How To Add a Domain to Your Hosting | A Tutorial
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How To Add a Domain to Your Hosting | A Tutorial tutorials…here we are again and
we’re gonna learn some stuff. And focusing on hosting again today we’re
gonna learn how to add on domains to our hosting account if we have either the
name builder for the unbelievable package and fortunately again we have
our hosting expert Zach to teach us how to do this from our web hosting
dashboard. Zach how do I add domains to my hosting? Alright so to add domains to your hosting plan you’ll first need to access
your cPanel so you want to go my account, web hosting to access your web
hosting dashboard. And then there will be a button over here to log in to your
cPanel. Alright so once you’re in your cPanel you’re going to want to look for
the add-on domains option that’ll be under the domain section. Alright this will let you add the add-on
domain so in the new domain name field just type the domain name you might you
want to add. The document root is where you want to set this. By default
it’s going to create a folder inside of the public underscore HTML folder, but
you can change that you know to meet your needs. Once you have that ready just
go ahead and add domain… ok and then once it’s complete it’ll add those folders
and the files that you need for that. And another faster way to
access that domain section is in your web hosting dashboard if you get the
more links option, you’ll have a an option here for add-on domains that
will take you right there.


  • James Turner

    Hi Zach. I followed these instructions for my new domain but I see the following error when I visit the website: "This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.
    Do you know why this happens and how it can be rectified?

  • Alex Dexter Evas

    These are the people we have to deal with.
    His voice is down and in background music is playing.
    Do you even think..?

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