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How to Add Images to Your Website in Website Builder 7 | GoDaddy

Adding images is a great way to transform
a theme into your personal website. This video shows you how to add graphics in Website Builder 7. If you’re just starting out, your website
probably still has some placeholder graphics that were included in the theme you chose
– like this one. For some people, the images included in their
theme work fine as-is. However, it’s more likely that you’ll want to replace the existing images, or add your own to personalize your site. For example, this placeholder photo of business people working isn’t a good fit for the dog-friendly winery, Molly’s Bark and Wine. Let’s replace it with one that is. To remove an existing image, you select the image [click] and click the delete icon [click]. Now, let’s add a graphic that’s a better
fit for the Molly’s Bark and Wine website. On the toolbar, click the Image tool [click]. The Choose Photos window displays in the middle
of the screen. The window offers several sources from which you can choose photos or graphics for your website. The My Photos area holds all of the photos
that you upload to Website Builder from your computer. To upload a new photo, click Browse [click] select the image from your computer [click] [click] and click Open [click]. Keep in mind, that any images you use on your website must be formatted as .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png files, and have a size limitation
of no more than 30MB per file. While images as large as 5000 x 5000 pixels
can be uploaded, images on your website will not be displayed larger than 1920 x 1080 pixels. You can also select from the images [click] that came
with the Website Builder theme you chose, or from GoDaddy’s [click] library of free images. To find images in our free library, enter a search term [click] [typing] or select [click] a category from the All categories menu. Website Builder also allows you to import photos you have on social media sites, like Facebook or Instagram. To add photos from Facebook or Instagram, click the connection button [click]. You’ll be asked to log into your Facebook or Instagram account [click] [typing], and then authorize Website Builder to access content on the social media site [click]. Once you’ve decided on an image, select it in the grid [click] and click Insert [click]. Any part of the photo that is shaded will not be shown on screen. If you want to ensure the entire photo is visible, drag either of the bottom corners [click] until the photo is fully encompassed. When you’re finished, click OK [click]. If you want to reposition the image, click on the image [click], hold down your mouse button, and drag it to where you want it on the page [click]. If you want to resize the image, click and drag any of the small squares [click] that display on the box around the image. Adding graphics to your website is a great
way to increase visual appeal and maintain visitor interest. So take some time and spice up your site with few today!


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