How to Add a Sub-Domain on Hostgator step by step setup
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How to Add a Sub-Domain on Hostgator step by step setup

Hey everyone my names Tom from WP With Tom
dot com and today I’m going to go over how to add a sub domain on hostgator. Hey everyone
in this lecture we’re going to learn how to add a sub domain on hostgator. So what we’re
going to need to do first is find our hostgator email that we’ve gotten from them and my case
it says your account info as the title of the email and you’re going to see this area
here. We’re going to have to click on this control panel link and it will open up in
a new tab. Then you have to input your username and password. I’ve actually changed my password
already. Then we’ll go and put that information in now. Then we’ll login – it says login successful
and they’re re-directing us to the control panel now. And here we go – in here I’m going
to ex out of this first. In here we can scroll down, and this is actually a very simple process.
We can go to where it says domains in this section here domains and we’ll click sub domains.
In my case my root domain here, my main domain is WP With Tom dot com and if we wanted to
I could just put in test site 2 for example and than i’ll click outside of here and it
will automatically populate this area with the document root area. I’ll just click create.
And at this point we have successfully created the sub domain name. If we wanted to we could
go back and click home here in the upper left. And now we can go down and we can click to
install wordpress if that’s what you want to do. We can do that through the quickinstall
area here in this software and services. And to install wordpress we would simply when
we get to this page click wordpress in the upper left right here. Now it will take us
down to this area and it will say install wordpress for free. I’m just going to click
install wordpress for free, and here is where I would populate this information. Since it
was test site 2 dot WP With Tom dot com that’s what we would click on. Then here’s where
you would add your admin email. I’m going to just add in my regular email. Your blog
title you can make just about anything you want because you can change this later. You
can also change this later, but this is important if you have to retrieve the password when
you’re first logging in and you don’t remember it, it will be sent to this email if you ask
for it to be. Here is where you put your admin username. I would put something other than
admin here just for security purposes so I’m just going to put Tom Johnson like I normally
seem to do. And here I’m going to add my first name, last name and than I’ll just click install
wordpress. Now, depending on your hosting setup and if you’ve already installed wordpress
on other things or if this is your first sub domain you’re adding it usually should only
take a few minutes as it is a sub domain. You’ll click on view credentials here and
up here you’ll want to copy this info and save it into another document for now. This
is the link you will login through, this username, and password being put in. So I hope this
tutorial was helpful on how to add a sub domain on hostgator. If you have any questions please
feel free to reach out to me. Thanks everyone!


  • Mel Rodriguez

    Thank you so much for posting this I almost bought a whole new domain! thankful I stumbled upon this! check out my website first site I ever made, thank you for sharing your knowledge. Check out my Social Network site take care!

  • montgal52

    I have a dumb question, but it has to be asked. I have an account with Hostgator with a main domain name (website). However, I find that I need to create an additional different webpage (i.e., a webpage not related to my website). Question: When I create this webpage, will it be a subdomain to my main domain? (I hope that made sense).

  • Anson Lobo

    Hey so this would work if I want to create a staging site? Can I incorporate the settings in the sub domain to the main domain?

  • ScreenPrintR

    This is great. I didn't want to create a WordPress subdomain though. Just a subdomain. After creating the subdomain in the domain I wanted, I went into the File Manager, and clicked on the new sub domain: and created an img folder. Copied all my images. Went up one level to the sub-domain, and copied the index file and css file. Bam! worked great. Thank you.

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