How Big is Snapchat? — DONG

Vsauce I’m Jake and if I don’t survive
this episode…bury me with my because I’ll probably get a heart attack just looking
at the Cheese and Burger Society, a website that features 40 different glorious recipes
for cheeseburgers and each one is deliciously described by Patrick Warburton’s golden
voice. They all look so beautiful, but let’s really wet our appetite with some more DONGS.
Things you can Do Online Now Guys. How Big is Snapchat? a website that gives
some statistics on the service like the fact that every second almost 8,800 photos are
shared or how it would take you 10 years to view every snap from the last hour. Now that
we’ve found out how big snapchat is, let’s find out how well you can hear audio quality.
You’re presented with 3 versions of the same song by artists like Jay-Z, Coldplay
and Suzanne Vega. Using your ears, decide which audio clip out of the 3 is Uncompressed
audio.. I personally only got 2 out 6 correct so I’ll let out my frustration with Crossfade,
where you mash up different clips from YouTube picking one as the video source and the other
as the audio to create something as life changing as this. If you need help finding background music
try Magic Transistor a website where you use an old transistor radio to listen to interesting
and rare musical recordings. In addition to digitizing out of print vinyl, they also accept
mix tape submissions from listeners. Now that the radio is working it’s time to plan the
next road trip with Roadtrippers, Just put in start and end locations, what kind of things
you want to see along the way, and then select the stops you want to make. If you can’t decide where you want to go
use Boll, a website for crowdsourcing polls. Simply ask a question, provide the answers,
and then let the internet do the rest. hrrrmmmmmm tough question…hey, where are you going
don’t try and avoid this important question you Flipping Ninja, a game that has your ninja
square body jumping around using magic to change places with a mirror image of himself.
collect stars and keys to achieve perfection. I don’t really have a clever transition
for this one uhhh so impromptu Type Drummer solo! Just be sure your fingers hit the right keys
cus you don’t want a Typo. A website that takes any sentence you write and assembles
the words with pieces of text from historical documents, journals, and maps from the National
Library of Poland. It also works great for ransom notes. Hmm, it’s missing something
though…I’ll just use Pixlr to enhance it. Pixlr is an in browser app that works
a lot like photoshop. The program is very comprehensive offering you a lot of the tools
you need to get the job done. There, perfect. Now onto my next project, the LOTR Project.
It has information on all things related to middle earth, like comprehensive family trees,
statistics on dwarf lifespan, or interactive maps that illustrate where certain characters
were at different points in time. If you need a link to the past there’s always the Zelda
Live Map, which lets you look at a complete map of Hyrule with moving characters and monsters.
Hey look there’s Link! You know this map really reminds me of My
Uncle Who Works for Nintendo. A text based horror game that…makes me afraid to play
pokemon ever again… Man I need to calm my nerves with Finding Home a chill audiovisual
journey in which you move a ball of light over a changing landscape. and since you’re
thoroughly chilled now would be a good time to Make a Flake, use your digital scissors
to make paper snowflakes, save your designs and even download snowflakes that other users
created. Now that you’re used to the snow lets go Scaling Everest. Scroll from sea level
up to the summit of Mt. Everest, all while learning interesting facts. But why stop at the top of the mountain? Shoot
for the stars with The Bounce, where you play as a giraffe who is trying to jump his way
to the moon, collect stars and avoid asteroids. I could listen to this song forever… but
instead of avoiding asteroids be one in The End of Us, an experimental game that was designed
to evoke feelings of friendship and attachment. Make some new friends with ScribbleGrid where
you draw whatever you want inside of a cell on a larger grid. You can navigate the grid
to find a private spot for yourself or add to someone else’s creation, but what’s
also cool is that each cell acts as a chatroom, allowing you to talk about your work. After
making art, collect some in neon mob where you collect and trade digital art prints.
Open packs to receive prints from a series, and propose trades with others to snag those
rare ones. If you’re into art, maybe you’d like some
Mozart…Vs THE FUTURE! a game in which Jean Pierre goes back in time to kill mozart and
prevent the french revolution. Double jump and slice your way to victory, because no
one can stop you from writing your opera NO ONE! You will need patience to solve the puzzles
in Drench a puzzle game in which you must work to change the entire grid into a single
color, but if you really like that blocky aesthetic then turn all of your photos into
legos with Brick a Pic. Just upload a photo and then turn it into a blocky triumph. You know what else is blocky and triumphant?
8-bit Dash, an internet dashboard that uses 8 bit graphics to help direct you to great
gaming websites, awesome internet tools, all while little 8 bit characters fight each other
in the background. But this is 2000…what year is it again?
2015! we need 3d graphics like in swooop, a game where you fly a plane around the country
side collecting gems and listening to some awesome music. I also like it because it reminds
me of Pilotwings 64. Ah, memories.

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