• Fred Ivory

    What does "save the world" even mean? That's all everyone ever talks about. And it really means nothing. Humans are intestinal gas to this planet. To think more of us is pure arrogance.

  • Sujit Kumar Ray

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  • Ryben Flynn

    @ 2:08. Why are the orbits shown the wrong direction? Seen from outside the Solar System the orbits are COUNTERCLOCKWISE.

  • Stephen Ball

    Re: 'Our Mathematical Universe': "…our reality is mathematical at its most fundamental level."

    Why wouldn't it be? What could it be besides mathematical?

  • Kevin Warburton

    didn't pull themselves together …or ejecta from collisions and possibly the destruction or partial destruction of a previous planet in the system.

  • Kevin Warburton

    With an abundance of platinum/silver/gold we bring back the gold standard & get rid of floating paper money. All currency becomes gold & silver coins and/or directly tied to it.

  • Shawn Irwin

    Chances are way better that this type of material can be recovered from the Moon, with much easier conditions for recovery. The Moon must have tens thousands of hits, many from asteroids, and, it has some gravity, which would make recovery much faster and easier. So these people do not seem to be using their noggins. My bet is that the Chinese will beat the US to the punch when it comes to taking advantage of this idea.

  • Jonathan Mathis

    The worse case scenario isn't market collapse of mined resources in Earth, the worse case scenario is a massive influx of space prospectors and pirates going crazy making ransom demands or declaring government autonomy


    guys sorry but let's be real ,at this pace ,humanity as a whole won't make it to the 22 nd century ,and we all know that ,so please stop with the asteroid mining and black hole energy harvesting because we will not be around for long

  • Josh Combs

    I'm always irritated when I hear that we can use water as rocket fuel to travel through space, but I still need gasoline to get to work.

  • ZeTheGamer

    "The planet isn’t going anywhere. We are! We’re goin’ away. Pack your shit, Folks, we’re goin’ away. We won’t leave much of a trace either, thank god for that. Maybe a little styrofoam.
    Planet’ll be here and we’ll be long gone. Just another failed mutation. Just another closed-end biological mistake, an evolutionary cul de sac. The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas, a surface nuisance."
    George Carlin

  • Shawn Elliott

    Even if asteroid mining could be done entirely robotically, humans will still want to do it in-person, #BecauseHumans. Not least among their motivations will be to get away from existing governments, which seems to be humanity's favorite thing to hate.

  • Piotr Dudała

    1. Unless somebody comes with solution to traveling salesman problem or some arcane prospect technique, entire enterprise is fraud, pure and simple.
    2. You need to get either goods to the customer or customer to goods – without space elevator … see point 1.
    3. minimum energy trajectory to Mars is 2 year, one way. Asteroids are considerably farther, and contrary to common belief, are NOT packed as dense as in "Empire Strikes Back" or our visualizations.

  • Harry Potter

    On a trawl through various parts of the internet, I recently found a short story about asteroid mining. Its a take on the concept that I hadn't encountered before. I can't contact the author as he doesn't seem to be active on the internet any more, but here is a link to the story https://sites.google.com/a/slippylane.com/addendum/categories/shorts/oldjacktheminer Looks like its creative commons share alike, so do with it what you will

  • Miles Meyrow

    I think asteroids will be used as the first interstellar spacecraft. The ones that are a few miles in diameter can be spun and partially hallowed to have artificial gravity. The dense outer material will protect against radiation. They can have a combination of chemical, ion and Solar sails for propulsion. Plenty of water to support an ecosystem. If you want to have a generational ship it needs to have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of occupants. Can have nanobots that can self assemble into much larger units that are all over the surface and inside the asteroid. Much of the computing power can be distributive and since it will be in a small area it will be very responsive. Heavy metals, rare earths and silicates with water enough for thousands of years and you can pull along other frozen water asteroids.

  • Brad Bradson

    How mining asteroids will allow capitalists to continue capitalising on resources once they have destroyed the world.

  • Sean Draco

    US decides space mining is to expensive basically handing the mantel of earth culture to China. People two millennia ago (with 30 year life spans) would be shocked at our short sightedness. Hysterical that people that without any clue of the scale of time or the universe thought nothing of building things for a generation or more. While we don't even make a major highway to last as long as our juvenile period. A galaxy is waiting for colonization while we argue over who's better kicking or hitting or otherwise playing with a ball… Honestly a skill that's only impressive in toddlers.

  • Iliya Fartunov

    What will happen if you mess up routing of the asteroids by mining enough in the belt and someting hits the earth after 1000-10000 years? -Fermi paradox 😀 😀

  • Powerhouse Online

    The United States will mine the asteroids under U.S. mining laws.
    The United States has the power, drive, and military power to protect the U.S. mining operations.

  • miiiikku

    Why bring anything back to earth? Gold isn't used for anything and materials in space could be used in future projects in space.

  • Atlas WalkedAway

    No, it would be just fine and dandy for someone to tank the value of precious metals. In fact, what could possibly accelerate the progress of technology more than making technical materials trivially cheap? Yeah, let me shed a tear for the gold barons and China's loss of (garbage)steel exports.
    Just kidding…
    That's sarcasm…
    Screw old money and the CCP.

  • Jupp Soetebier

    It won't 'save' Earth, it will save human Capitalism creating trillionaires are vast billions of us working slaves. Grand Duchy of Fucking Luxembourg? Goddam Illuminati I'd say.

    Nice Expanse nod. And speaking of Expanse… interesting that this is supported by Amazon's Audible because Bezos just might be one of those first Space Trillionaires. He certainly has slave workers already.

  • Valendr0s

    One comment about something you said that was related to economics rather than physics.
    You don't have to 'try' to fix the price market for these materials. It will happen on its own. As the price falls, uses for those materials will increase. If they don't then you won't go into space to get them anymore. Economics will take care of it. The miner trying to get top dollar and the industry trying to use those materials trying to get bottom dollar is all you need to keep the economics going.

  • Zachary Hutchison

    "Asteroid minersare gonna have to be careful not to crash the value of these materials"

    That awkward moment when capitalism actually SLOWS industrial growth.

    I think it's more likely they'll just race to mine as much as they can of whatever is most cost effective. Platinum just crashed? Oh well, mine gold. Gold just crashed? Oh well, moving on. We'll see the price of all metals plummet, the challenge will be using all of that stuff.

  • mdonoghue1985

    I wonder could you rotate the the asteroid while ejecting what you mine into space at a certain velocity to create a disc of dust surrounding the asteroid. The heavier materials will be in a closer orbit to the asteroid allowing possible way to sort out the materials in a asteroid.

  • PRG

    I see moving the orbit of a asteroid just to mine it becoming a cataclysmic event, slightest mistake could become irreversible.

  • nightlightabcd

    The cost of mining the moon, or Mars or asteroids will cost more then it can be obtained on earth! I suppose that if the US pays all the expenses and they are not paying taxes, I suppose it would be rather profitable if they have a buyer. Materials are not more accessible on asteroids, they are far less accessible and the cost of mining, processing and shipping to earth will cost far, far more then it is worth!

  • nightlightabcd

    Despite current NASA's determination, mankind can not live for longer periods of time in a no gravity environment, so mining operations will have to have constant resupplying and crew rotation, costing more than the material is worth!

  • Kie 7077

    You forgot should it happen: what happens when we start mining toxic minerals from the solar system and bringing them all here to Earth. This solves a problem we don't have. Pollution and over-population are the problems we need to solve and mining asteroids doesn't do that.

  • Timothy Garrison

    What would happen to earth or say a planet if we just started getting asteroids and making the planet just massive. Say we have time and all the resources we need to make it double its size. What would happen to earth, or just a planet. Just wondering if we would just slowly go out in orbit, if at all? Could we possibly wreck the solar system?

  • Winston Knowitall

    What? James Cameron creates a space mining company and does not name it Weiland-Yutani??? How come?

  • Just another guy

    Who will do it first, Bezos, Musk, someone yet unkown? I can say whoever does will be so wealthy they could form their own nation.

  • Sean Sullivan

    "Asteroid miners are going to have to be careful not to crash the value of these valuable minerals with oversupply." Fuuuuuuuck capitalism. This is exactly the reason why DeBeers is a valuable corporation despite diamonds not being all that rare. They retain a de facto monopoly on the supply of a natural resource that should be readily available to everyone for a much lower price.

  • Thomas Slone

    " hey bro, i designed this game where all you do is mine stuff to craft stuff that you can mine more stuff with" , " genious, what are you gonna call it bro?" , "hmmmm… mine… craft "

  • Power Cat

    The United States and our allies must be first mining the asteroids. We have to keep the Chinese government out because they may claim that space had always been their territory like the South China Sea. The Western world should use a Union work force.

  • EddieVBlueIsland

    The methane on Jupiter or Saturn or their moons is so great that it could easily consume all oxygen on earth.

  • Jari Haukilahti

    I was thinking losely about how much G does a rubble pile or gravel need to fuse to rocklike like sandstone -this shuld set a size of the astroid itself if its solid or pile of sand.

  • Space Ventures Investors

    We have updated our Space Resource Due Diligence – Asteroid Mining right now requires more observational capabilities, and tagging of zones on asteroids for exploitation; ice/water. The gray legal zone has yet to be sorted.

  • Deepankar Rawat

    Can yu made a video on thickness of asteroids belts and how would awe escape them if we want to travel beyond .

  • Abhinav 12

    in a small town of India,they found this stone…it was really hard to cut..it's just a week ago…
    Govt took it over from the locals who were farmers.
    It made a loud sound when it fall…does anyone know about it!!….
    Are their any more of them?

  • Ace

    What about the moon? It's covered in craters made by large asteroid impacts, so it could be absolutely covered in valuable elements. Unlike asteroids, it moves relatively slowly in a predictable path at a relatively close distance, AND we've already sent humans there and brought back literal tons of rocks from the surface, PLUS NASA is planing to set up a small science station there in 2024. I say the lunar surface would be the PERFECT place to start a space age "boom town" as it were.

  • Grok Effer

    Although the rare earth elements and precious metals would be the main prize from mining asteroids, simple silicates in the regolith could be turned into something similar to glass-crystal-quartz that would be capable of holding atmosphere, with light passing through. We could be farming in space, and generating oxygen.

  • Rodney Carpluk

    First, faster travel will have to be made, or getting to the " mining site" and back to earth will take too long…Mine the moons of Jupiter and saturn, it will take over a yr to get there, over a yr to get back…

  • Rodney Carpluk

    Then the payload areas for planned ships…they do not seem like they have enough area to bring back enough material to have profits…even in the case of there being "estimated to be trillions of dollars of platnium" in some aeteroids…thats in the core of the asteroid, and the asteroid is much larger than the ships…

  • Rodney Carpluk

    A basic example is, https://www.rt.com/news/310170-platinum-asteroid-2011-uw-158/…there is estimated to be trillions of dollars of platinum in this asteroid…but for those trillions of dollars there is 90 million tons of platinum…

  • Rodney Carpluk

    That seems like a good situation, but its not with current plans…the most powerful ship planned has capacity to carry around 100 tons…so a 100 tons out of 90 million tons…thats not even close to a trillion dollars thats able to be held in the most power ship ever planned…

  • Rodney Carpluk

    There would have to be either 900,000 ships to transport that material, or a single ship used 900,000 separate occasions…or a secret death star like ship that China has been hiding, that is has the payload area of 900,000 of those ships…but its safe to say that isnt the case…( and china would get the trillions of dollars if that was the case)…

  • Rodney Carpluk

    And that snot even taking into account, the cost of making mining devices, adn equipment…and the cost of transporting that to the asteroid, and if its half a decade to travel to, then it will be around a decade to transport back to earth…so with current plans, profits dnt seem like they are feasible at all…

  • Richard Charbonneau

    They would have to be careful not to tank the value of these materials is an understatement. 1 metallic asteroid could crash the worlds precious metals markets, as a sudden flood of these would make them, well not precious anymore.

  • Sean McGrew

    It's debatable that Rockefeller was the richest ever… Carnegie was. (but why that has ANYTHING to do with science and mining asteroids…) Something like this should not be motivated by money!

  • Samuel Mullins

    N*-factory political authority began with Eden's first life-taker skank when surrendering their genius Faith Systematic Government. I smell the stench of social drinkers worse than partiality stupefecated but stupider by voluntary mis-education!!! Propagandized Health Enthusiasts should scientifically self-experiment red-wine vinegar on salads and in jogging juice, because the N*-juice will blind/dupe your gullibility meter. No joke this voluntary idiocy biodegrades on a socially-promoted curve. Ask GREEN-PARTY's Physical Doctor expertise of Jiil Stein, whom was politically eliminated for being too non-religious and speaking no-no-no words same as non-religious reformist The Jesus Christ , Faith-babe Authenticator of Predestinator.

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