How to apply a 20i free SSL certificate
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How to apply a 20i free SSL certificate

Hi this is Andrew at 20i. In this day and
age with more and more people jumping online it’s essential for a website to
have an SSL certificate in place. Having an SSL certificate in place is
particularly important for ecommerce sites as it ensures that any sensitive
data being sent – such as perhaps credit card information – will be sent securely.
In addition, having an SSL can promote credibility and trust in a site and can
also be good for SEO reasons as per Google’s “HTTPS Everywhere” initiative. As we’re partnered with Let’s Encrypt here at 20i, we’re able to give away
certificates absolutely free of charge. So in order to add an SSL to your
package here at 20i, firstly you’ll want to make sure that you’re logged in to
the My.20i control panel. Once you’ve done so you then just
need to go to ‘Manage Hosting’ and then from this point we just want to select
the package that we wish to add the SSL certificate-to. So we can do that by just
pressing ‘Manage’ here. Once we’ve selected ‘Manage’ we then just want to scroll down
and under ‘Security’ you should see the aptly named SSL TLS icon and here we
just want to select that. Once we’ve done so we should then see the following
stating that we can activate our free SSL here. So just a few caveats to point
out before we go ahead and enable the SSL certificate: in order to enable the
free Let’s Encrypt certificate for a package on our platform you need to
ensure that the domain in question has been set to point to our nameservers.
This is essentially because of a check that is
performed with regard to activating the certificate. So just make sure that the
domain is set to point to our nameservers and you can ‘Activate’ the free
SSL. If the domain is with us you can set the
domain to point to our nameservers within the 20i control panel via
the nameservers icon. So, to activate the SSL we simply press ‘Activate free SSL’ and then once we’ve done so that should take a moment or so…and once
successfully added as you can see it will come up saying that the certificate
has been added. So once added you just need to bear in mind that we need to
perform some magic on our load balancers in order to ensure that the SSL is
served, so please do allow 30 minutes for the
SSL to begin working. And after that 30
minutes have passed your your site will begin serving over HTTPS and the
certificate will be in place. So that’s how you add an SSL to a package and
website here at 20i. If you run into any issues please do let us know I’ll be
happy to give you a hand

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