How Does Cross-linking Between Silos Affect SEO?
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How Does Cross-linking Between Silos Affect SEO?

Hi, I’m Bruce Clay, and this is the Ask Us
Anything series. My website is currently broken into two silos: One silo for
automotive tires and the other for car rims. I find it to be a good user
experience to cross link products that usually sell together, so I often cross
link between my tire silo and my rim sidle. How does cross linking between
silos affect my SEO? Well, it depends. One of the dominant things that we use
siloing for is to establish a clear hierarchy,
therefore, you are correct, you would have a silo for tires and another one for
rims. The issue you have is that you are actually cross selling and if you
overtly sell, on one tires page, all your rims and have samples and links and
everything else, it may actually overwhelm the search engines. What we
recommend is that you always can link to a top of silo page, for instance, your rim
page. You would want that page to rank. So, from any of your tire pages, you can
say: “Need a rim? Click here” and you can send PageRank to the top of your rims
silo and work great. However, your question indicated that some products
sell better together. These are the ones that you may want to actually cross link.
Well, if you’re cross-linking for user experience, you could do it and just do
it less often. Pick the one that’s there, and say ‘Interested? See our rims,’ and show
that particular rim with its model and go to the rim page. Google, on the other
hand, sort of believes that you can cross sell. What we have found is if you cross
sell outside of us, basically supplemental silos, you start destroying
your hierarchy. For instance, if I were buying car tires,
I automatically linked over to something not associated with tires. For instance, I
sell stereos. I think that that is a disconnect I think that Google is going
to get confused. They’re gonna see that cross-linking as being a distraction.
They’re not at all synergistic. So can you cross link? Yes. Should you do it
willy-nilly? Absolutely not. You should do it for
purpose if you’re going to do it at all. In my opinion, if it’s just there for
usability, you could in fact no-follow that link or just not have it or just
mention it and then link to the top of the Silo. That’s the way we would
recommend you do it. Cross-linking your silos leads to cross-selling your products on the page, and could overwhelm the search engines. Cross-linking your silos can be useful, but it’s best to do it in moderation. We recommend that you make sure your are able to link to the top of a silo page.

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