How Much Does Hosting Cost for My Small Business?

– Hosting, essentially,
is like online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive– – This is where the money comes in. – Right. There’s the low-end model and the high-luxury models. – ‘Cause you know what comes to mind when I think about hosting? – [Nealey] What’s that? – Those great parties I throw. (laughs) – All right Nealey, I’m a small business, which also means I have a budget. – Right. – So I wanna know, “What
is this gonna cost me?” – Right. So I think it helps to really understand what hosting is. And you can think of hosting–
– What is hosting? – As online storage for your website. – Got it.
– So you need files that make up the site itself, you
need somewhere to put it. That’s where hosting comes in. And there’s different types of hosting, and different costs
associated with that hosting. All right, so we’re gonna
go with a house analogy. So, all the way from
apartment to owning a house. So shared hosting usually ranges under about 200 bucks a
year, that’s the apartment. That’s basically the first step that a lot of small business owners go to because it’s affordable,
it has what they need. So they don’t have a
ton of traffic just yet, so it’s kind of that first step. – Wish my apartment cost that much a year. – Same. (laughs) Now business hosting is
that kind of next step, it’s like renting a house. You get all the amenities
of having a house, the bigger yard, the dedicated resources, all those things,
– Space! – But, if anything breaks,
– Driveway! – What happens? – You gotta take care of it yourself. – No. – Oh. That’s the one– (offscreen people laughing) Just kidding! (blooper sound beeps) – Now with renting a house, if something were to break, what happens? – I don’t have to deal with it. – Right. You call your landlord, – Absolutely.
– They can come and fix your AC that went out,
or whatever happened. Same thing with business hosting, right. If something were to happen
to the server itself, they have more technical
stuff, not your problem! And business hosting can get
a little bit more expensive because of that, it’s usually at least a couple hundred dollars up to a thousand or two thousand dollars a year. But you’re getting the performance, again, of having that house, and those resources for your website without having to deal with the backend stuff. A VPS, or a virtual private server, this is like owning a condo, right? You don’t have as many neighbors, and that condo is yours. So you can repaint the walls, you can do whatever you want inside of it, but you can’t necessarily
knock down walls, because that’s your neighbors, and that wouldn’t be very nice. They wouldn’t appreciate that very much. – Don’t recommend it. – So, a couple of costs with this and potentially hidden costs, right? If you’re not technical,
the server itself ranges, I don’t know, from like a
couple hundred dollars a year to a couple thousand dollars a year. But, because it’s a
virtual private server, or like owning a condo, if that AC breaks or something happens, it’s on you. You’ve gotta fix it. So that’s either you
going in and figuring out how to do it yourself,
or hiring a pro to do it. And it could get a little costly. And then last but not
least, dedicated hosting. This is like the creme de la creme, the top of the top, right? – Is this my house? – This is your house. – Hope nothing breaks.
– You can do whatever you want to your house, you can knock down walls, you can add some stuff, build a tree house in the backyard, whatever you wanna do. – Skate ramp, pizza brick oven. – Pizza everywhere. So with that hosting, and that server, that dedicated server,
again, hidden costs there. If anything goes wrong, it’s on you to fix or hire a pro. The server itself could be at least a couple thousand dollars a year, because you’re getting the top of the top. This is like, top-100-type
businesses are using these to make sure that, they
get a ton of traffic, they wanna make sure that it gets there. So most small business
owners won’t touch this, but it’s good to know that
it’s kinda that next level, in case your business ever
booms from a small business to an enterprise, right? – Yeah.
– That’s the dream. What other costs are
associated with hosting? – Now if you just need a site and you wanna build it yourself, those are the costs associated. But if you want some add-ons, like maybe you want security
on your website, like an SSL, – Ooh, yes. – There’s some free options out there, there’s some paid options, anywhere from like 80 bucks
a year, something like that. Then there’s security for your site like a malware removal and firewall, anywhere from like 50 bucks a year to a couple hundred dollars,
depending if you want that moat around your house to keep out the riffraff. And then maybe you don’t have
time to build your website. Maybe you need to hire someone. That’s an extra cost and
most designers charge anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars,
kind of depending on what you’re needing from your site. Like e-commerce is definitely gonna be a little bit more expensive of a cost. – Why is that? – There’s just a lot of
moving parts that go into building e-commerce site, and
it’s super time-extensive. – Got it. – So that’s just an added cost there. – Yeah. It’s starting to add up. – Yeah. All right so that’s all we have for you on how much does hosting
cost for your small business, Really depending on where
you’re at in your journey. – Yeah. And be sure to comment below. What was a favorite thing
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