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    So here is the template download link, the Elementor Pro link, and a link to get 57% off of web hosting.
    Download The Template: https://www.dropbox.com/s/w9gvryg1efwf69f/digital-ocean.json?dl=0
    Elementor Pro https://www.wpcrafter.com/elementor-page-builder
    Web Hosting: https://OrderNewHosting.com
    GeneratePress: https://www.wpcrafter.com/gp-addons

  • Rodney Livanze

    This builder is just amazing great potential here. Please do more of this kind of tutorials, especially focusing on re-designs or design thinking. Once again, Thank you. You have no idea how these tutorials are helping us!

  • Aman Pathak

    Awesome video Adam! Thank you so much. This will help all of us a lot!
    Would you consider making a must have top 10 plugins for every wordpress site?

  • Jennifer Eileen

    Hi. Been waiting for this!!! Remember??

    Will this work easier for me than the tesseract I am trying to use? I have my site & domain!


    how to develop complete wordpresss theme and sell it on themeforest this is my dream and want to make some money i have been 2 years on internet but not make money i have watched your all videos but still could not develop a theme

  • 4ivar

    Subscribed! I freelance to make websites and I love your inspiration on how to use Elementor.

    QUESTION: Which is your favorite source of web designs (inspiration)?

  • Des Murtagh

    More informative video Adam. Great to see a site being created in 'real time' with Elementor Pro and witness some frustrating moments when you have back tract on input settings. Happens to me all the time along with talking to myself in order to discover the right answer!!!

  • Alan Snider

    Great video Adam, I would like to see more like it. It is a great help watching you use Elementor to build various pages and have you go through all the little details that would take us hours to find and fix. Thanks a bunch

  • Adrian Monjes

    Hi Adam. Thanks for another great video! As user of Beave Builder, I always use Beaver Builder as the gold standard to compare page builders.

    Right now it looks like Elementor has more advanced design options than Beaver Builder. with that in mind, I have a couple of questions:

    1. Does Elementor utilize short codes like Divi or is it more like Beaver Builder where all page content remains intact if the plugin were to be disabled?

    2. Under what circumstances would you choose Elementor over Beaver Builder?

    3. Where does it rank in terms of popularity among page builders?

    Any insight you can share would be great. I do plan on using the GeneratePress/Elementor combo for an upcoming restaurant site i'm designing.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thomas Nox

    Hi Adam,

    Thank you for this precious information.

    I have a few questions :

    1 Does Elementor provide with advanced parallax options and parameters such movement direction, speed, zooming effects, etc ?

    2 Does Elementor support multilayers parallax ?

    Thanks for your help !


  • Chris C

    HI Adam can you recommend a simple stable email marketing service? So many choices with pros and cons. Should I avoid 'contact-based' in favor of 'list-based' if I need to segment lists? Do I also need a lead capture tools plugin like ConvertPlug for example to use with an email list service?

  • Yannick SANS

    Hi Adam from France. I can't find what font for firefox… This extension seems no more exists… can you send me the right link to this … thanks . i love your video

  • Be Updated

    Really Great work I have another option for generate pro ,also Its Free from wordpress download Blank Slate plugin….it will blank all ur page

  • Samy Mavanga

    can you help me how to make a streaming live on a wbsite in wordpress? please I 'm using wise-church theme and there is a section where there is live strem but I can set it plese your advise i'm one of your favourite follower on youtube your tutorials had inspired me to become a wordpress fan as now I love elementor, I though before that divi was the best of all but since I have followed your tutorial about elementor I became addicted to it, thank you go on help people like us

  • Chas X

    So how does Elementor behave when you uninstall it? Does it leave a mess of shortcodes?
    Also I am looking for a good builder to deal with the loop of articles in the blog pages,thanks

  • Susan Preston

    Bought it using your link. The coupon code was not here, but hey, it is very reasonable for what it is can do.Turning off in a minute or two but wanted to thank you, as always for excellent guidance.Elementor (free) improved my website, looking forward to new features when I work out the pro version. (Put on a countdown timer already.) Phew, not bad for an old lady 🙂

  • Nathan Chapman

    Adam, I want to create a website that gives the public the ability to add video and audio posts, any ideas? Also, given the growing popularity of podcasts would you consider doing a website tutorial on building a podcast website?

  • omer cohen

    (12:51)hello wp crafter i am a huge fan of you i would like to know how can i make that first image that you insert to page
    with all that moving things inside it .i would realy be happy if you can direct me to that software that makes it or whatever.
    keep on the good job

  • Manolis Votsis

    Hi. Thank you for the great tutorial. I just have one question. How can I create a menu which is on top of an image, just like in the elementor.com page?

  • Shahzad Haider

    Can anybody help me? How to reduce/increase , or resize a section width? (No stretch section) in Elmentor Pro

  • Billy Keg Sangre

    ..hello, adam… it's folks like you in the nether world of cyberspace that give digital technology a good name when it comes to teaching all us "non-techies" out here how to build a presence online using the various website / blog tools like Elementor… you rock…!

    …I did try Elementor one time but decided to stick with the SiteOrigin builder plugin for some sites i built for friends, but since discovering your most excellent videos on Elementor i decided to give it another try… i have a two monitor setup so it makes it easy to following along as you go through the different steps of using the Elementor editor…

    …thank you for a great instructional video, but most of all, thank you for being a great human being in sharing your knowledge when it comes to this website / blog building stuff…! you are inspirational in your approach to teaching – keep up the good work and may your fingers never get tired of dancing on the keyboard creating great teaching videos…!

    carl in edmonds, wa [just an old retired dude] 🙂

  • oaxaquita03

    Hi! I am trying to get elementor, but it requires 5.4 PHP and the theme I have is gantry theme, and i do not know if it well work fine after i upgrade PHP in go daddy. please help

  • deniz kılıç

    thanks for this great tutorial. i really like this, can i use it for ecommerce?
    Is Elementor works the same way in all themes?
    which theme would you recommend for ecommerce site?

    Can I use Elementor and the regular page building style together thanks

  • George Reynolds

    At a risk of appearing dense, I want to know how to use the landing page I created………how do I "load " the page so that it appears instead of the old one when I bring up the web site? Thank you kindly

  • Magic11

    Hi I'm new to this and it's quite confusing. I assume I need to have a WordPress account first but according to WP I need to have a hosting account first and in your video you already have WP before adding hosting?

  • PoisedbyLiyah

    How do make this the page new subscribers see when they sign into your email list? Or even the first page on your website?


    Hi – love the video tutorials – at the beginning of the video you inserted an image in the second column which was dynamic with navigation to the bottom and dynamic slide bars – is there a reference on how to make one similar image from scratch,

  • RKF Search Results

    When I use the search function widget in Elementor, how do I target the page results to an Elementor page vs the Generate Press theme?

  • Edward Bonthrone

    Thanks for great video. I see you chose GeneratePress theme. My question; Am I right in thinking only certain themes work properly with landing page software like Elementor? Im asking as with my theme, when i make a page I don't see any means to hide certain aspects like I see in your video like Disable Elements or Sidebar Layout etc. Thank you 🙂

  • Shashank Wandhe

    I m using site origin theme … den i saw ur video and started using elementor …. when m imoporting templet directly … my menu bar goes off … and n i want multipage site … so menu bar is important for me … pls help …

  • H.V.P.

    I am trying to make an external link with a button or a picture but when I click it dont take me there. Is this because I am in maintenance mode? What do I need to do to make this work please.

  • Nils Jørn Jørgensen

    Hello, how would you compare the pagebuilders in Newspaper 8 and Elementor? Can I use Elementor in Newspaper 8? And can I make the same structure with Elementor as in the Newspaper 8 theme?

  • LogozRUs Branding

    You Are The Man!!! You make Everything WP related Seamless! Thanks Adam. I'm working on that Website Live Template for Selling Website/Design to customers this weekend. Thanks again for the Sub-Domain Creation Tip. Blessings-Don

  • yash bhandari

    Hi thanks for the tutorial. But could you please guide how to make the site live , i mean even after clicking the save button I dont see the new changes on my website. Only in the elementor editor 🙁

  • Supermason3000

    Hi, I am using Elementor in WordPress with an Eduction Hub Theme. I am having a situation where I keep getting an error message where it states that "the call_funtion" was not called. I build out my home page first then I make my home page the static page and attempt to view it by clicking on the link. I see nothing but the header and the footer with my navigation and non of the changes for the entire page. What can I do to fix this so Elementor is working properly? I need this fix for work.

  • Jennifer Herrington

    I have a question…hope that it makes sense. I have no experience in building websites & i'm still trying to figure all this stuff out. I'm using shopisle theme to create my online store. My idea is to have an online store with a blog/website. I know you have suggested & made video's about other themes but do you think shopisle is a good theme to work with & a good theme to use elementor page builder with ?


    Thank you for your quick response, Lovely. Question you talked about going to up something to find pictures or ? Didn't write it down Have to say you are the 4th YouTube maker for WordPress I have been on and really like what you do and how you do it. I sent an email to one YouTube WordPress guy who I was in the middle of making my site with and he never answered. I got so frustrated I quit trying for over two weeks.

  • mike meek

    Hey Adam, can you make a video showing how to make the new header of the newly redesigned digitalocean website? i had lots of issues recreating the new header and homepage. Can you please illustrate on that? Thanks

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