• PizzaOps

    Thanks Ed! I've known how to do this for years, but I didn't know the newer SystemD/cloudinit methods. That was very helpful.

  • PakHistorian

    Well, I tried to do this, and I can no longer ssh to my EC2 instance, and I don't know how to revert that 🙁
    Can anyone here help me on this?

  • Navneet Verma

    I wonder if a reboot is necessary of change the hostname? In case I didn't want to reboot what changes do I need to make to the steps described here to make sure the hostname is changed without reboot and the new hostname is resolvable by the local DNS, and that the hostname persists across start and stop of the instance.

  • Nour ASLAOUI

    So to get the new hostname registred to the local DNS the solution is a reboot ? Really? This is abosulutely not practical and inconviniant for automatic deployement. You should give us the ability to choose a hostname before the instance is already created, like AZURE does.

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