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How to Add A Slideshow or Gallery to Your Website | GoDaddy

Looking for a way to share more images or photos on your website? Watch this video and learn how to add slideshows and photo galleries in Website Builder 7. Image slideshows and photo galleries not only add visual interest to your website, they offer a practical, simple way to put all of your work or products in one place. What’s the difference between the two? Well, with slideshows you can showcase images on your website one at a time, in a rotating carousel-like presentation. Photo galleries, on the other hand, allow you to display a fixed collection of thumbnails, or small versions of your photos on your website in one place. Users can click [click] a thumbnail and a full-size version of the photo will display. [click] Both slideshows and galleries allow you to add captions to photos and make your images clickable links to other pages or files that you upload to your website. This site belongs to Molly’s Bark and Wine, a dog-friendly winery. The owner, Molly, has amassed an enormous amount of photos of her four-legged customers enjoying the dog park. Instead of deciding on just a few photos to display, she’s adding a slideshow to the page and sharing several of them. Watch how… To add a slideshow, [click] in the toolbar, click the Slideshow tool. To access the Edit menu [click], click the dotted line around the slideshow. On the tool, [click] click Add/Manage Photos. The Manage Photos window displays the three placeholder images. To customize the slideshow, add some of your own; click Add Photos. Remember the Choose Photos window? You just click any of the source tabs and then select the photo you want to use from the grid. As you select images in the grid [click], a small thumbnail of the [click] photo will display [click] across the bottom of the window [click]. When you’ve selected [click] all the photos [click] you want to include in your slideshow, click Insert [click]. If you don’t want the placeholder images to display in your slideshow, be sure you delete them. Click the remove icon in the upper-right corner of the image tile. If you want [click] the photos in your [click] slideshow to display [click] in a specific order, you can click on them [click], hold down your mouse button, and drag them where you want. You can also add captions [click] or links to your photos [click] in this window [typing]. [click] Once you’re finished fine-tuning your slideshow [click], click Save [click]. If you want to reposition the slideshow, click it [click] hold down your mouse button, and drag it to where you want it on the page. If you want to resize the slideshow, click it [click], and then drag any of the small squares that display on the dotted line around it. You can add a photo gallery to your website using the exact same steps you did to add a slideshow. They’re both a great way to include lots of photos on your site without it looking cluttered. So if you have a lot of great photos you want to share on your website, and you’re having a tough time deciding which to choose… don’t. Use the slideshow or photo gallery tool in Website Builder and include several of them!

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