How to Add A Custom Tumblr Domain Name? Modifying DNS Settings w/ GoDaddy | Tutorial via Quiksnip
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How to Add A Custom Tumblr Domain Name? Modifying DNS Settings w/ GoDaddy | Tutorial via Quiksnip

Hey, how’s it going, everyone?
This is Marceel from Today I’m going to be showing how to get
a custom domain name for your Tumblr blog. Usually you’ll have a domain, such as, but today I’m going to show you how you can change it to
basically any domain name. Specifically for this one, I’m going to
focus on adding a subdomain to my current one. So, you got to log in to your hosting
account. I’m assuming you already have hosting and a domain name. If you still
need to get those, then that’s something that you’ll have to do before going on
this tutorial. You can access your domain by going to,
or you can just go straight to GoDaddy. So, go ahead and sign in to your account.
Once you’re logged in, you’re going to locate the hosting account that your
domain is on. So, you can click the “plus” on your web hosting, and then click
“manage” for whatever account it’s on. All right, once you get this page,
you’re going to scroll down to “subdomains” and click on that. All right,
now you’re going to make your subdomain so go ahead and change to whatever primary
domain you want. So, in my case,, and I want to make So, go ahead and fill out that form and hit create. I like changing
the document route so it looks a little cleaner because it gets messy back
here sometimes. So, blog_memo310. And then once you hit create, you can look
for your subdomain over in the “modify a subdomain” section. Make sure
it’s there and you’re good to go. Head all the way to the top, click on
“cPanel Hosting” and then hit “Domains,” and you should get a whole list of domains
in front of you, so just click on the one that you’re using. And then once you get
here, you should see three tabs. Click on the one that says “DNS Zone
File.” And then you’re going to look at this section, which is the “A (Host)”. And
you’re going to have @, and the different subdomains you have. So, admin, blog,
mail, upload. You made one right now that said So, you want to
choose that and you’re going to change the points to address to this one I have
listed right here, So, just copy and paste that into the points to
section, don’t change anything else, and then hit “finish.” So, now you’re done
with your back end. Just head over to Tumblr and then log in. Hit the little icon on the top. Go to your
settings page. Then you’re going to click on the blog that you want to put that
domain on. So, under “user name” you should see where it says “Tumblr url,”
you’re going to hit “edit,” hit the tab for “use a custom domain” and
then just put your custom domain there. So,, and then test it.
And then if everything is good, you should be rolling. So, go ahead and try
it in your browser to see if it redirects to your Tumblr blog now. Boom. So, now
you don’t have those ugly urls anymore, those .Tumblr.coms. Now you
have whatever you want it to be.

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