How to Add Multiple Instagram Links in Bio
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How to Add Multiple Instagram Links in Bio

– We’re gonna step through
how to add multiple links on Instagram bios,
using a few simple tools so that you can start taking advantage of your Instagram links in bio. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you leverage video to amplify your business and brand. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button. And all the links to everything we mention in this video, you can find linked in the description box below. Let’s jump into it. Being restricted to just one
link in your Instagram bio can be incredibly limiting. That basically means just
choosing one other social platform or website or lead magnet or product to share with your audience. But there’s a few Instagram
tools that do offer an easy work around,
simplifying the process of sharing multiple links with
your audience on Instagram. So we’re gonna take a look
at a few of these options including our top tools
for Instagram marketing and cramming in more links right now. With this, the easiest solution
is to use a link service like Linktree, Shorby,
Link In Profile, LinkinBio, there’s actually quite a lot of them. So what all of these services
do is they essentially create you, your own
personal landing page, where you can add your own links, multiple links, to that page. You’ll then copy a link to that page and paste that link
into your Instagram bio. And so, when anyone clicks on that, they’re taken over to your landing page, with multiple links. Now, the biggest downside or pushback to using a service like this, is that some people don’t
like that the new bio link doesn’t take your audience directly to the page that you mention. So if you mentioned in a
post that there was a link to go to your latest video, in your bio, and they click on that, they’re then taken to your landing page, which
would have a link to that video, but it means that they’re
not taken directly there. They’re taken to your landing
page, essentially, first. But I honestly don’t think
that’s a big deal at all. Yes, you might lose a few
clicks because that link doesn’t go directly to the place, but the ones that you do get, are usually gonna be higher converting because they’re more targeted
and people can then link to multiple places,
longterm, without the need to constantly update
links for each new video, blog post, sponsor deal, whatever. Now, as I said, there’s a lot of providers who are offering this service, but really narrowing them down, my top two would be Linktree and Shorby. Linktree has a free plan,
which gives you unlimited links on that page, but there’s
only a handful of themes to customize it up and some
really basic data or analytics. Up from the free plan,
though, they got a Pro Plan, which is only $6 per month. And on that plan, they’ve
got a heap more features. You’ve got the ability to integrate with some email providers, so
that you can have direct links for people to sign up for your email list or your email newsletter. You’ve got a lot more themes,
to customize up the look. You can remove their Linktree branding from your page, as well. You can also customize
up the URL for your links so that you can make it
look more personalized or tailored to you and
your Instagram profile. It also gives you the ability
to add in thumbnail images for each one of your links. You also get access to much
more advanced analytics, including things like UTM tracking. And, something I think is really powerful is the ability to add in your Facebook pixel tracking ID, so you can use this to
build out custom audiences of people who have
interacted with your profile. Now, if you are looking
to run Facebook ads and retargeting and remarketing,
this is a huge feature. And you also have the ability
to share your links to go live at a certain time, based on
when you’re posting a video, or posting a blog article. So that they’re going up at the same time. So comparing that then
to Shorby, first off, there’s no free plan. They’ve got a start plan,
which is $9 per month. It’s got a lot of the
same core functionality with unlimited links, unlimited clicks, personalized or customizable
URL, it’s got Facebook tracking and Facebook pixel integration as well, for remarketing and retargeting,
just the same as Linktree. But the $9 plan does have a
limit of 3,000 tracked links, at that price. So looking at the pricing
table and options for Shorby, you can really see that
this is designed more for ad agencies and for teams,
than necessarily running just one personal Instagram account. But the next plan up, at $29
a month, does also include Google tracking or Google
analytics, as well, and it increases all of the
limits from the $9 plan. So, instead of 3,000 tracked links, you’re up to 30,000
tracked links per month. Now, in terms of usability and
set up and customize ability, with the different themes
and custom controls, above and beyond those, the $6 plan on Linktree for
those things is pretty much on par with what you get
for the $9 and the $29 plan, and above, on Shorby. So really, the biggest
differences between them is number of team members that
you can add to your account, number of accounts that you
can link to with your profile, number of branded URLs
that you can create. So this is really showing that Shorby is the standout if you’re
going to be running an agency or multiple Instagram accounts that you wanna manage
under this one account. I think if you just wanna
set this up on your own, personal Instagram account, then Linktree, especially the $6 plan is
going to do pretty much everything that you will need. For us, we started out on
the free plan on Linktree and then we moved over to Shorby, just so we can get access to
the more advanced analytics and the Facebook tracking. Now, if you are interested
in going down this path and I do wanna mention that
there is one more option for you outside of these services, and that’s by running your own webpage or your own landing page for your links. The biggest benefit with going this way is that you totally own
the domain name or the URL. So for us, we can have forward slash links or you can call it whatever you’d like. It could be About, it
could be Click This Now, it doesn’t matter. You get to totally
customize the whole thing up and have it on brand and
have it using your URL, so people know that they’re
going to the right place when they click it. So this is something you can set up using Squarespace or Wix, or
for us, we use WordPress for, because
it’s a lot more flexible, especially if you’re planning on growing a business or doing things like affiliate marketing. Now, we’ve got links to
everything that we’ve used for our online set up
over on our resources page if you’re interested, but I
definitely suggest checking out WPX Hosting and Thrive Themes, if you do choose to go down this path. So that’s how you can
easily add multiple links to your Instagram bios for
more impact and more results with people visiting your profile. Linked on Screen is a
video you showing you how you can create Instagram
stories like a pro! So if you really wanna step
up your Instagram game, check that one out, and I’ll see you soon.


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