• Michael Ryan

    great tutorial, the best I have seen so far.  A lot of the tutorials start "in the middle"  so a newbie has to know wordpress in order to learn wordpress like the rest of the internet culture often does. 

  • Frank Valle

    Martie…everything I had to say, is in the *Fransoise Louijac comment…I have a quarter of the training still, I am at 46:22 right now, and have learned a ton, im building my site as we speak and with your permission I would like to add this tutorial they way you showed us here, so many people have been helped with just an hour of your time…thank you so much… 

  • kenlyonM

    Got as far as paying and awaiting activation but after over two days decided to cancel. I wrangled with 'support' but lame excuses about being busy and backlogs failed to impress. Even links they provided would not let me log in to cancel so I'm expecting automatic refund after 48 hours. Host Gator needs help. Not Recommended!

  • Vasilis Symeou

    I reached the point of 13:58 and waited for 4 hours and then 24 hours and nothing happened the website is not found! even though it says the usual congratulations…

  • Vasilis Symeou

    also the HostGator Live chat seems pretty useless, can not connect to a representative. With a permanent estimated waiting time of 30 minutes

  • Def0cused.Art

    Hi, please advise:
    i have already created wordpress account without buying a domain. They offer buying a domain through their website, so shall i go for that or what is the difference?

  • Belinda Trapnell

    do I just need to be patient? I have recently transferred my domain from yola to hostgator and started a hosting plan (a couple of weeks ago). When I click "HERE" it keeps taking me to a page that says my domain is pointing to yola. Any advise? I have messaged hostgator and yola for their help as well.

  • Ray Johnson

    Thank you so much for making it easy for us to understand.  do you have any more videos that cover other things regarding building a website?  once I started looking around in wordpress there is a lot still probably most of us don't understand.  thanks again though for helping this ole guy get up and running on the web! 

  • Vasantray Vachhani

    Simply amazing how a website can be created! I thought I need to learn HTML, CSS etc to construct a site. But it is no so.

  • 808Wood

    Flat out full on outstanding tutorial m8.You should teach. Easy to follow comprehensive just what I needed.Seriously outstanding.Thank you.

  • adam francis

    This really is a GREAT tutorial. As others have already said, you make it so easy to understand. I've been fearful of WP for years because I'm not amazing on the coding side of things, but after watching this – I'm in!  Thank you.

  • Michael Frazier

    Martie, You are without a doubt the BEST tutor I have seen on the web.  I am very particular about how information is delivered.  You definitely have the correct approach.  Thank you. 

  • Shizzan Nawab

    hi i recently saw your video and tried creating a website online.
    however i think the whole User Interface of the wordpress has been changed.
    it looks completely different from the one which u have shown in the video..
    please help i am not able to create a worpress site. 

    [email protected]

  • s raj balan

    Hi . explained very nicely.

    I need little piece of information



  • hiker224

    I got my website set up, thanks to you!! I have more to work on it and am looking forward to checking out your other videos. Thanks! I just did this in April 2015 and thing that was different was the TinyMCE plug in, for the widget icons, did not show up in my appearance area even though the plug ins showed that I installed it.

  • Owen Focke

    you are an extremely generous individual! You have gained a subscriber and a fan! Best of luck with your career!

  • Mike Lewis

    This tutorial is totally brilliant!  I have relied on others to build my websites for as long as I can remember and have always been frustrated that I had no control over anything about those websites.  After watching your tutorial, I not only 'get it', but I'm actually excited about doing it!  I never, ever thought I would say that.  Thank you Martie, you are a STAR!

  • Ernesto J Hernandez

    Thank you so much for this tutorial.  I am following it step by step and for the most part, everything is going well except the home widgets where the changes I made are not showing up.  Am I doing something wrong?

  • G P

    Have no clue how someone could give this a "thumbs down"?!?!  Before this video had ZERO clue how to make a website, now I'm well on my way to the professional website I had in mind!  Many thanks!!

  • Thomas Oxford

    This was unbelievably helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do it, very Robin Hood;-) You can check out the website you helped me build at www.learnabcwithtom.com

  • Radical Patriotic Conservative.

    thanks for this dude.. i have been wanting to get into creating niche websites for passive income, but i was clueless on how to make websites.. seeing this just made me realise how easy it can be! 🙂

    can you do a video about how we would put ads on the website to monetize it? i myself would really like that and im sure plenty of others would also.

    thank you!


    this is really a great video. I am trying it out step by step but I am waiting on Hostgator, they really slow working.
    I first registered a domain name but it said it was taken so i tried a second one and it wouldn't allow me to proceed further. So after two phone calls one at 38 minutes and second at 42 minutes I finally reached a tech. He did help but told me had to wait for an email telling me the site is ready to be online. Only thing is now my account still reads with my first domain i tried to register(which was unavailable) and i do not see the second domain but the tech insist that its there. so i am waiting on this email and hopefully i can continue to explore this step by step tutorial.

  • Varron Gambo

    Really appreciate what you have done but the one thing that irked me was the way you spelled "J Z" its Jay Z bruh haha other than that amazing man thanks for this really appreciate what you do.

  • john devaney

    Hi, I've been learning html and css for the last 2-3 years but not very successfully. I'm just wondering, what you are doing in this video, would it be considered developer or designer?

  • Lee Knights

    Hi the website development/design looks good but the written content side of things is what i'll probably get bored with. Silly question but in order to class yourself a web developer do you need to be able to write the content as well? i.e. articles for the website to be optimimized or do a lot of web developer hire content writers?

  • Mostapha Karakalla

    Great video , very helpful indeed, Does the same steps work for building a website that uses a different language than english , where you write from right to left instead of left to right? you haven't mentioned how to add payment methods in case I am selling a product on my website… thanks

  • Andrea Gudger

    I think this is an awesome video. Thank you so much for sharing it. I have learned a ton. One question I have is why did you choose the responsive theme in your video? Are different themes better or less suited? Can websites using other themes be created in the same fashion as the responsive theme?

  • Darren

    Hi Martie, great video. Just a general wondering, can you modify the colour of the menu bars and buttons to replace that original 'wordpress image' so to speak? I don't recall your video covering that aspect. Thanks D

  • Quanda Walton

    This video is amazing! Your explanations are so simple and easy. I am trying to help my church build a website. I was told that WordPress was difficult and to have it professionally built would be about $1500. Through your explanation, getting started couldn't be any less simple. Do you have any tutorials on how to link things like pay pal and how to add sub menus….more like advanced options for the website?

  • Srinivas Roopi

    This is the most comprehensive tutorial on how to build a WordPress website. All weblishers must watch this to save money and have total control over their website.

  • Catherine Argyros

    thank you so much for this! its been incredibly helpful. Im a newbie and this has saved hours of my life! I have a million things on, and loads of expenses, as i aim to launch an event. This has saved me both money and time.

  • Parvine Resty

    hello, I would like to ask you if you're using wordpress.com or wordpress.org to build your website ?

    thank you 🙂

  • karonic ゝ

    So you're saying we can make a thousand dollar website for FREE? Wow, thought I would of had to of used my $1000 for this tut but i guess not thankyou! lol jokes but thanks for the vid mate

  • ابومعاذ المالكي

    idk if youll be commenting back to me cause this is so old but.. if i choose a hosting comany and it gives me domain name and tht stuff after bulding my website and all , can i change the comany that i already choose before to anthor one and transfar all the information and custmers info to other company or will my website stop running and all my information will be gone?

  • ابومعاذ المالكي

    (: yeah and another question
    can i only choose a company that will only give me unlimited domain names and server hosting and choose other company to give me tow privet database one is for the website and its info and other one for clients and customers info and bank numbers and stuff is that possible!!??

  • Sherri Belmar Theis

    Thank you Marty!  It has taken me a few months to get through this video and put all this together.  I have learned so much!Thank you for this clear and instructive video!I appreciate your time and effort!

  • Sherri Belmar Theis

    Hi Marty,
    I have a question. I just set up my website and I am trying to install a subscribe button. I just got mailchimp. I have been trying all day and haven't had any luck.
    Do you have any tips.

  • Soumyajit Ray

    Hi There, I have a question here. I am working on creating on blog for my friend. She bought an domain already and she tried creating her website using squarespace. So she just created and html web page using that. Now I want it to be done using wordpress. Is this migration possible. Its really important. Please let me know.

  • VadimCool

    After he mentioned YOU DON'T NEED ANY HTML CODING experience. I stopped watching the video. Because if people don't even know HTML, then you can not build a professional website. Unless you want to make a landing page. But then why not just make a good looking banner and attach a button to it? DONE! You call that a professional website??? Give me a break. Yes, probably only people that are already famous can make good money on it. Good luck! xD

  • Jesselle Keith Edulsa

    Another subs here! ✋
    Thank you very much for taking time to do this tutorial. I learned a lot and took some notes. I will be building my website soon. Thank you very much for your help!

  • Julia Dean

    Absolutely excellent video very well explained. Thank you so much for your time and generosity. You have a new subscriber !

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