ever did anything never told anybody how they did it and I thought I said I got here by God’s grace. I promised him everything you teach me. I’ll teach you Everything he showed me. I’ll show it Everything I learned I’ll pass on to somebody else There’s somebody Watching on the campus or streaming or sitting in the balcony or sitting out here in front of me right now You got a dream You got a vision I Won’t like to ISKCON cost you everything You all hurt in places. You didn’t know you could hurt and you have a thousand chances to give up, but don’t do it Keep on moving I tried to leave some tips about who you need around you so that you can pick your associates more carefully because it does have something to do with your success I Tried to speak to your need to have a rhythm So that you cannot lounge around here and let this moment pass you by You are not as young as you think you are You don’t have as long as you think you have it takes longer to settle something big than you think You thinking in days I’m talking in decades You don’t have many If you don’t do it now She’ll never do because you may not ever see that cycle Come back again the only reason Saul wanted to kill David Is that he was mad because he missed his turn Touch everybody you can reach and tell them do not miss your turn Vista PD Jake’s everybody Your job be the one phrases When you go to work, or you go home? Or you go in the mall or you go someplace And you run into somebody who heard this so read the book or you follow the study guide Incidentally sounded Spanish as well and you run into another Eagle somewhere at the checkout counter Just look at him go Thank you for joining us for today’s special presentation If God is using this ministry to impact your life join us in reaching others by investing today you can give at elevation church org /give or By downloading our app and selecting give and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more bonus teachings like this one


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