How To 301 Redirect WordPress Site Without Plugins
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How To 301 Redirect WordPress Site Without Plugins

301 redirect WordPress without plugin hello and welcome in this video session I’m going to quickly show you how you
can redirect your WordPress posts or pages using 301 redirection and I’m gonna show
you to use it without plugins okay so now what we need to understand
is regardless of the file name extension that you may be having on your WordPress
site it doesn’t matter what file extension you’re using when you do redirection what you do is you simply
copy this particular portion of the URL in all you do is log
into your hosting account you my have different hosting provider web hosting provider it makes
no difference because ninety nine percent of them will allow you to have an option to easily do re direction now bear with me because if you’ve actually
tried this and it didn’t work I’ll I’ll show you why that is as well so
what you do is you simply choose 301 permanent redirection that’s the
type of directive and you simply choose the URL you simply paste that portion of the URL that we wanna redirect to now let’s say we
wanna redirect that particular page or post to this one here if that’s the case what we do is we
simply copy the entire URL okay and we simply paste it it’ll give you other options these are pretty basic and all we do is we add redirection rule and as you can see that added now that
means when someone visits this URL they will go to this one here so let’s double
check to see if it’s working let’s refresh that page and as you can see that’s being refreshed but our 301
redirection on your WordPress site it didn’t work well why is that I’ll show you why that is now you simply find the files where your WordPress site resides in
usually if it’s in the main domain portion it
will be under public underscore HTML folder right and within that folder this is
where the the core WordPress folders and files
reside in okay and you will have WordPress automatically generating dot htaccess file now what we need to do is we need to
quickly have a look at this but if you’re not seeing this I’ll actually
show you another way to actually view that file
let’s say this is not here and you can’t see it because
it’s a hidden files some web hosting
providers don’t show these files so you may have it but it may not be here so if you’re not seeing it what you do
is simply locate any other file and let’s just
choose this and let’s go in to edit mode let’s press edit and what you can do to view your dot htaccess file is in the URL portion of any file
that you’re viewing and editing simply locate the file name as we can see there is the
file name but this is not the htaccess file right and what you can do the easy way is simply you delete that
portion and just put dot htaccess and then Press Enter and what will happen is it then should show you the automatically
generated dot htaccess file now as you can see we’ve actually placed
that 301 redirection through the option that we used before as you can see everything
seems to be working here but it’s not redirecting that’s because what you need to do is simply let’s close this actually lets not close it why we’re closing it we didn’t modify it you can cut the code that we’ve created and place it above here see as you can see this is automated and that’s the
redirection rule simply with place it above the automatically generated WordPress directives okay simply remember but don’t modify this or else your entire
WordPress site will go down now what we do let’s press save and that’s
saved now right so that means what I’m saying to
is simply let your hosting interface you know help you create the redirection and then go in to htaccess file .htaccess file and then you know simply cut and paste it above this code here and then you simply hit save now once you do let’s go back let’s hit refresh and as you can see that’s now redirected using 301 without any plugins that’s how simple it is to to use 301 redirection without any plugins because you know
plugin sometimes are useful but if it’s very easy for you to do the redirection without plugins I strongly suggest that you actually
don’t use any plugins for redirection because you may you know the plugin may conflict with the Theme or core files and so on because WordPress gets updated all the time you know your plugins need to be updated
as well so this kind of covers everything as far as any
issues rendering issues WordPress issues now I also have this particular video
here that actually explains what is the best
way to do a 301 redirect I strongly encourage you to watch this
particular video session because you will see how how to really really understand 301 redirection and do it properly so
that you can see the best results for SEO purposes and Google ranking purposes I thank you very much for learning with
me if you own a wordpress site I have other
video tutorials don’t forget to subscribe because I will
be adding more useful video tutorials so that you can grow your online business thank you very much
for liking this video is you have benefited from it I thank you very much happy rankings


  • paul kay

    Hi there
    Great video, can't believe it doesn't have that many likes.
    Out of curiosity will 301 redirects affect seo? I've purchased a .melbourne geotld and was wondering what the impact will be on my current site?
    Thanks Paul

  • kenan karaca

    hi, i have changed my pages' url with yoast seo. but i forget to save old urls. then my ranking is suddenly decreased. pls help to 301 redirect my old urls to new….

  • Eddie Gega

    Hi. very nice and spot-on video. It is just was i was looking for. Though i have a question if you can answer. I have managed to fix the redirects from desktop and is working. But i've also noticed more (some the same) redirects for smartphone. Will the desktop redirects fixed work for smartphone too? Thanks
    I've watched more of your videos which have helped me manage and organize my site better.

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