How tech firms pulled the plug on 8chan
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How tech firms pulled the plug on 8chan

-Before the El Paso shooting, a post went up on
the anonymous message board 8chan that included
a hateful screed warning of a Hispanic
invasion of Texas. Minutes later,
the shooting began, and 8chan erupted with people
celebrating the violence. Pretty much every extremist,
racist, sexist, vile thing you can imagine
on the Internet finds a home at 8chan. -The suspect posted his racist
anti-immigrant manifesto. -It was posted on 8chan. -Making it the third mass
shooting connected to the defiantly
unregulated message board. -So, there’s a pattern here. After that post happened
on 8chan, there was a huge firestorm
of public criticism directed at 8chan, and there were even calls from
the founder of the message board to shut it down completely. That pressure had been finding
its way to some of the companies that support 8chan,
companies like Cloudflare that provide some of the real
backbone services that help any website,
including 8chan, survive, stay online,
and gain an audience. That’s domain companies that can
help people find the website, find its name and address. Those are server sort of hosting
companies that keep the data. And then there’s a whole sort of
core of security companies, companies like Cloudflare
that help keep a company connected to their users,
help boost speed for a website, and also provide defense
against cyber attacks. 8chan is a vilified site
across the web for all of the sort of hateful, extremist things
that they post online, and so they have
a number of enemies. And those enemies will often try
and hack websites like 8chan by throwing a bunch of traffic
at the site at one time
trying to take it offline. So a company like Cloudflare
is a really important shield. It tells the rest of the web
that there’s a defense here against those kinds of attacks. Cloudflare
was originally saying, “We’re going to
still support 8chan. We’re going to stick to our sort
of driving principles that every site
deserves protection from these sorts of attacks, and that this is
a free speech issue and we don’t want to
shut them down.” But by Sunday night, Cloudflare
had done a huge reversal. That was a big moment
because that said to other tech companies we do
have power in this equation. We can say that the ethics
that drive our decisions, they matter, and we,
by not doing anything, are sending a message itself by saying that we’re okay
with these sites staying online. A number of other companies said that they would stop
working with 8chan. They would pull out
from supporting and helping sort of spread
8chan’s message across the Internet. You can’t eradicate hate
on the Internet. There are just too many people who are dedicated
to spreading it, and they are right now trying
to find a way to keep it going. Every one extra element
of making it harder for these people to radicalize
is a good thing.


  • Czesiek

    Awesome that all the media now bands together in destroying free speech, so they can further indoctrinate us with their liberal leftist propaganda. Verge just did a video on 8chan, too. Don't worry, there'll be at least 2 new 8chans. And people are gonna start using the dark web more. If you really think this is the answer, think again.

  • Nakasasama

    Better to know where they are at and what they are saying than dark of night meetings. Of course chest pounders have never been very bright.

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    People should boycott Cloudflare – they KNEW what they had and they allowed it to continue. So ah, did the DEATH TOLL just get too high for them after all?!? They've removed their site contact form, only phone # 1 (888) 99 FLARE – tell them we are BOYCOTTING! And everybody – it's past time Twitter heard from us too! FFS, why do they allow open racism and slander of national leaders?! Time to make complaints to TWITTER every time he calls someone a loser or BS about an invasions.

  • Celestial Morning Light

    So because some people who use the board are assholes, you blame the platform itself? What kind of logic is that? That's really, really stupid.

  • lissa leggs

    For every degree to which Trump upscales aggression, America’s real national security will be downgraded. And like any good despot, Trump’s failures will become food for his own propaganda, to be conveniently blamed on the myriad of Others who, in the small minds of the Trump faction, are preventing America from becoming ‘great again.’

  • ha222ha222

    It's funny how those who attack, often claim to be "victims". It's as if your rights are more important than the rights of others.

    The constitution gives people the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." But somehow your right to bear arms is the only one that counts. Except that once people are dead, you've removed ALL their rights.

    Free speech does NOT apply to private businesses. Your company can provide rules for continued employment, just as the tv networks will abide by broadcast standards.

    But it's always the bandits who complain that it isn't fair.

    While on the other hand, this administration has pursued comedians for their jokes in bad taste, deeming them a presidential security threat. So much for "free speech".

  • Melanie O'Hara

    The 1st and 2nd Amendments do not shield speech, in any form, as a preamble or postscript to an illegal killing spree. Wake up America! The world is laughing at us.?‍♀️

  • eli goldman

    If you asked anyone who is familiar with the internet you know that 4 Chan and 8 Chan are literal nazi breeding ground. Of corse it took the Washington post this long to find out the obvious.

  • Kubie Q

    Shooter never posted in 8chan. He posted on facebook twitter. Also this story will be followed by the people bringing 8chan back via blockchain technology so the elitists wont get their pedophile hands on it and to keep people from researching their crimes against children!

  • Kubie Q

    This is why you cant trust Washington Post and a slew of other media networks.
    They dont want you to see the what Deep Throat version 2 (AKA Q ) is posting because he's only 2 years ahead of the news thats breaking now!!!


    Americans are crazy. We should have a total and complete shutdown of americans entering our country until our representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.

  • Shawn William

    General Shepherd Channel on YouTube still reposts The Alex Jones Show every single day go flag it…. take down Infowars site and his moron followers won't be able to repost it..

  • Dario Ferretti

    Man, thank god 8chan was shut down, this will surely stop murderers, psychos and terrorists. Now that we made abundantly clear that "hurting people = bad" I'm sure no criminal will ever do such thing again. That'll teach them, right?

    Now all that's left is getting rid of Facebook. Do you remember when those terrorist live streamed the Christchruch mosque mass shooting on Facebook? That was horrible! That massacre was totally Facebook's fault and I'm sure that if we were to shut down that damn site there won't ever be another mass shooting.

    Do you get what I'm saying or do I have to keep going?
    Shutting down 8chan will just force people (good and bad) to move to another place (first came 2chan, then 4chan, then 8chan, 16chan will happen eventually). The end result is a bunch of good people will be pissed off that their image board was shut down, a bunch of bad people will keep being bad people and feel even more "in the right" and a bunch of people who were "in the middle" will start leaning more towards the side of bad people because it'll look like those bad people are fighting against censorship.

    It's like banning video games because they cause mass shootings. Every country has video games but only one country has a problem with mass shootings. Blocking video games (8chan) is not the answer, it's more like good PR.

    It's like scratching an itch. You feel good immediately after but if you don't find and fix the cause of the itch nothing will change in the long run.

  • Shizmoo

    13% of the population commits over 50% of all violent crime. You are 7-9 times more likely to be raped, murdered, assaulted by this group compared to a white person

  • Money Shot

    Hopefully this will at least make Q Anon followers realise they've been following and worshipping a hoax this whole time and maybe now they can snap out of their delusional fairytale fiction world they've been living in!

  • Tattle Boad

    nothing i like more than tech company ethics determining the internet!

    seriously 8chan was a scumhole, but you guys are complete moralistic idiots

    our country is absolutely fucked

  • Silkendrum

    Is it possible to eliminate online anonymity? You can say anything you want, but by damn you will own it, personally.

  • Dol l

    So…now that 8chan hate mongers have lost their community are they going to head here to YouTube and flood other social media? I had someone reply to one of my comments yesterday. The commenter seemed to agree with the El Paso shooter's manifesto. I was concerned. The person looked young. How do we raise a red flag? How do we draw attention to someone who we suspect might have issues and might be the next shooter?

  • HAL 9000

    Fake news It wasn't the shooter who posted this to 8ch.
    He did however post to Instragram.
    8ch is going to come back stronger than ever and we'll continue to wake people up to the lies we see peddled in the Legacy media

  • Daniel S

    Those who don't like the concept of 8chan don't have to go there. Most people are still not aware of it. A place like 8chan a good place to study human psychology, and actually learn about others' opinions even if they are unbelievable/irritating. Only weak minds can't handle it.


    There is nothing vile or extremist about not wanting your race and nation to be destroyed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a white nationalist or a national socialist, prove me wrong

  • kohaku

    But what are the standards to judge which sites are “radicalizing” people and which are not? Who would be the judge here?

  • Firmus

    America needs more mass shootings. It is a rotten country and it needs to burn to the ground. I hope this radicalises people even further.

  • John Doe

    You guys are misrepresenting 8chan here. You're making it sound like 8chan is one forum, devoted exclusively (or primarily) to right-wing bigotry, like Stormfront or something. That's not what it is. It's a place that hosts a lot of different forums, each dedicated to a particular topic and completely independent from each other. The people making exultant posts about this shooting were on one forum out of many. Meanwhile, people on hundreds of other forums were either not talking about the shooting or were condemning it. It isn't 8chan spreading hate, it's one board on 8chan (I'm guessing /pol/, based on what I know of 4chan's /pol/ board) spreading hate. Completely shutting down 8chan over this is like completely shutting down Twitter because of Donald Trump's tweets.

    The Washington Post does a lot of great reporting, but you're making some mistakes in this case.

  • Joan Snow

    IMO, all social media platforms have the same problem. Too bad our president has stirred up a lot of hate! It isn’t/shouldn’t be this way. I wish they’d crawl back in the hole in which they’ve come out of. Including our orange turd in the WH

  • zbethleane

    Why do you lie all the time ?
    Why constantly create chaos and ugliness with words, by supporting the filthy individuals you perfectly know, who are fabricating the worse of the worse ?
    Why never report about beauty and Truth ?
    WHY ???
    What are you hiding The People could discover on YOURSELVES, MSM ???

  • Valincxx XIII

    If you people think we wont eventually be taken over by shitskins youre crazy. Whites are becoming the minorities in their own countries because you people cant stop letting broke brownies in

  • CoolCreeper39

    8chan was a failed experiment, it gradually became more athoritarian over time until it basically became another 4chan copy.

  • Romantis Anon

    Yeah, because deplatforming a community magically makes all of their ideas and beliefs disappear without any chance of them becoming angry.

  • Shaun Summers

    So what your saying is free speech is bad and shouldn't be protected. Why are americans blaming 8chan? Maybe they should have better regulations on who buys a weapon… It's people like you that will make Donald Trump win another election.

  • MonkeyWithAnAxe

    When you ban a site like 8Chan from the net, you're not being a white knight, you're being evil. All you're really saying by doing that is that you're afraid of what they have to say.

    The best way to fight ideas is with speech, not by censorship.

  • Renee Pye

    There is still 4chan! And any new or existing message board. They unfortunately have supporters in high places. It's a matter of numbers. All against the hate has to stand up and fight to concur the hate. There are more of use then the haters, we just need to step up and step out into view. Trump needs to be put out the white house and prosecuted for his crimes that are committed against America, immigrant children, ally's and adversaries, women, children, congress, the constitution, humanitarian affairs, fraudulent acts, immigration fraud,etc..there's so many crimes that he has committed and still committing without any accountability. Encouraging hate crimes and domestic terrorism is what pertains to this issue. Again, we AMERICAN'S and those abroad who support our efforts, must stand up so we can make America United as We the people, and not just certain people of race, wealth, and agenda .

  • Dio Brando

    Great idea! These people most certainly go to peer to peer messaging which is much harder to monitor than 8chan ever was.

  • Hugh Manitee

    so wapo is unrepentant for the manifesto lies that were spread. 8chans twitter shows two news orgs who retracted (and apologised for) the manifesto fake news. It did not go up on 8chan as the shooters first choice.
    8chan wasn't targeted for any humanitarian reason, that's their bs here. "saving lives and sparing sensitivities". truth is; powerful people have an interest in seeing it inoperable, not 2 or 4 or 69 chan which would work similarly for any manifesto needs, 8chan was the threat to a cruel overlord who doesn't care about you having facts.

  • Jeffrey Johnson

    Why haven't sites like CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, the Young Turks, Buzzfeed, the SPLC, and Media Matters been taken down since all they do is spread hate and lies?

  • Florida Cracker

    You people are so stupid. This was all a set up to stop Q Anon from revealing the evil in our government . They talk about hate speech while ripping 9 month old babies form their mothers womb.

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