How the Marvel Avengers Series Ends (SPOILERS) leak [MEME REVIEW] ? ?#53
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How the Marvel Avengers Series Ends (SPOILERS) leak [MEME REVIEW] ? ?#53

*Clap Clap *CLAP CLAP *Clap clap Jesus felix its only 2 claps meme 👏review 👏 *thud* Meme *thud* Review *Shlick Did someone say Meme Review? Smash like if you’re excited for “Meme Review”👏 It’s a very special tonight??? boys. We have the Legendary Guest Blue Shirt Kid (Yay) hosting Meme Review this time That’s right everyone we booked him. It wasn’t easy but we managed to *laughs in Swedish* Don’t just cut to the end and watch Blue Shirt Kid, okey? we have a lot of important memes to go through today and thats what we’re gonna freakin do. Now lo- last week I got a lotta flag fEliX yOu dIdNt ReViEw tHanOS Pls Bich Pls I let Thanos live for another week just so I have more content for this one ok, you’re welcome and OH BOY OH BOY are there a lot of Thanos memes. Its like the internet decided that this is the funniest thing that has ever happened this collective fan theory that is just so good that everyone is behind it. I’m talking of course about the theory that in the new Avengers movie Ant-man is going to be in it, so how are they gonna kill Thanos you might ask. Well, Ant-man is gonna dive deep in into Thanos ass [REDACTED] now if this doesn’t happen I’m gonna be thoroughly disappointed.(First Sub writer out) Now the memes about this- its just abundance Theres so GOD DAMN many memes about this read the meme you lazy pig nice place, N-WORD Bringing new meaning to the purple carpet of this meme VERY NICE 👌 ^ READ Yeah, has anyone actually considered what ant-man might think about this? Put it this way: If the whole universe was a questance (?) the existence of the universe was up to YOU would you crawl inside another man’s ass? (not without saying No Homo, of course.) Leave your top comment down below and I will pick the winner, (who will) win 5 xboxes. (Felix I hope you’re a man of your word) “Thanos when Ant man-“, that’s a lie by the way why are you using instagram for memes bruh Haha Can you imagine? Being Thanos, always having to have this concern at all times He gets this weird lil itch in his ass and he goes “OH GOD ITS HAPPENING.” why is he so loud *POOP* BROFIST The russo brothers- I guess- are they the ones making the movie? yee EVERYONE DISLIKED THAT! Everyone tweet @Russo Brothers right fricken’ now Tell em to change their mind if we create a petition, we can get enough people behind it That’s true We have not considered this in the fan theory that- does flex seal exist in this universe? cause then it renders this theory COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT I’m sorry matpat, I’m doing your job here and I don’t mean to step on any toes but have we considered flex seal? Does flex seal exist in the Marvel Universe (MCU to be exact) That’s all I need to know


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