How cloud computing ensures disaster recovery and business continuity.
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How cloud computing ensures disaster recovery and business continuity.

45% of all businesses that experience 10 or more days ever recover, and usually go bankrupt. Cloud computing provides automatic data, application, and system backup, stored in
multiple locations. With cloud computing, following the worst
of natural disasters, your business can continue critical business processes such as CRM, financial
like Quickbooks, inventory, email, and voice (telephone service)
within minutes .
For example, if the worst possible disaster, like hurricane Sandy, hits your location on the east coast, the computing systems of your business could be fully operational within minutes by retrieving duplicate systems with virtual
servers, application software and data which have all been backed up in real time, from data centers located on the west coast. Cloud providers can offer preventive measures that most business owners cannot afford to
implement themselves, because the cost is too high. SAS-70 or SSAE-16 enterprise grade data centers that cloud providers use for backup, are often deliberately built at locations that experience fewer natural
disasters, and located where they can tap into redundant
sources of bandwidth, provided by varied transport modes, and multiple carriers, so that if one bandwidth
source goes down, automatic failover systems provide access
to bandwidth alternatives in real-time. Cloud providers can afford to utilize the most robust security tools that include multiple layers of logical and
physical security including biometrics. T his prevents unauthorized use of data and
theft. Cloud providers are also able to utilize state-of-the-art Uninterrupted Power Supplies
(UPS) power back up, and top of the line backup
power generators. With cloud computing, you get service level agreements (SLAs) that can provide a written guarantee that key components of your IT system will be back up and running within two hours of a disaster. With cloud computing, your business continuity can continue or resume within hours, rather than days, weeks, or months. If your building is totally destroyed, or you cannot obtain access to it, you and your employees you can use laptops or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, to resume critical operations, such as customer service, from any remote location where internet service is available, within minutes of the disaster. If your company has been utilizing cloud based hosted PBX for telephone service during the normal course of operations, you and your employees can actually take your IP phones with you when evacuating for the disaster, and resume normal telephone communications from anywhere in the world where they can obtain internet access. All telephone features such as voicemail, call forwarding, conference calling, etc, will remain fully functional. If your company uses virtual desktops, another great offering of cloud computing, you and your employees will have full functionality of the most recent Windows operating system, from any mobile device, at any evacuated location that has internet. Thanks to �national defense level encryption�, offered with cloud computing, and the fact that none of your company�s vital data will actually be stored on the
mobile device, but instead is stored on a secure server located at a secure location, your mobile devise will simply serve as a
portal to your secure network. Use of virtual desktops on portable devices is often more secure than the security systems you use at your
business location. By utilizing cloud computing, regardless of where you and your employees
evacuate to, you will sound and appear to your customers like you are still sitting in the office you evacuated from, with the full functionality of that office, even if you are sitting in an internet caf�, enjoying a cup of coffee while you are working. With a good disaster recovery and continuity
plan, your business will not need to experience significant down time while your permanent
IT system is being restored. Customers can be assisted immediately. There will be no loss of valuable data. Thank you for joining us for this discussion. If you have questions, or if you would like a free consultation with one of our certified engineers, please give us a call, or use the contact form on our website. A link to our website is located immediately below this video. If you would like to watch other videos which address related topics, please click on one of these green links. Or, click the link to our website, directly beneath this video to use our patented real-time pricing tool. This pricing tool is easy to use, and there is no obligation. Our pricing tool will assist you in checking prices and availability, for any business telecom service for your
business location, including: T1, Ethernet, Fiber, Voice, VOIP, larger circuits
like DS3, Fast E or Gig E, or networking between business
locations, for any location in the United States, or, international networks, please visit our website at I�m Jody Ellen, the Director of Training here at FiberLine
Communications. Thank you for joining us today for this training

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