How Hosting Location Affects Your Website Speed
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How Hosting Location Affects Your Website Speed

hi guys I’m Tamhas, welcome to, and the lesson for today is how the location of your server or your website
hosting affects the speed of your site now very simply it’s the further it is
away from your customers the longer it’s going to take for the information to get
to them now if we go to and we do a speed test we can see that
my page loads in 0.5 seconds for somebody who’s in Sydney Australia.
Now my server is in Sydney as well which is ideal. It’ll also be quite fast for
anyone who is in Australia. But to see the other way around, now a lot of people
I can see they have websites with GoDaddy etc and they don’t realize that
their server is actually in the United States and so it’s taking quite a long
time for that information to come across the Internet to Australia every
time somebody looks at their web page Now now we can see here if we do a
comparison we just click compare and then we choose another region Dallas USA
and we wait for the test to finish Now the test is complete we can see that it
takes 0.6 seconds for somebody in Sydney to see my site on the Sydney server
compared to 4.1 seconds for somebody in Dallas USA to see my website which is on
the Sydney server so reverse that the other way around if your website is on
hosting in the United States then your page is going to be loading much slower
than it would be if you had a server in Sydney or Brisbane or Melbourne or Perth
we can do hosting in any of these locations To find out where your website
is hosted very easy go to site 24× click on Tools and down here we’ve got
find location of your domain and fill in your domain here click the button and we
can see that I’m in Sydney. So try that out with your own site let me know if
you’ve got any questions I’ll be happy to talk to you thanks a

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