How to Allow Older Versions of Minecraft on Your Server | Minehut 101
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How to Allow Older Versions of Minecraft on Your Server | Minehut 101

– Hey guys, I’m Trent. – I’m Michael. – In this video, we’re gonna show you how to allow older versions of Minecraft to join your Minehut server. Okay, so we are on our Minehut panel, and we have already activated our server. – If you don’t have a server, you don’t know how to start your server, maybe you don’t even have an account, we got videos for all of those things too, so check those out first. – All right, so we’re
gonna assume you know that, and now we are on our panel. It looks like this, we’ve
activated our server, so we see like this main dashboard here. I am gonna go over to plugins. So to allow older versions to join, we want this plugin
called Protocol Support, which is there; if I could type. – There it is. Oh wait, move us over! – Jump; nice. Okay, and then we’re going
to install the plugin, and that’s it. – Just a quick question though, why would you want to allow older versions onto your server? – Yeah, so some people
like the older version of combat, and then also
with 1.14.3 and kinda 1.13, like the lag’s just a little
bit more on the client’s side. So like if you need an FPS boost, sometimes it’s better
to go down to like 1.12, or if you like the old PVP, then sometimes you can go down to 1.8. – And then does everybody
have to be on the same version on the server, or can – They do not, that’s the great part. So the servers are all 1.14.3 right now, but to allow older versions, we can install Protocol Support. So we said install plugin,
the server’s online, the plugin doesn’t
automatically just load in, so now we need to stop our server. All right, we will wait for it to stop. All right, it’s offline, and
we are gonna start it again. And then now, what it’ll
do is it will install that plugin when it comes back up. So we’ll wait for it to start, and then once it does, we’ll
go in game and take a look. – And so Minehut handles
all of that for me? – Yes; all you have to do is
just like go to that page, be like I want that plugin, and the Minehut will do all the work. – Remember, starting your
server could take anywhere from 30 seconds to two
minutes depending on traffic. Oh look, we’re online. – Nice; our server is online, so we’re gonna go and check it out. So the first thing is our server is mhtut. – Minehut tutorial. – So I am on 1.14.3 here, so I’m gonna join the
server on that first. – Yeah, and that’s the most recent version as of right now. – Yes; loading terrain. – You might be watching
this in the future. Oh, moo! – Okay, here we are,
so we’re on our server, we’re on the latest version, and now I’m gonna go over
to my other accounts, cause I have multiple, and I’m gonna join this server as well. – And you can see up in the top right, this account is on 1.8.8. – Yes, this one’s on an older version. Ope, there I am, there’s Trent. And then if I switch back, SuperLeague. Wow, we’re both here. – Wait; it’s like that Spider-man meme. – Oh my gosh. (laughs) Here we are, and then there we are. Hi, you’re looking the wrong way, sir. And now both of our accounts are on here, and you’ll notice the features
look a little bit different for me, but otherwise
it’s mostly the same. And yeah, now we can both play. And you can do any version
in between as well, you could do 1.11, 1.12,
any of the versions in between 1.8 and 1.14.3 can join. – So whatever version rocks your boat, now you can play any version
on your Minehut server. (upbeat music)

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