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The face after a 11 hours flight! We made it to the second country of our Around The World Trip! We arrived in Melbourne. And we’re looking for our luggage belt… We’ve heard something about Australia that with the trash that people discard,
you can furnish your home And we’re seeing it here on the streets… There’s a sink, a chandelier…. and a dog? They’re giving a dog? They drive on the left hand here…
It’s crazy to cross the street! He’s going crazy! There was this car, it stopped by our side and the passenger, who was sitting on
our driver’s side, left the car And the car kept moving… And then he said,
“Oh shit! The car is moving by itself! We came to Melbourne cause it was the
cheapest flight leaving Hawaii to Australia But actually our first destination
here in Australia will be Cairns In the north of Australia’s East Coast. Here we go trying to buy some train tickets! Back in Los Angeles we got burned
and just lost money there But here I read on the Internet first!
Here’s the Myki Card It’s a card, just like we’ve seen on other places We’re buying 2 cards There;s Myki Pass and Myki Money. Myki Pass is for those who are staying here for several days. So you can buy one pass and use it several times. Not our case. So we’re getting Myki Money, and top up it
with the amount we’ll use We’ll top up with only one ticket I’ll buy 2 cards. and top them up I don’t have $6. I’ll put the money here… $20 But are you charging $20? No, I put $20 but I’ll receive change Here’s the card…. the receipt… and where’s my change? That’s it! It charged $14! Oh shit! As you can see, we don’t know how to use this machines! I was so stupid back there with the machine… Stupid we were in LA! But here… it was written to top up,
I should have read it better Here’s what I found out later! This machines don’t give change. But Sarah was our hero! She’s the host from the Airbnb we’re staying and she bought the extra balance of our card and once we reach Cairns, we’ll send this card
back to here, so she can use it Everyone should be like Sarah! Well, Tammy already explained what happened with the transport card…. So we’re going to buy another card now for me We’ll do it right this time! Apparently, all good!
We bought a new card. You need to tap the card to enter the station and also when you leave it, at your destination That’s because the transport here works on zones They charge you different values according to
the zones through which you’re travelling You need to push the button to open the door I’m impressed with the speed of the train… It’s the slowest train I’ve been! That’s cute: Tammy’s backpack is sleeping over mine. Just like real life! He just said the train is late.
It isn’t normal to be this slow… It’s so weird on the airport…
luggages arrive outside! Anyone arriving at the airport can take your bag! I like it just like that: he gets all our luggage
and we’re ready to go! Ready, let’s go! What are we doing now? We’re meeting Peter! He’s the owner of the house we’re staying here in Cairns. We’re doing House Sitting! It’s a very cool thing: we’ll take care of their dogs
while they’re away on vacation! And we’ll stay at the house without paying for it! It’s our first time doing that! As we said before, we’re house sitting here Right? And what’s House Sitting?
It’s when you stay at somebody else’s house and take care of it, and its pets,
while the owners are travelling Here we’re with Xena… and Abby who’s right over there… Abby! There she is!! Say hi to everyone! ”Hi, everyone! And besides taking care of them,
we’re also helping with the plants There’s something different to do
depending on the house you stay You figure out what you’re willing
to help with and just go for it! We’re registered at Trusted House Sitters but if you just google “house sitting”
you’ll see several options! And the good thing is the owners don’t need to spend money
with some caretaker or whatever and we also save with accommodations.
So it’s really good for both sides! Probably this week we’re going to scuba dive here cause after all, we’re in the Great Barrier Reef! We’ll stay in Cairns until January 8th or 10th and then we’ll move on to the next step:
drive through the East Coast until Sydney on a campervan! Right, Xena? She likes that, cause
for now we’re home all day with her! After almost a week and a half inside the house We’re finally out! First time driving on the left hand! It’s so exciting!! OMG, I don’t know how to use the turn signal! Thank you for watching! And don’t forget to
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