How Quantum Computing Will Change The World!
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How Quantum Computing Will Change The World!

What the heck is quantum computing? And should
I care? Hey guys, Crystal here with DNews, I dont know if you’ve noticed lately, but
there is a new wave of computer technology being quietly developed in basement labs and
secret company offices. I’m talking about “quantum computing”. Companies like Google,
Microsoft and IBM, not to mention the U.S. government, have started investing heavily
in the development of quantum computers in the last few years and news of their investments
is slowly leaking out into mainstream media. So what is a quantum computer and why are
all of the major powers that influence our lives interested in them? Well the short answer
is that they promise to be faster, safer, and better at solving certain kinds of problems
than our trusty laptops. but that’s only one part of the quantum picture. First off lets figure out what it means for
something to be “quantum”. Sometimes “quantum” is used interchangeably with “small” but
that’s not accurate. Quantum things are happening on all length scales all the time–the
distinction is that the likelihood that we notice these corrections on top of Newton’s
“classical” physics decreases rapidly the bigger you get …weird. At the quantum level, a particle can teleport,
travel backwards in time, be “entangled” with a distant cousin, and a hypothetical
cat in a box can be both alive and dead. This apparently fantastical behavior is all possible
because of science… well, physics really … and a little math. Most relevant to our quantum computing plot
is the idea of “superposition” which transcends classical deterministic outcomes: alive or
dead, heads or tails, 0 or 1, to describe these states as a distribution of probabilities:
“the cat has a 70% probability of being alive” and as a funny outcome of the science
we don’t get a fixed answer until we actually open the box and observe the cat, take a measurement,
or otherwise ask the system for a specific output. A computer capable of exploiting this and
other quantum properties, like entanglement, would not be constrained by a classical computer’s
need to perform calculations sequentially because quantum bits would be capable of existing
in a probability of many states and thus, be much better at tasks like simulating molecular
bonds, performing rapid searches of complicated databases, or factoring large numbers very
quickly. These examples may seem silly or irrelevant
until you learn, for instance, that factorization is prohibitively time-consuming for a classical
computer, which is why it forms one common approach to data encryption. Now, quantum
computers are looking pretty good, especially if you have an interest in National Security. So how close are we to a programmable quantum
computer? Noooooot that close. You’ll probably use one in your lifetime, but don’t run
out to find one in the store just yet. Research in this area is happening at a rapid rate
and has even resulted in the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2012, but scientists still have
a long way to go. Challenges arise both from the difficulty in control and manipulation
of quantum states, something that makes encoding quantum information difficult, as well as
the vulnerability of that information to disturbance from the environment. Nevertheless, scientists like those at Caltech’s
Institute for Quantum Information and Matter, are working at the cutting edge of our current
knowledge to make quantum computing a reality. And as for it’s potential, being able to
simulate molecular interactions to create optimized materials on demand seems reason
enough for Google, Microsoft and IBM to throw tons of money at quantum computing, But as
one scientist recently reminded me: Who would have been able to foresee the impact of Facebook
or the internet when classical computing was in development? What do you think? Will quantum computation
change the world? Subscribe to DNews and let us know in the comments down below. And come
find me on twitter @PolycrystalhD


  • NoLove Jones

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  • n/a

    using images depicting different things than those talked about are so misleading, blah blah blah quantum computers ( img of silicon microchip shown) blah blah blah. lame video, but I'd still fucked her

  • えむえむ

    "We already have quantum computers, we have had them for years now. They're not any better than our current machines", well no shit, for all the Einsteins in the the comments, we had our first computer based on the von neumann architecture back in the 1940's, and what could it do? I couldn't do shit compared to our latest computers based on the same architecture. But come back in 10 or 20 years and the technology available to us will make you shit your pants, all thanks to quantum computing. You see, we need quantum computers to build better quantum computers, it's called mutual-improvement.

  • Oguzhan Yucel

    On Youtube vidoes, the people telling about quantum computers have no idea actually what it is but they repeating same memorized sentences again and again like a parrot.

  • Robert Foedisch

    FYI – quan·tum

    a discrete quantity of energy proportional in magnitude to the frequency of the radiation it represents.
    an analogous discrete amount of any other physical quantity, such as momentum or electric charge.
    the unit quantity of acetylcholine released at a neuromuscular junction by a single synaptic vesicle, contributing a discrete small voltage to the measured end-plate potential.
    a required or allowed amount, especially an amount of money legally payable in damages.

  • Mikhail Pozin

    Educational channel makes a video explaining the ramifications of an incredible technology and how it could shape our future, 90% of the comments end up being about how hot the host was….. we're all f*cked

  • Sun Search

    One thing I've learned over the years is that technology is about 10-15 years ahead of what we commoners are told via the controlled media. So safe to say quantum computers are already a reality in the "top secret" world. And if its true that qc's can make current encryption programs obsolete with a keystroke or two, it doesn't bode well for our "security," whether financial or otherwise.

  • Rita Amorim

    Doesn't the "difficulty in controlling manipulation of quantum states, something that makes encoding quantum information very difficult, as well as the vulnerability of that information to disturbance from the environment" basically guaranty that quantum computers will never be personal computers? You know, with all the need to being close to absolute zero and stuff…?

  • James Clark

    You don''t have clue where this is going. You were running cars on them five years ago and the Annunaki were using them 80,000 years ago before they ever came here. So what is the problem? The fools trying to develop them are stuck in t5he slow systems that we now have and can't get their heads past ones and zeros… plus they need nearly absolute zero temps. Hey, you mind is a quantum computer and it operates at 98.6… how is that possible?

    What we have been doing with binary machines is just as stupid as internal combustion engines, but cars work well enough to use even if they are not as good as what Nicola Tesla was doing i 1910

  • The Daily Compilation

    can you fucking say t…………….T !!! FUCKING quanTum…quanTum not fucking quanim……….fucking americans

  • Aaron Lowe

    QCs are still only as good as the programmers. Bad in = bad out. Actually, the quicker the computer the quicker the bad out. Potentially it could make modern security impossible. We'd have to find new ways to package data so it couldn't be hacked.

  • Cro-magnon Gramps

    3 years later and we have made gigantic leaps in understanding of Quantum Computing, Metamaterials and Nano technology; along with AGI…. give it another 3 years, this tech will be converging and we will be on the edge of the Event Horizon of AGI leading to ASI… The ASI is going to happen within 12 years… Just as Ray Kurzweil predicted… Damn that guy is scary LOL

  • Oscar P

    Who cares…all we got to run that amazing hardware is crappy Microsoft windows…so in the end all that quantum power to watch cat videos on YouTube…

  • Cosmo Ray

    Who is winning.?

  • Morgan Phoebe

    I haven't watched the video yet. If I can go the whole video without seeing a liberal or feminist propaganda attempt I will like the video.

  • Christopher McAuley

    Like a typical geek, I get distracted when there is a full view of Crystal on the screen 😂 Beautiful women. My biggest weakness 😎

  • Erik J

    implement them in a existing computer and it ll be amazing, also the first to make one ll discover a lot of secrets

  • jim james

    So we know we have quantum computing when we can play othello (the game) between 2 boards on each side of the world with no wires or satellites. Like some neutrinos just teleport back and forward between them at close to the speed of light give or take a bit.

  • bollyblob

    quantum stuff is not possible bcus of physics or math…if we hadnt invented those it would still be possible – nay- would still happen as part of reality.

    instead math and physics are infact also possible because of reality, not causing reality as egotistical human thinking leads you to believe…

  • pcrengnr1

    IBM now offers Free Time on their 5 Qubit computer. It is programmable by the user. Really cool. When we get multi-Meg Qubits the computing world will certainly change.

  • Line Arck

    that funy you talk of the procesus of creation an entiti who can essentiali be describe has "a god" like it's normal

  • Adam Blanchard

    Faster, better, & Idk how it could get worse…but, I'm sure they will also allow for even more invasion on our lives…than which already exists…

  • Priv Nam

    What if you did the calculation in a black hole? Or does environment still come into play. Where is there zero environment? Is zero environment even possible?

  • Dave Dogge

    makes bugger all sense to me. 8 bits all the same particle in different universes, how do you perform a simple addition with another 8 bit word and grab the results ?

  • ultra lord ps

    ofcource quantum computing will change the world because quantum computer is crazy faster than current computers

  • Robert Leinen

    1:29 into it – you just answered the question, to go back in time, is one of the things a quantum computer can do. No one is spending billions to make a computer work faster. But to go back in time that would be a terrible thing to do especially in the wrong hands which is everyone no human should have the capability to go back in time. It's beyond us our brains aren't developed enough to handle such technology and you might find out there's other beings that will probably stop you from doing so since it is their planet after all not ours. Could you imagine that you got your planet over here and over there and you know you're sitting back and check out my planet that I have over here that I set that up afew of billion years ago their time of course that ours it was only last year to them yeah so you show up and it's not there or it's different or it's not where it should be. What do you think's going to happen you think your billions and trillions are going to save you from an identity that thinks of us as nothing more than insects. Yeah keep probing space, one day we're going to find or I should say they'll find us a species that who knows we are their new food
    source. I really wouldn't take the word of whatever alien is you caught in the forties and what they say. Aai's quantum computers some people must really hate Planet Earth

  • Steve Parris

    Without going back to reread it, I would say John Naisbit predicted the probability of this type of outcome in his book "Global Paradox" so go take a look at that and see if it collapses your wave function 🙂

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