How to add A Record and CNAME DNS entries in GoDaddy domain to work with Shopify
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How to add A Record and CNAME DNS entries in GoDaddy domain to work with Shopify

In this video, I will guide you through the
process of adding an A Record and a CNAME record to a domain registered at GoDaddy. These are the records that instruct your
domain name where to send internet traffic when users are accessing the
domain name. Typically this will be servers that are handling your website. I’m going use Shopify ecommerce site as an example, but the process of adding in A
Record or CNAME is exactly the same regardless of which platform you’re
using. The only difference will be the IP address or the URL that you use when
creating the DNS records And these are typically provided to you by your
hosting provider and if you don’t already have a domain
name registered with GoDaddy be sure to check out my video on how to do so. The first thing I’m going to do is go to which have already done you Which I have already done, you can see my screen here and I’m going to click up here to sign in. And this has brought me to the product page of my account. Here you can see, we have a domain section, so I am going to click “Manage” In here we’re going to see all the
domains I have registered in my account I only have this one “” which is the domain is registered in the previous video. So now we need to update the DNS entries. DNS is the name servers system that keeps track of what domain belongs to what IP address and which server So we’ll click on this little gear right here and select “Manage DNS” and this is going to bring up a page with all the DNS entries for this domain and the entries that we have here already are just the ones that are put in by
GoDaddy when you purchase a domain but we’re going change these to point
to our Shopify store So up in this tab I already have my
Shopify store that I have logged into I’m going to click on “Online Store” here and select “Domains” Now up here, since I’ve already purchased my domain from GoDaddy I’m just going to click “Add Existing Domain” And here, I’m going to enter the domain name and I’m going to click “Add Domain” and now it’s telling us that we need to setup an A Record pointing to this IP address I’m going to select this and copy it and then I’m going to click done and now I need to edit this A Record you see here it has the type of
record, A Record and a CNAME We’re going to click “Edit Record” And just a quick explanation of what all these things are. The “Host” is basically where this domain name “”
goes to. If I just put in “” into the browser where is this going to go and they just have an ampersand meaning
nothing in front of the IP address this IP address is where that traffic
gets sent to and here’s a thing called a TTL Basically a TTL is short for
“Time To Live” basically what that mean is there are several several servers all over the internet that manage these domain name entires and this tells all the servers how long does it wait until it checks again for any changes. so we’re going to make some changes right now but most servers are going wait 600 seconds until they go and check if there’s any new changes I’m going to click “Edit Record” now so that we can
change this to point to Shopify so really the only thing that i’m going
change is this IP address I’m going to paste in the IP address that was given to me by Shopify and then click “Finish” now we need to go down and edit the CNAME now if you notice over here it has “” and then “” if I click on here its going say “Action Required” because I
haven’t set up the CNAME yet So I’m going to click “View Instructions” here it’s saying that we need to add a
CNAME for www to this URL right here and I’ll show you what that means I’m
going to copy this URL because that is what the CNAME needs to point to. and then I’m going to click “Done” I’m gonna go back to my domain details
screen here, and now we’re in the CNAME section and you’ll notice here we have a host that says “www” Right now it’s pointing to “@” which basically means any traffic that gets at is just is just going to resend to this “@” host record here Shopify wants it to be different so I’m going to click on Edit records for this “www” CNAME and all we have to do is change where
this points to instead of the “@” we’re gonna
actually paste in that URL which is actually the URL from my Shopify store and I’m going click “Finish” Now, these changes don’t take effect until we save them so I’m going to click “Save Changes” right up here. and now those changes have been saved. So the TTL on this entry here is 600 seconds the TTL here is one hour so it’s probably going to take about an hour for these changes to take effect so don’t be don’t be surprised if this
doesn’t start working right away because it’s normal for it not to work right away as you can see when we go to this page it still says action required because those new changes do take a little bit of time to take effect but we’ll check back in about an hour and make sure everything is working. Okay, so it’s been a little bit over an
hour since I made those changes in the GoDaddy DNS and let’s go ahead and check now if
these all work So I clicked on there, and now that one says domain status is OK and it also shows that is also OK and basically it’s saying that all the changes that we may have taken effect Now I do want to show you one cool little thing there’s a website called and this is a nifty tool to
see what are your current records and I just put an And I’m going to click “Go” And here it’s actually going to show you what all of your DNS entries are for your domain name and as you can see you put in that A
Record earlier and it’s pointing to this IP address it’s not really showing the CNAME
records in here because we only put in but if I put in it should show the CNAME entries and as you can see here, it’s called
a canonical name but basically is pointing to and that’s just one way that you can
check with your DNS entries actually are you just put in the domain name here, the
full domain and it will show you the entries and that is how you add a CNAME and an A Record to a domain name registered at Be sure to check out some of my other guided videos and if you have a suggestion for video you’d like to see please leave a comment on the video below


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