House Votes On Impeachment Managers, Sending Articles To Senate | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)
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House Votes On Impeachment Managers, Sending Articles To Senate | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


  • B Avery

    Can there be only one impeachment? It looks like the beans Giuliani's goon is spilling could easily qualify for more articles of impeachment…

  • FoolserWisely

    If a Democrat ever wins the White House and the Republican's hold the house, they should start drawing up impeachment articles on inauguration day

  • Bill Smith

    Sorry, no vote shaming, no name calling will ever get a normal person like me to side with this last inquiry being anywhere near honest and complete. It is a sham.

  • Yisrael Bisman

    This is not about "dislike" – Its about crimes against the "Constitution" and Abuse of Power and just pretending that you are claiming that it is just the opposite – in all your blatant hypocrisy – does not change the facts. Facts are Facts. "A Republic, If We Can Keep It." – God Help Us All.

  • Rich Richardson

    What I don't get is why does it take a 'Vote' to send the articles – to – the Senate? The Vote for impeachment is done. Is it somehow 'optional'??? Once impeachment is voted, then the articles are agreed upon and sent to the Senate where THEY have a hearing upon it… Is it necessary to vote to send the articles??

  • Parslow Pongbert

    Meanwhile Putin has dismissed his government to make a more successful dictatorship based upon Moscow Mitch’s Republican Party.

  • F. Lares

    He will be an impeached president for ever in our history books
    The only thing that he has over Obama
    And in addition to that the moment he is not president
    He will be indicted by the Southern District of New York
    And likely to spend the rest of his natural life in federal custody

  • John Winslow

    We are seeing in real time how Hitler controlled his people and we must stop this dictatership now before America as we know it is destroyed forever people!

  • Milldog's Pad

    OMG i thought i had a acid and was tripping, you people are delusional … None of you have learnt nothing – You wait and see the results of 2020. If somebody plays by the book, your never gonna win. Pointing your finger while stamping your feet crying Mr T has done this or he's done that. Seriously you all should be ashamed – Another quick one, He will sue each and everyone of you ,slander definition of character, He Forgets Nothing and you actually do deserve it..

  • mel mede

    Trump was only trying to uncover corruption about the Obama administration and Joe Biden's crooked dealing getting his unqualified son a very lucrative so called job. Trump does NOT need any dirt on dirty Dems to win in 2020.

  • Old Lady2020

    Something is amiss already. Adam Schiff is told he has one minute at 39:24 to 40:33 yet McCarthy is given one minute 41:00 to 54:45. One minute sure is different depending on what side you stand.

  • joe tool

    senator Cornyn advised Trump not to send any of these house Republicans to the impeachment trial tells you everything you need to know about these clowns doing nothing but making noise

  • GDPops

    Watch for the “Brett Kavanagh” strategy being played out in the Senate impeachment trial where “bombshell” evidence & witnesses are brought forward by democrats to harm the president. As with Kavanagh, the bombshells will be fabricated and untrue just to dominate the daily anti-Trump news cycle spewed by the corrupt leftist media. The dems will continue their three year mission to resist President Trump and hope their smears interfere with the 2020 election.

  • Donna Mason Brown

    What the heck is going on with you people? Why can't we just get along? Quit bashing each other all the time. It's so much drama everyday.Why didn't you impeach Obama and his clowns, he sold America out!!! Why wasn't the Bush crime family impeached for there crime's again humanity. Ask Indonesia about the Bush's? Sure pray and the demon's come out of the woodwork.

  • Alan Olson

    How dare you Pelosi, to cite the founding fathers of this country. You are nothing more than a traitor. You and every one of the lying POS’s next to you.


    It’s all bout the money…Greed make people break the law simple as that. Trump and all his associate is breaking the laws by lying and don’t care bout American people. TRUMP Suppose to speak at his rally letting people how he can do better for the country. Instead he just attack the righteous democrat. Be a president not a dictator.

  • J. Muller

    And while the Democrats and their corrupt news media keep the Witch Hunt going , Trump is still doing great things for America like today signing China trade deal.

  • Sandy

    Imagine the God-like status Trump will get when he beats impeachment. He will be the #1 President of all time. The ONLY one reelected after the swamp tried to remove him. Top dog. Unique and utterly beloved, the only one EVER to accomplish a full send rebuke of the swamp impeachers. The one and only. The most incredible political presidential accomplishment in all of American history. Trump will tower over all other Presidents.

  • SW627

    Perfect…… let's get the "whistleblower", AND the Biden's on the stand. Oh….fun fact…..the "alleged" whistleblower's last name is Italian for a type of "oboe". "Whistleblower…..oboe"…..get it ? What a farce !

  • Tyrone Price

    President Trump for 2020 next four years. This senate wiil not get enough votes to impeach the President from the Oval Office real talk believing my words in faith. Many Americans and activists like Diamond and Silk, Patricia Dickson and Jesse Lee Peterson do not see evident to remove the President from office so why the government waste tax payers money.

  • Charles

    Remember, If the inquiry was equitable, both sides would be able to call their own witnesses. Yet, the House of Representatives Democrats, when it conducted it's Impeachment Inquiry, passed it's own rules giving Schiff the right to veto any/all GOP witnesses. He rejected every single request. SO WHY WILL THE REPUBLICANS IN THE SENATE ALLOW ANY….ANY witnesses the Democrats want? WHAT DID ADAM SCHIFF HAVE TO HIDE IN THE IMPEACHMENT INVESTIGATION?????

    Until THIS is answered, Democrats should not be allowed ANY witnesses by the Senate.

  • Captain CaveMan

    Such a waste of treasury, this is nothing short of piracy looting our taxes. Censure the House for dereliction of duties, end this today.

  • Webson Chilomo

    Democrats thinks Americans we suffer from brain damage, shame on you Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff let all curses and evil be upon Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff 's children, and their generation to come for wanting to bring bloodshed to our beautiful country.

  • Renewed 2019

    December 18, 2019 The 45th President of the United States Donald J Trump was IMPEACHED on Charges of Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress! That IS the History of our Country and Donald Trump. The question now is will Donald Trump be censured or removed! 🙏🙏🙏 🤞🤞🤞
    Thank you Democrats for serving the People of the United States and upholding the Constitution of the United States. Please do not stop fighting for the Majority of the People in our Country!👏👏👏👍👍👍

  • crocusflower

    they finally get to impeachment issues & they just cut into it? jeezz. trump should not be allowed to run for re-election. they need to draft yet another law to deal with traitorous presidents. that once impeached they automatically are immediately disqualified from running for any office ever again. i can't wait till i never have to hear such adolescent garbage coming from the mouth of a 'president' ever again. 'hoax', 'fake news', 'witch hunt'. what a f'ing loser. 73 years old & talking like an immature kid that nobody wants to hang out with. he's weird & criminal beyond belief.

  • Jack Sam

    So now some republicans can stop that weird argument that he wasn't technically impeached because the articles weren't sent to the senate?

  • Dainty Minnie

    It is TIME to lock Trump up for all the CORRUPTION he has done against US Americans. Trump stealing , spreading hate and racism, dividing our people, locking up innocent migrant kids. He should be locked up!! HISTORY UNFOLDING!!

  • Two Cent Coop

    "all americans can proudly observe their government" Honestly when i hear that from Europe it really does make me laugh.

  • Ramon Galvez

    I wanted to come back here and link Joe Biden's video. This video is evidence that Joe Biden is guilty of quid pro quo:

  • 0000 two

    if impeachment was really that serious, it would have been done quicker but as the public can see, Pelosi took all her time. She was smiling about it all along which proves that president Trump is an innocent man. Impeachment is just like the russian collision

  • Mark Freedman

    The MALEFICENT SEVEN will present their "hoax" – case before the US Senate, and the rest of us get to watch GOP Elephants stomp Demo Donkeys. Fun !

  • Dac Ngo

    This is an expensive clown show. These clowns got paid 200k a year and did nothing for the country but sucking taxpayer money.

  • Flora Havard

    We like to hear from the four wittiness that president Trump blocked from testifying.The I will be will to decide who I will vote for in 2020..

  • Carl A

    The Russian trolls (the faceless colored round ones) are out in droves trying to connect with the mindless who listen. Plenty of the ones who back them up in my area overseas right now.

  • Heygrams mcgugan

    Wow. ..People….real Truth got the ugly push n. has finally fallen
    on the Washington streets of. The. Once God blessed .. America ..hope deferred. makes. All of our hearts sick

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