How to backup your website files, databases and emails (cPanel)
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How to backup your website files, databases and emails (cPanel)

Hello everyone. Welcome to CopaHost. We offer web hosting plan for every type of cPanel. You can check our plans as listed below. Today in this tutorial we will be learning how to data backup of your database with cPanel. So let’s login to the cPanel. Once you login by entering your username and password, you can authenticate your details. So once you are into the cPanel dashboard under the section files You have to click backup. There you have
the option to download a full website backup then there are some partial backups that can be helpful
like home directory backup by clicking home directory and MySQL backup by simply clicking the database name then email forward or download
that would be the forward to that we just created so firstly I show you the
partial backup if you click on this home directory you have the backup
download I have already downloaded the MySQL database
backup the email forwarders backup the home directory backup. So what I’ll show
you is how to upload a backup if you want to have that with you so you can restore
the backups like for home directory, for MySQL, for email directors. So you can
choose the file, for example I take the backup, my site backup, so if I choose the file and the file is uploaded, simply press upload, you can see the uploading is going under progress As it’s the home directory backup, so it
will take a bit time to restore almost 25% done… So once the upload is complete, you will have a message for the same. Meanwhile, I’ll show you how to take
backup of your full website you can click this. So now you can manage the backup
destination from your selected home directory then enter the
e-mail address on which you want to have the acknowledgement of your backup
confirmation. So click on generate backup So backup in full progress, once the backup has been taken you will be acknowledged of the same on your email address. Now press go back. So almost 55% complete, so this is the backup that we just took, you can see here, if you click on this link you will have the complete backup. No now press go back. So this is again the same area you where you can manage
your partial backups even restore backup. I hope the tutorial was helpful thanks
for watching the video.

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  • Mr.Gopinath Bairaggi

    Thank you for your Tutorial. But I want to know that how to make auto mail backup from cPanel? If it possible then very glad.

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