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How to Add or Remove Photos on Your Website | GoDaddy GoCentral

Including photos on your website is a great way to grab visitors’ attention and encourage them to explore your content. Learn how to add or replace a photo in your
GoCentral website. To open the GoCentral designer tool, click
Edit Site. On the right side of the screen, select the website section in which you want to add or replace a photo. Keep in mind, the Contact Us and Footer sections
of your site do not contain images. Let’s check out the photo in the Header,
or the cover image. To replace the cover image, you must first open the Header section, and select Cover Image to access the editing tools. For images in all other sections of your website, just click directly on the photo to access the Edit Image panel. To add a new photo, click My Images and then Upload. Navigate to the location of the photo on your
device, select the file and click Open. A thumbnail of the photo you uploaded will
display in the My Images panel with a green highlight around it to indicate it is selected. To replace a photo on your site with one you’ve already uploaded, just select the image in the My Images panel. To return to the image edit panel, click the
left-pointing arrow. The Image Edit panel enables you to crop or
rotate the photo, zoom in or out, or adjust the focus point of the photo. Don’t have any photos for your site? No problem! click Stock Images and select from hundreds of free photos that come with the GoCentral Website Builder. Any changes you make are saved automatically. When you’re finished, just click Preview to view the results. If you’re happy with how it looks, click Publish. That’s it! Remember, photos on your website help grab
and keep your visitors’ attention. Could your site use a few more?

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