How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2019)
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How to Build a WordPress Website from Scratch (2019)


  • Kelley Stok

    Thank you for your videos! I am just starting my first blog and had no idea it was so confusing until I sat down and started lol. Your videos have really helped me set up things in my blog that I could not figure out! Looking forward to more videos!

  • Bill Gannon

    One of the most vexing (or annoying) things about working with WordPress is an easy way to eliminate or style the default header and footer. You don't deem to have either, but, I can't see that you touched on it in the vid. Otherwise, nice job.

  • Lesley Smith

    Thanks for this video. It's very helpful. Is there anyway to remove the black overlay from the header image. It seems like some of the sample sites that you mention at the beginning have managed to remove it. I did have a google, and found some css code. But I'm reluctant to use that without a child theme. Do you have any videos on how to set up a child theme? Many thanks

  • Alexander Brown

    Super easy video to follow Martie and many thanks for the step bt step guide. I notice there is quite a white space gap between the menu and the body content. Is there anyway to reduce this space? THANKS

  • Cindy Anthony

    I am loving this video so far, I didn't realise it was so easy to install it! I was stuck on the wordpress website on installing it!! So just the beginning part is great already. 🙂

  • ION7

    Very easy-to-follow info Martie! 🙂
    I've just embedded an audio file using soundcloud. Just wondering if there is a way I can record directly onto a webpage using soundcloud – I want to be able to create the waveform in my recording so it corresponds with the original recording. Tnx.

  • Sean Davies

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