How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site Manually⚠️ (Fast & Easy)
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How To Backup & Restore Your WordPress Site Manually⚠️ (Fast & Easy)

Hi everyone, my name is Robert and in this
video, I will show you exactly how I save my work on WordPress every time I can or I
create new content. I do that also before major modifications
and updates. I discovered this little trick when I was
first searching for an easy way to move my WordPress website to a new host, an I wanted
to do everything as fast as possible, without losing anything. To see exactly how this works, I will delete
the content of this website and all the WordPress files from the server to recreate the worst
nightmare a website owner can experience. What I will do next, right before deleting
everything is the installation of a plugin named All In One WP Migration. You can find that plugin in the WordPress
repository on your dashboard with a simple search. After the installation is complete, you will
notice a new element in the left side menu on your dashboard. If you hover over it with your mouse cursor
you can see three options; export, import, and backups. Click export and then export to a file… Wait for the files to be prepared and remember
that this waiting time will vary depending on how big is your website. Once you’ll see the animated download button
just click on it and select the destination where you want your entire website to be saved. You can rename the file if you want and click
save. Now, I will delete everything from my server. The WordPress files and the database related
to this website. To do so, I will log in to my cPanel on Let’s check the website again before I will
start the irreversible process of deleting the entire website… Yes, everything is in its place, but not for
long! I have two ways to completely delete a WordPress
website: 1. Through FTP 2. Through the WordPress installer. To make this as fast as possible I will go
with the second one because this will delete everything, even the database related to that
WordPress installation. After I click the remove icon here, I can
click to remove everything like so… Now I scroll down and click the Remove Installation
button here. I will be prompted that the action is irreversible
and I click OK! Please never do this with a live website without
having a manual backup! A couple of seconds after clicking that button,
your WordPress website is gone for good, unless you have an automatic backup on your server! If I reload the page now, you can see that
the content you just saw earlier is not there anymore, it’s gone! Now, return to the overview of your WordPress
installation on your cPanel and click install. Choose the protocol and domain name, fill
up the fields carefully with the required information and click install. After the WordPress installation is finished,
click the administrative URL and you’ll be redirected to the dashboard of your new website. If you click to visit the site now, you will
see the basic theme that comes with every WordPress installation by default. Now, go to the plugins menu and click add
new! Search for the All In One WP Migration plugin
and click on the Install Now button. Activate it and then click Import From File
and upload the file saved earlier. Wait for the import process to be completed
and click Proceed. That’s it! Your data has been imported successfully! Close this pop-up window and go to your settings
to change the permalinks structure like so… Oh, I forgot to mention that you will be redirected
to the login screen because of the database changes. Now everything should be back in its place
like it was before I’ve lost everything, so let’s check it out! Yess! Everything is there, even the plugins are
back and activated like Elementor and Orbit Fox Companion used to create this section
and these pages! Awesome, right? I need to mention that the only thing you
need to backup separately is your custom email database, which is not handled by this manual
backup, If you want to learn more about WordPress,
check out these videos, and if you wish to know exactly when we will publish the next
video, please subscribe. Thank You!


  • AKTARUM Troll Metal

    Hey, thanks for this great video. I have delete my shop 2 times… pffff Is the same for woocommerce? I would like to know if your technique is ok if someone delete all (or hack) in my FTP?

  • Maurice Mukiri

    I want to restore my website which went blank yesterday.i resulted in cPanel backup then tried to restore it through All in one Wp migration plugin but cannot upload more than 200Mb would you suggest another way to restore bigger backup

  • aiswarya velchuri

    I lost  completed data in my wordpress website including pages and the pages are not even present in trash..i didn't understood how I lost  them can I restore my  website with the complete data?

  • Anupam Das

    Doesn't work. Because it can't overwrite the hosted server. So don't do anything before you check whether or not it's working for you.

  • 458scuderia

    If you face an upload size problem the most probable solution is editing .htaccess or wp-config files (wordpress root folder) and change the upload size limit, if that doesn't work then i believe you have to ask the host to change the max_upload_size in the php.ini (server setting).

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