• Bill - The Knee Pain Guru

    I appreciated the video, thanks! Is there someone I could speak with to help get the tor browser to access the internet on a mac? Or at least point me in the direction of how I could resolve the situation myself? Thanks again…

  • Quickly Askme

    so many ahhs and uhhhs I can't even watch this potentially awesome information. Learn how to speak with conviction

  • Quickly Askme

    Anything that has gained enough attention will be reverse engineered and methods will be implimented by our govt to regain network control. Anonymous web browsing can only be possible for short periods of time and by redesigned software/hardware that our government has no solution to over come.

  • Bro Swirski

    One thing about the "Information can be edited, manipulated and misconstrued":

    Sometimes, however, it might be a good idea to put information out into the public (i.e. the internet), so you have a public record of what you said. This makes it pretty hard for Big Brother to edit anything you said and turn it against you. Also, at most forums, you have a timestamped record of when you said it and from where (IP records), giving you an alibi against any attemps to falsly put you at a crime scene or something.

  • NoMan'sLand

    Hey man, I downloaded my iso image using firefox which per your page "tails.boums etc" it should've verified the key using a firefox add on. I just wanted to know if this process is still secure/accetable towards minimizing a MIM attack? Thanks a bunch excellent presentation!

  • Froozzen

    Sadly u cant run a vpn on Tails, without using a vm. So if the goverment keeps control over exit nodes, I am just begging for them to knock on my door? Even with using web proxy? Same thing if u use brigdes to hide your traffic from your ISP? Am I wrong or is there jsut no way of being anonym on the internet, atleast if you re not an expert and u dont know which exit nodes etc. are safe to use?

  • lil2ray21

    How are these compromised?  WikiLeaks leakers use Tails and Tor to pass documents and are still safe without prosecution. Can anyone explain to me or share a video that has these answers.

  • doodle daddle

    brilliant video. exactly what i needed information wise. thanks a lot for taking time to teach us, the people who need it how to be anon online! i also believe in privacy!

  • pokedude104

    The issue with tails is that along with the other inconveniences of using Linux in a windows dominated world, its not good for much else other than using the browser. It wipes itself totally clean so its like a totally fresh install every time you boot it up. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm guilty of becoming used to the conveniences of modern windows. Not sure I could do without them.


    Excellent and easy to understand technical information, extremely poor audio. The background noise makes harder to focus on your presentation, on top of being a nuisance.

  • Luis Sánchez


  • Dillinger-63

    The one area I have to disagree with is, "Don't talk to a police officer." As a retired cop, there were and are many that are not that way. Yes, there are quite a few bad cops out there and sadly it seems like more and more since I retired in the 90's but please don't generalize that all are bad and will find a way to basically make up a charge against you.I've known officers that were dismissed for circumventing SOP's and the law. Beyond that, some great info and thanks for the presentation.

  • Jason Tallman

    the video would have been 15 mins shorter has you not dropped so many ums and uhs.My question but when I download and verify tails 2.10 the file doesn't turn into a disc it's just just a large file not an iso image. Do I just toss this onto a dvd r 4gb disc and from my boot menu go into legacy boot like I did for the previous version? ??

  • Ivan Ishkabibeir

    Hey all on-the-line goers!
    I recently stumbled upon the Gibson Research Corporation. Upon going to grc.com/fingerprints.htm it appears as though this website, ran by Steve Gibbons, is able to cut around the ISP's and regular DNS servers to obtain an authentic https fingerprint. This is achieved by using "the 'Tier 1' provider 'Level 3' to connect directly to the Internet Backbone with no third-party between [us]".

    So my question is when your talking about being worried about states interfering with the https connection and corrupt or hacked CAs portraying a false representation of the tails.boum.org site for example (42:30 ish), would it be safe to assume this site as a secure way to verify if your looking at a corect website. That is the website you intended on viewing with no redirecting or interfering from any third parties?

    Thanks in advance for reading all this haha
    +117143680789288865321 +110585069289197373213 +104745419643647259077 +Forrest Barth

  • KushZx6R

    Good presentation, could have repeated some of the questions that was asked… all in all better than most of the tutorials out here about what tails can do and not do.

  • Keep It Simple

    Ooh shit what if big brother sees me looking at the video and put me on the watchlist should have watched this on tails !

  • jeweliarex

    tails is great for beginners but a better more secure solution that is way more private but also more complex would be whonix or even a step further … qubes

  • Alien Wan

    Hello, since you are a proffesional in the field of cybersecurity. Can I ask you how you became such an expert? Do all the experts like you start hacking since teenagers? Or did you study that in college or something.

  • zak00101

    Anonymous computing is not only a matter of software. Its also a procedure of get hardware that cant be traced back to you. Stupids lammers install all sort of software to not being traced and buy a laptop with their own credit car in front of a CCTV camera. Not to mention that they use their home Internet connection and keep the same chipset, ICCID, Imei or Mac Adress on their stuff. There is no better resources for a complete anonymation of all our communications?

  • വസീലി സയത്സേവ്

    My sony lap while running on tails, aint showing wifi…. wifi adapter is BCM 43142…. i have tried many methods but non worked.. can anyone help me??

  • Albert Alfaro

    I'm curious. I get why certain types of people use Tails/Tor, especially stalking and domestic abuse victims, but why Librarians? Why do they use Tails/Tor?

  • Hennie De Villiers

    Thank you for the transcript and the tutorial. You start with uhms and ahms and continue using this…more than you use ordinary words. Go and count them in the first few minutes. It helps to take a breath before you speak; it gives you time to think, and so do uhms and ahms, though the latter irritate the crap out of your listener. Your speech completely lacks elocution; voice and mind control. You can do better than that if you put your mind to it. You render a good service otherwise.

  • Constant Gardener

    Please, will you recommend the best type of flash drive that will work with tail, for, according to INFOSEC, some flash drive will NOT work.

  • J P

    @Forrest Barth

    I'm good until the terminal part. Get through half of it then my Mac just doesn't want to know.

    Infuriating. Is there a version of this type of software where terminal isn't necessary?

  • Rob Newbold

    Dude. Can you edit out all of the "ah's?" That would be great. It's too distracting. It's all I hear 2 minutes in.

  • Alice Walker

    This was really interesting and even though I'm not a super well versed in these technologies easy enough to follow. Thanks for sharing. Lots to think about!

  • Conejo Blanco

    Any reliable password managers apart from KeePassX? I'm worried about having the Live USB lost or confiscated with all its passwords, and then not being able to access anything at all.

  • European Confidence

    Can you install Tails or do you use it as a live CD to browse the deep web. If so do you have to use a vpn as well? Or just use tails and tor?

  • European Confidence

    Also what do you think of all these horror stories on the dark web? If we shouldn't click on everything then how are we going to learn about the good stuff – not the sick demented or illegal stuff ( not interested in that )

  • Jason St-Coeur

    I dont get something .. Should a tail user worry about not using a VPN ? So, if you are using tails, but under a device that's at your home is it no good since you're using your internet connection without VPN ?

  • Michael H.

    @Forrest – The biggest problem is your over use of the phrase "Aahh", "Aahh". You need more practice in public speaking and time to listen to your entire presentation!

  • Mxk455x

    new versions of tails seem to be much slower and have bulkware i have a nice old version that runs off a disk no NSA updates for me i just hope they do not come and break my dvd all sources to old versions have gone exstinct.

  • Ai2 Bail

    Thanks for the info. Great talk. mmm but i will stick with windows. Seems tails and all this secrecy is just to much work for me. Any way they know. All this gathering of dare i say it free information is to create the perfect servant also known as AI. then they can burn us all.

  • pekso ha

    who the fuck talk in backgrounddddd what or this has crap audio editing. its great content but just unlistenable.

  • John Murphy

    Thanks for all the info. Is there a way to run tails on a Android phone? If not what would be the closest way to do so? Also what phone would be the best to be compatable? Thanks in advance

  • Feral Sage

    Excellent. You've presented a lot of information is a very clear way. Thank you, especially, for helping beginners to join the privacy movement.

  • pacman1408

    this video was uploaded in 2016 that was 3 going on 4 years ago. Do you have an updated version with the new technology of this video?

  • atlanticbboy

    Uhhhh… ummmm… for ahhhh… ummmm… and ahhhh… you have to uhhhhhhhh… ohhhh, hmmm… ahhhh… they ughhhhhh.
    You suck shit at public speaking. Get a new fucking line of work, shithead.

  • Greg Manny

    Mostly so called political activists and/or so called protesters are manipulated by the CIA. For example Srdja Popovic in Serbia… So…

  • Gammareign

    The fourth amendment to the U.S. constitution says: "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Had they been alive in the era of the internet, I am sure the founding fathers of the U.S. would have extended those protections to online communications and activities.

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