How Long Women Really Want You to Last!
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How Long Women Really Want You to Last!

– It’s the moment you all
have been waiting for, the answer to how long women actually want you to last in the sack. (cheering and applauding) According to a recent
online survey the average answer for women across the globe the desired average was (drum roll) 25 minutes and 51 seconds. (cheering and applauding) – Where did they get the 51 seconds? Can they just round it out to 26 minutes? – Men said their ideal time
was 25 minutes and 43 seconds. – Pretty much the same. – Okay, the number seemed rather high for people to say the
average desired length was 25 plus minutes. – Yes. – That’s a commitment. (laughter) That’s not one “Hey honey,
let’s have a quickie in the morning.” That’s a — – Well, I mean, it all depends. Is it a slow jog or is
it a full on sprint? (laughing and cheering) – I’m just surprised because – Okay – A different study – and
you can get into this – but the numbers we’ve
thrown around on this show previous to this particular
survey, much lower. More like seven, eight, nine minutes. – Right, and I think
that’s actually what is mostly happening, is somewhere
between four to seven minutes is what we’re seeing. But (exclaims) It’s tiring! It’s a marathon, guys. But this is something interesting. This number, I think, makes sense. Because in the Journal of
Sexual Medicine, they did a poll and women do experience more percentages of orgasms when the sex is elongated. So if it’s less than 10 minutes,
only 50 percent of women will report that they experience orgasm, after 20 minutes, 75 percent. So I think that’s where
the 25 minutes come from. – But let’s break this down — – You know your numbers, young lady! – This is very important to me. Sex is very important. – Let’s break down these
numbers, though, because (cheering and applauding) a different study found adequate sex to be between three to seven minutes, desirable was seven to 13. So how do you bridge the gap, desirable in one study is seven to 13 ideal on another is 25 minutes plus. Could we bridge that gap and say that hey, maybe there’s a sweet spot in there? – Yeah – Because clearly studies are very — – There’s definitely a sweet spot in there, and I’ve found it! (laughs) – Dr. O is the expert, he
is the resident expert. – I’ve been there once
or twice or even more. – Absolutely, and I think
it’s great that we’re having fun with this,
but it’s also a serious topic because it’s important. – Good sex health is important. – It’s important because
if people then get in their heads that that is the standard, that is not the standard. What is the standard actual length of sex? It’s way below that, right? – Way below, way below, and in fact, at least 30 to 40 percent of men will say that they actually finish in less than five minutes so (laughter) people are laughing because
they’ve experienced it! – [Dr. Ordon] Hey, it happens! – This has been a big issue with men, because men will wonder when
do I have to worry about this is premature ejaculation as opposed to well, this is more normal. Because again, these numbers
are all over the map. If anything, I’ve become more confused. (laughter) by all the studies we’ve
done over the years – Don’t let it confuse you. Don’t get caught up on these numbers. – I don’t worry about them personally, because the truth is – Because then you’re
gonna go fast or you’re not gonna go at all. – We’re all individuals. – So don’t worry. That’s part of the issue. – Part of it is don’t worry and also I think people get
fixated on frequency, right? – Right. – Like how many times are
you having sex and comparing themselves to other people. You shouldn’t compare, it’s
up to you and your partner. – Well let’s touch upon
another topic that was involved in this, which is the National Survey of Sexual Health
and Behavior found that men believe they get a woman to
have an orgasm 85 percent of the time but only 64
percent of women said that they were achieving orgasm. – Give a little, take a
little, that’s 20 percent. – So much disconnect! – So that’s on the women. You should not be faking it. If you want to get what you need, – Yes. – You need to actually
express when you’re not achieving orgasms, so I don’t
know, I think that’s on us. – Like you’re not done, come back here! (laughter) – [Judy] We’re not finished with you yet! – Lock that door! – Lock that door, we
gotta make this happen for both of us. Equal opportunity. (laughs) – And hey, look, sex also — – We’re having fun with this, and don’t get caught up in numbers. – [Dr. Stork] That’s exactly, and not every sexual
experience between you and your spouse, for instance, is gonna be perfect.


  • inspiration is you

    1:21 at she breaks the tension though …. I'm happy coz I'm legend though 16+ mins(straight that) yeah …yups I can take any lady on ride…

  • OG 6

    I use to be a few minutes and sometimes a few seconds but after crossing age 35 I noticed I can last much longer as a matter fact I have upset my gf because I do not but fast and she gets fighting mad about it I thought women wanted it to last as long as possible but maybe I’m wrong or does she not know the value in a man with a nice 7” penis that does not cum fast

  • OG 6

    I called this escort named Jamie over to my condo in Memphis she was fine 6 ft tall and thick with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes well I beat that cooter up for over a hour and after that I went from a John to my real name to baby and I went from a customer to her mutual friend lol now she’s at my condo frequently and we date like a real couple now smh the power of the penis

  • One

    The west cannot look at biology as just biology – hence they just keep making such a big deal about human Sexuality and eventually suffer immensely

  • Keith Walker

    2-4 hours! My gf sucks my dick for 2 hours. She watches tv and sucks me.
    It really amazes me how she can do it that long . What are you gonna do in 25 minutes? I’m not lying ,5-25 minutes a woman won’t cum in that amount of time!

  • Blond Elefant

    This is bullshit. I like to have sex for 4 hours to half a day…this test just shows that the average human levels of love and intimacy are super shallow…

  • Tropic-Al

    Wouldn't matter if your unit was 8" long, 2" round, vibrated like a roller coaster and you could last an hour, women would still cheat because they would then want 8 1/2" long, 2 1/2 " round,wanted it to vibrate like a jack hammer and last 2 hours.

  • ann l

    So agree w her,why do so many fake?? Your not doing yourself any favors! Just be upfront,shit I was told him he doesnt know h ou w to pleasure a women,he said hes never had any complaints,told him cause I'm alot more vocal.and it's TRUE if your man diesnt take the time to pleasure you he isnt worth the time,what that dam point in getting in the sac w him then??

  • Enrique Martinez

    Women don't usually Express how they feel when it comes to sex especially. While in the act , that's part of the problem when it comes to having sex.

  • Jack Lee

    why don't you put this this video this is not with my YouTube channel has to be deleted right now open you from Minecraft forever like no one play Minecraft ever ever ever ever

  • Wallace Garrett

    This is BS. When I was with my wife, we use to sometimes start making love, while having a romantic evening at home, less say, we started having intercouse at 12:00am. By 4:00am we're still going strong. Of course she would dry the sweat off several times, with a towel I kept on the bed. It always take me along time to climax. Especially if it's the third time. My ex use to tell me she climaxed at least 40 times. Afterwards, we'd fall asleep. In the morning it was hard to wake her up. She was like, she had been drugged. She was so out of it. I had to pull her out of bed, make some coffee for her, to try and get her moving. We had to change our love making routine to the weekends, and only quickies, during the week. ( p.s., I was an athlete; ran track, and was into kung fu)

  • The Original Suffragent

    If you practice delayed ejaculation and separate your ejaculation from orgasm you can last for an hour

  • The Original Suffragent

    Obviously you shouldn't make assumptions but you seem entitled if you ask such a question

  • Daddyman G

    The TRUTH is it depends on the person or person's and the intensity and if there is any intensity at all, also it depends on what you are working with.

  • CoreCasual Gaming and stuff

    Things being elongated definitely helps women climax. I feel sorry for anyone that needed this video to teach them that. Lol.

  • ziku22

    You can make millions of shows with same wuestion, you can write millions of books on this sex topic and still never get any exact answer, all the research are BS means nothing, everyday people born , and everyday people die, a girl need one guy and a guy need upto 4 girls that's the natural fact and THAT'S it , and the girls are not bitches then you all enjoy a heavenly life on earth and that would be a war against porn industries like , movies , shows, netflix etc……

  • shumba the lion

    Damm bridge the gap by 10 minute 5 minute oral sex and last ten minutes on intimacy she can't take it if she does let her go you are not right person for her!

  • Daoistify

    Are we talking 26 minutes of actual intercourse? Or, about 30 minutes of foreplay,oral and intercourse which is more realistic.

  • Nabil raja

    how do i last 25 minutes? it took me just 2 minutes last night.. im trying to last longer but failed each time..please help me

  • Jamie Wilson

    I'm guessing this is like the whole event rather than necessarily 25mins of uninterrupted thrusting lol.

  • S P

    I think they mean 25 minutes all together,,, lol foreplay, some sex,,more play,,,,,and somewhere afterwad,,your both god to go,,,lol now when I was under 40,,,it was,,tell me when you want to stop and well be good,,lol

  • Keith Mitchell

    girls like 5 minutes of their boyfriend and 2 hours with their girlfriends ( the 5 minutes is just an investment in the housing market )

  • rusher1977

    25 to 30 minutes is my average. I have never had sex that lasted less than 20 minutes. 4 minutes? 5 minutes? That's crazy.

  • pcat1000

    I generally allow for 20 min. – snatch-lapping, which then only allows me less than 6 min. of penetration. what do I do now?

  • Koperasi TIBC

    7 minute is enough for me for round 1 … Coz my wife always orgasm below 4 minute , and doit again …. Ha ha ha ha

  • Jordan Burrill

    Tantric exercises work best – and most enjoyable to learn. Also you can use a soft, flexible scrotum ring – which gently prevents your testicles from retracting up next to the base of your penis. You'll notice that you can't ejaculate if your testicles are not retracted. Learn to hit her clitoris and G Spot together – easier when she is on top.

  • James Wood

    Wow, 45 min is a quickie for me I can't get mine any faster. 2-4 hours is my average. I'm to concentrated on making sure I have completely pleased my women hopefully to the point she looses count of how many times she gets hers. Now I'm wondering if something may be wrong with me since these times are so far away from mine. Should I go check with a professional and see if something could be wrong, or not working properly.

  • Camel & Camel

    It depends, sometimes I last 5 minutes ,sometimes 15 minutes and sometimes 30 minutes. But please don't do this at home.

  • 007coleyfoley


  • WGS-TV

    As a person who's never had sex and never will, this discussion is utterly pointless to me. Sex is overrated in my opinion.

  • Robert Whitehead

    I'm going to be honest this is no lie Delta between 7 to 25 and 26 minutes I'm sorry I'll take that long just to get to woman ready I ain't trying to brag or not like it but what I would consider to say for play and I'm 25 26 maybe 27 minutes and every time too but I'm just saying you know but I'd be ashamed if I couldn't last no more 7 minutes weather in a woman no matter what she look like especially this one is my type I am getting to that and I but I was saying I got to see I'm riding y'all better hope Jodi don't come knock on the front door cuz imma be playing Judy Li Hill to layang-layang some satisfied women out there it's only getting 26 minutes of it I mean I'm just going to tell it like it is I'm sorry

  • daniel gutierrez

    Man! My ex women and I lasted for hours the first time meeting. Love sex and can continueslly go for more and more. It's how u can get each other going of course a break after break lol.

  • Robert Hubbard

    Men are not thinking about what a woman wants, when having sex. Sorry ladies its all about the cum and the feeling that goes along with it.

  • jerry hardesty

    what I cant do with my tung I make up for it with my penis, these are playful times and last for about fifty minutes!

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